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Bloodsickle (Remake)



Species - Cryomutalis

Planet - Petropia


  • Bloodsicklecan shoot crystals from his hands.

  • He can create crystal weapons.

  • Can reshape his projectiles into certain shapes.

  • Bloodsickle can grow crystal on other objects and himself.

  • He can regenerate himself.

  • He can refract laser beams like a living prism.

  • Bloodsickle can levitate crystal pillars and create crystal objects out of nowhere.

  • His crystal projectiles can explode.

  • He can absorb and redirect energy blasts.

  • His diamond hard skin makes him super durable.

  • Has enhanced strength.

  • Absorbs blood to increase his power

Weakness- His weakness is without blood, his powers are weak Redesign Commissioned by kal8879

Originally by JusticeStalk

I thank Kal8879 for commissioning me means a lot.

For commission details you can DM me.

Feel free to share your thoughts and thank you for reading till here! Stay Safe!


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Awesome! When will we get to see Ultimate Humongoraptor?