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Dark Core Day
The posters had been going up on the rusted metal walls of the oil rig for weeks now. Some had also been put outside, but the rain had quickly registered them illegible, the bright, happy pink of the letters smearing over the page that warped from the rain.
“Par…” Damien, one of the ‘goons’ who worked there, tried to read on the paper, squinting to see better. Not that it would help, he couldn’t see much of anything through these thick, dark goggles. He could vaguely see a picture of Mr Sands, at least, he thought it was Mr Sands. He looked cartoony and not as threatening on this poster.
“It says ‘party’, you big lug,” said a familiar grating female voice. Damien flinched away, turning to see the black-clad, absolutely gorgeous figure of Jessica, one of the heads of this place. She was the subject of many a fantasy around here. Not that anyone would tell her that because they didn’t want to be ridiculed. The bosses were
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Mature content
Fountain of Jealousy Issues :iconxxburgiexx:XxBurgiexX 1 0
Mature content
Mistakes of the Past :iconxxburgiexx:XxBurgiexX 0 0
Sleep Makeover
Canterlot library was very busy at this time of year. Finals time was busy for everyone, resulting in the school library being absolutely filled to the brim with students doing some last minute studying, panicking, and bargaining with teachers for a lift to their marks, just once. Alas, most teachers merely shook their heads and told their students that they should have studied harder, that they shouldn’t have spent so long goofing of or playing with friends or playing sport instead of studying. Rainbow was one of the latter bargainers, having been seen begging each and every one of her teachers for higher grades, for another chance, for easier questions in the exams. She’d even been seen begging with tears in her eyes for her health exam to be turned into a physical one rather than a written one. All for nothing, unfortunately.
With the school library filled to the brim, Twilight, the human version, had decided to make a study date for her and all of her friends at the Can
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Willow knew that if she didn’t get up early enough, her good friend Roo would take it upon herself to break into her house, eat food out of her fridge, boil the kettle and then drink the hot water, and make as much noise as possible before coming in and jumping on Willow to wake her up. So, when Roo kicked the door open and raced into the kitchen with a brown fox on her heels, Willow was already sitting at the kitchen table drinking her coffee and eating her breakfast. Roo skidded to a stop on the floorboards, mouth agape at the sight of her friend already sitting there.
“You’re awake!” said Roo.
“Yep,” said Willow, nodding as she slurped the cereal milk from her bowl. “I was prepared this time.”
“Aww, so I brought my best stomping boots for nothing?” said Roo.
“Yes,” said Willow, setting her bowl down. “I’m sorry to disappoint you.”
“Oh well, at least you’re up so we can get going,
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The Big Meeting
Rania had thought that her mother was nervous before her first big speech, when she’d had to convince the residents of Dundull to vote her in as mayor. But now, as the hour of the meeting drew closer and closer, Sigry began to fret more and more. She’d tried on several different outfits, including some fancy dresses that didn’t suit her in the slightest, styled, unstyled, and restyled her hair, she’d even tried on some make up. And all of that was only because Rania had confiscated her mother’s speech notes to prevent her from agonising over them.
“Mama, calm down,” said Rania, getting a little tired of hearing her mother’s pacing. Back and forth she went, from the bed to the wardrobe to the vanity to the bathroom. At least she wasn’t stress eating, because the doc had confiscated Sigry’s snacks. She could have chocolate after the meeting.
“You’ll give yourself an ulcer if you don’t stop fretting,” said
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Local Dialect
Louisa felt exhausted just looking at her newest fluffy Haflinger. The mane and tail were gorgeously white and fluffy and just utterly perfect, but man, they were magnets for every prickle, leaf, flower, and twig in Jorvik. Ordinarily, Louisa could run her hand through this mare’s mane and tail and it felt like touching a cloud. But if she did that right now, she’d end up cutting her hand up from all of the thorns in there.
“Are you treating our engagement present well?” asked Lisa, a few horses nickering greetings to her and her horse of legend as she rode into the stable and dismounted in the middle. Starshine began walking around to greet old friends, including his mate Smokeeye, who was currently expecting another foal.
“Of course I am,” said Louisa, turning to give her fiancee a smile and a kiss. “She’s perfectly safe with me, aren’t you girl?” She gently petted Starsinger’s neck, dust puffing up at her touch.
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Home Made Chocolate
Idun Goldspur frowned as she stood in the ‘holiday’ section of the Jorvik City supermarket. Normally, at this time of year, the shelves would be stacked with all sorts of delicious, chocolatey treats, Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies and chocolate chickens and even some other chocolate animals. She had also seen a manure-shaped piece of chocolate, which had given her a good laugh until she’d considered that it might lead her two youngest to eat the real thing. She’d quickly stopped laughing after that discovery.
