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kisekae trump

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i hate trump btw
**just incase, lets all have a good laugh at this, i know how some people can be and luckily were all joking so far**

im gonna try and make the other candidates, but i cat guarantee they will come out as perf as mr trump here 

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I can’t wait to make a Political Comic
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Even in kisekae form, he still disgusts me...
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What about this form?
Denmark Hellsing Major by Millenium77
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Well, he's an evil dictator leading an army of braindead Nazis so..... Appropriate.
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paulsummersHobbyist Photographer
Some Hate Art shown that He Fat, Blond, and a Villain.

And Appropriate Mean He Hate Mexican like Nazi Hate Jews?
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paulsummersHobbyist Photographer
I See.
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zippenipsHobbyist General Artist
are you at least a republican tho, and by that, do you at least support the zodiac killer, ted cruiz?
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Honey-BagelsHobbyist Digital Artist
THis is art right here. ART.
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KawaiiMichieHobbyist Artist
Nice work on making him! ^^ I still hate his ass though.. >.< He can go.. >.> UGH.. I wanna insult his ass, but you caught the jerk's appearance right that he looks great here. >.< I kind of wish I can draw a mustache on him, along with goofy eyebrows or something and write the words "I'm a douche pooping up sorrow for almost all of the population of Americans." on his torso. Lol, I feel better now. ^^
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Jontron STOP 

If this guy becomes president then i'm moving.
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This reminds me of that time someone made Hitler and Stalin in kisekae.
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XxChellie-DawgxXHobbyist General Artist
Oh boy
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Legodecalsmaker961Student Artist
I hate him too.
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Picard Facepalm Emoticon
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Villains5Hobbyist Digital Artist
I need to use code to make America great again pls!
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XxChellie-DawgxXHobbyist General Artist
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I have no idea who this person is Derp 
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he's a dude running for president in america except he's racist and terrible lmao
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Oooooh...... (._.) hope he doesn't win then? 
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He's not actually racist ._.
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