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Expecto Patronum
  • I was so stupid as to think that no one would do such a bad thing.
  • Since I joined DeviantArt,I've see Alot naive person been stealing my works all the time.
  • I am very angry with them,Not just because they stole my stuff.
  • But also because they never apologized to me.
  • They don't even apologize to me AND Someone even faked me.

  • That's it.I don't want to be hurt anymore.
  • I lowered the pixel of all my pictures and Add my watermark.
  • I won't upload my HD pictures on this website any more.

  • Here's the last word, I want to say to the thieves.

  • “Go to hell”

Just want to say thank you to everyone who likes my work
i will keep it up : D
you guys are best