The heavy sound of a large trolley being wheeled down the aisle suddenly reached Idun’s ears, and she spun around quickly. Her eyes speared the thin form of a teenage boy pushing the trolley, which was laden with other confections but not one single Easter egg. He gulped as the large blonde woman strode up to him, the muscles of her arm standing out as she gripped the shopping basket tightly.
“Excuse me,” said Idun, her pleasant voice
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Equestrian Wedding
Twilight Sparkle was a very clever young woman. She’d graduated high school with the highest GPA in her entire school’s history (even counting her old school, which had tried to lay claim to her after her graduation was written about in many a newspaper, both online and physical). She’d immediately received offers to study at countless universities with full scholarships in whichever field she chose. Her day was not complete without studying at least one new thing and writing up a full report on it, which she then submitted to an online research journal (or an online forum if the subject was a little… out there). One of her favourite pastimes was to read encyclopedias. She knew exactly why her body did what it did, how to make her body do other things, and what the limits of her body were. She’d competed in at least one marathon, though she’d paced herself the whole way and had ended up placing pretty highly, much to her then-girlfriend’s delig
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Special Sunday Disco
Willow Crazytree, or just Willow to her friends, fixed up her gloves before she hefted up the wheelbarrow by its handles and began wheeling it over to the mucking heap corner. It smelled absolutely terrible, but the manure would make good fertiliser for the beautiful gardens around Fort Pinta. Besides, James Cloudmill, the owner of this place, paid well for the messy jobs, especially if it meant that he didn’t have to do them. Willow emptied the contents onto the mucking heap, trying to hold her breath as she did so, and then walked, panting, over to the hose where she could wash out the wheelbarrow and wash off the shovel.
That done, Willow mounted her pony and rode out of the stableyard to report in to her boyfriend.
“I’m done,” said Willow, dismounting to speak to him. James looked up from his phone, where he’d been playing some new app game.
“Really? Mucked the stalls and everything?” asked James, closing the app and putting his phone into
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Birthday Trail Ride
Allison Nightstar smiled as she turned her horse up the familiar, well-trodden slope towards the main base of the Mistfall branch of the Jorvik Rangers. Her horse’s ears perked up as though he, too, was looking forward to seeing the members, both human and horse, of the Jorvik Rangers.
As usual, Alonso was waiting by the horse paddock, where he ran the three races currently offered by the Jorvik Rangers to the riders of Jorvik. Allison had ridden these races many times, usually while training her horses but also with friends, and she had to admit that they were pretty good races, if a bit tricky. At least she could enjoy the natural beauty of Mistfall while she trained, though.
“Hey, Alonso,” said Allison, raising her hand in greeting after bringing her horse to a stop in front of him. Alonso looked up, a stopwatch still in his hand.
“Oh, hey, Allison,” said Alonso. “Just move aside, there’s someone coming in.” Allison quickly moved over
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Mature content
Eden vs the Eternally Filthy Glass :iconxxburgiexx:XxBurgiexX 0 0
Forgotten Birthday
There was only one day out of the year when Dory allowed herself to have a lie-in. Most days, she was out at the stable first thing in the morning, giving her precious Icelandic horses a good brushing and letting them out into the paddock for some exercise. Especially when it was so cold, and she knew that the horses would love the chance to stretch their legs in the morning sunshine, or to watch the sun rise and feel it through their coats. But on this particular morning, Dory snuggled deeper into her bed, warm and cozy beneath the blankets with her knitted bed-socks on (a handmade gift from someone the year before).
“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey,” a familiar voice cooed by her ear, tickling her as the wispy hairs moved in the soft breeze. Dory giggled, opening her eyes and blinking blearily up at him.
“There had better actually be eggs and bakey,” said Dory, her eyes glittering with warmth and good humour. “Because I’m starving, and if I don’
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Mature content
Whore of New Jorvik :iconxxburgiexx:XxBurgiexX 0 0
Mature content
The Warrior and the Princess :iconxxburgiexx:XxBurgiexX 0 4
Ranch Hand
Louisa took a deep breath as she stood before the door of the main ranch house. She’d seen several other buildings on her way in, up the long driveway, no doubt buildings belonging to the other ranch hands. She knew that at least one building was the famous Moorland Stables, the most famous stables in New Jorvik. Her hands trembled so much that the paper in them threatened to fall, but she held it firm. She’d found the ‘help wanted’ sign in the tavern, tacked onto a notice board, and she had come here searching for employment, after all. She may have convict roots, but she was determined to make a real go of life. Even if just the very thought of it had her stomach twisting itself into knots out of pure nerves.
She took another deep breath and this time let it out, closing her eyes. She just had to remember to breathe, that was all. Breathe, and be herself, but don’t be too shy. She wanted this job, she was qualified, and she would walk away from here with
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Random Favourites

Twilight ep.13: Hunger Games by daekazu Twilight ep.13: Hunger Games :icondaekazu:daekazu 14,310 1,941 Asfaloth by sandara Asfaloth :iconsandara:sandara 6,682 290 silver ragdoll kitten by venomxbaby silver ragdoll kitten :iconvenomxbaby:venomxbaby 633 50
    I winced as the strap was tightened around my back. I don't think the boy behind me had any experience with suiting someone up with armor - he kept pulling the straps too tight, and some of the pieces were on crooked. All the same, I supposed I should just be grateful that I was even being given armor at all.
    "This is an important position, as I'm sure you already know," the white-haired man in front of me said. No, "man" wasn't the word for him. He was a monster. How dare he smile at me while he say something like that? "Few men get the chance to further our cause as you do," he continued, ignoring the obvious anger on my face. "Training dummies can only do so much for my troops. Tracking and fighting live prey? That's what they need."
    "Shut up," I murmured. This really wasn't the time to be indignant, and I knew it. But what was he going to do about it, kill me? I was as good as dead anyway.
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Another Day, Another Town
    Surprising. Even in a quaint little town like this, you can still find a halfway decent cook. It just goes to show you don't really have to go to a fancy place to eat well. "Thank you for the meal," I told the proprietor. "It was quite good."
    "Thank you," she said, smiling. "We appreciate you patronage."
    I dropped a few coins on the counter. I wasn't quite sure how much the food cost, but I was certain that would be enough. The way her smile widened told me as much; in fact, perhaps I had overpaid. But that was alright. I could afford it today.
    I exited her restaurant into the street. It was a beautiful sunny day, which contributed to my good mood. I slid my hands into my pockets and strolled down the street. There was no reason not to be courteous, so I waved to the townsfolk as I passed. This was such a friendly little place. I wondered to myself: were all small towns like this? Who knows.
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Quick they're coming! by 15p Quick they're coming! :icon15p:15p 559 76 Dirk Strider Sprite by Timeless-Knight Dirk Strider Sprite :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 1,233 68 Jake English sprite by Timeless-Knight Jake English sprite :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 718 65 Amethyst Lace by traffycake Amethyst Lace :icontraffycake:traffycake 83 33 It Rains Because You're Sad by SoapBoxShouts It Rains Because You're Sad :iconsoapboxshouts:SoapBoxShouts 144 29 Family Moment.png by Dekomaru Family Moment.png :icondekomaru:Dekomaru 133 29 Patty cake BFFs by DisfiguredStick Patty cake BFFs :icondisfiguredstick:DisfiguredStick 743 33 i don't know if this would be considered sexy by AlphaUnicorn i don't know if this would be considered sexy :iconalphaunicorn:AlphaUnicorn 34 5
Yay randomness. Enjoy :D I fave a lot of stuff.

Writing commissions are open!

What will you write?

I’m most comfortable with Star Stable Online fanfiction at the moment but just ask and I’ll see what I can do, I’m open to trying pretty much everything but ask first, you can shoot me a note or use the messaging feature on tumblr, or just comment on this journal.

How much?

1 cent per word so 100 words would be $1.00 AUD

How do I pay you?

Pay me through my, which is located here or I also accept VISA gift cards (even though I’ve never used them but there’s a first time for everything!)

When do you expect payment?

When it’s done

What if you write over the requested amount (which I probably will because I’m not good at restricting my prose)?

Then you get that extra amount for free.

What if I’m not happy with it?

I’m open to changing it or you can just not pay me, I’m not desperate for money so it’s fine.

Where can I find examples of your work?

You can find it on my AO3, which is here… and my wattpad, which is here

Will you write NSFW?

Obviously but ask first about the kinks.

How long will it take to write?

Usually a day, it might take longer depending on the subject matter and how busy I am though. Let me know if you need it by a certain date. I usually do 2k a day but it might be done sooner if I have the time, energy, and inspiration to write more.

What won't you write?
Diaper, scat, forced romance, and water sports, just ask about anything else.
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