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It started with a smile. Well, really, it started when Viktor moved to Jorvik from Puerto Rico. Or maybe it started when he saw Darko wearing that letterman jacket, when Viktor had blushed so intensely he’d thought for a moment that he was burning up.
But to be perfectly specific? Darko’s ‘courting’ of Viktor started when he caught the smaller boy looking at him and gave him a small smile, one that left Viktor feeling like a deer in headlights. He’d almost dropped his ever-present thick book on mythical creatures. But, fortunately, Viktor had managed to make his escape without making too big of a fool of himself.
This continued all week, Darko meeting Viktor’s gaze in home room or in the hallway. He’d almost caused Viktor to drop a meatball on the front of his sweatshirt when he’d winked at him across the cafeteria.
Viktor had told his mother what had happened the first time, of course. He told her everything, they were as close as family
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Back to Normal
When Catherine opened her eyes, she honestly thought that the day before had been a dream. Just a wonderful, wonderful dream where she’d brought Justin home from Dark Core, rescuing him from the clutches of darkness. Summermist, her wonderful mare, the one who’d been intended for Justin once long ago, had even sprouted wings, leaping off of the oil platform to rescue her past owner and the current owner of Catherine’s heart.
But then, just as Catherine was thinking about what a wonderful dream that had been and preparing for a day without Justin, she heard something that made her freeze. That was his voice outside.
“... think you’re up to it,” the louder voice, Thomas’ voice, rumbled. And then, Justin’s voice again, making Catherine’s heart flip.
“I’m fine, dad, really,” Justin replied, sounding like he was lying to himself. Catherine could still hear the sheer exhaustion in his voice. Her heart ached for him. He
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Ydris had thought that nobody and nothing could ever surprise him, rattle him, leave him speechless. But now, he suddenly found himself speechless at the sight of the man currently standing in front of his wagon.
"Jack?" Ydris asked, opening the wagon door a little wider. Jack hadn't exactly been absent since the clock incident, but he hadn't been around as often. Though honestly, partly, Ydris blamed himself. He'd lied to Jack for years about who he truly was, what he truly was, too scared of his secret identity being revealed.
"How many people do you know with blue hair?" Jack asked.
"That is a fair point," said Ydris with a chuckle. He knew quite a few blondes and brunettes, even some people with green or black hair, but Jack was the only blue-haired one he knew of. "Have you... just come for a visit or?"
"Let me in," said Jack, running his hand over his blue hair. Ydris watched the action with longing, remembering a time when he'd once run his hand over Jack's hair like that. Now,
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After going to Pandoria, the fight against Dark Core with CHILL was a blessed relief. Sure, it was scary, and the large machines almost destroyed both the countryside and your horse several times, but you managed to escape unscathed and Herman was allowed home. Well, until he'd immediately declared that he had to ride away with Syntax to meet the druids, anyway.
"I should get going," Herman says. "We'd best be off to Valedale, Syntax, my boy."
"Um, it's just 'person' for me, thanks," Syntax says, fiddling with the string of their hoodie. "I prefer gender-neutral pronouns." You cringe, hoping that Herman will take this well.
"Oh," says Herman, eyes widening in surprise as he nods. "My apologies, I forget that you can't just assume people's gender." You really hope that Herman isn't unintentionally upsetting Syntax, he's a nice guy, but Syntax just seems like a very sensitive person. Herman chuckles. "Why, even here in Jorvik, there are many boys that look like girls or vice versa. I gue
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Angry Dove
In Jorvik, fashion week happens at many different times. In the past, you’ve heard, there had been posters put up around the mall in the leadup to the day. But you haven’t noticed any posters this year. Then again, you haven’t really been going to the mall much. You have, instead, been spending a lot of time up on Nilmer’s Highland with a certain magician. And really, who could blame you? Ydris is the most attractive man you’ve ever seen, and you’ve lived on Jorvik for a while now.
But today, when you arrive at the highland, you are surprised to find Ydris already waiting outside his wagon for you, holding Zee by a lead rope. That sight is very odd- Ydris usually never takes Zee anywhere. At least, you’ve never seen him ride her. Then again, if he did, you’re pretty sure that his head might touch the clouds. The mental image makes you giggle, and Ydris turns to look at you with a wide smile.
“A laughing dove,” Ydris says, and
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Bad Luck Day
Louisa really didn't want to go see Ydris about his mysterious fortunes. She'd gone once, just to see what all the fuss was about. And first of all, she'd felt uncomfortable sitting so close to him inside the tiny fortune teller tent. The tassels decorating the silk walls of the tent looked like a fire hazard, especially when coupled with the many candles that littered the table. And the cards, and Ydris' sleeves. All it would take was one stray breeze blowing in from outside. If any breeze could penetrate this tent, anyway, maybe it existed on a different plane entirely. But then, Ydris had reached into her mind. Immediately, Louisa had frozen at the touch of another mind against hers, the tendrils of magic making her shiver. But not in the good way. It had immediately brought to mind another mind-altering event, when a hallucination had almost made her lose everything. Or at the very least, her mind. And so she'd fled the tent, leaving a confused Ydris in her wake and startled or tea
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While Viktor was rather busy with his training and winning all of the championships on Jorvik, he still didn’t feel complete. He loved his horses, yes, but sometimes, he felt lonely. And not for romantic company. He was done with that, after everything.
“Shilling for your thoughts?” asked Louisa, handing him his mug of tea as he sat in her father’s house in Cape West. Viktor looked up at her, thanking her. And the first thing out of his mouth was-
“I want to have a kid,” said Viktor. Louisa blinked at him, setting down her own tea and sitting down opposite him.
“Okay,” said Louisa. “Not with me, I hope.”
“Oh, god no!” said Vik, leaning back with a disgusted expression on his face. “No offense, just, ew, pussy.”
“I’m the same with dick, don’t worry,” said Louisa, shrugging. She sipped at her tea.
“I meant that I want to be a father,” said Vik.
“I want to be a mot
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Cartoon Hell
There had been many reports recently of strange sights in an alleyway in Mitakihara Town. It was said that people who went in there often didn't come out, or that those who did came out did so sporting all manner of strange bruises or walking in unusual ways. Kyoko had seen a young man stagger out while she'd been keeping watch, and had jumped down to ask him what was wrong. Apparently, he'd only giggled, said something about sexy ladies, and staggered away like a drunken or lovestruck fool.
"Maybe it could be a witch with succubus familiars?" asked Homura. She'd seen many in her time as a magical girl, after all, all kinds of witches with all kinds of familiars and labyrinths.
"Maybe," said Kyoko, furrowing her brow. "But I doubt it."
"We should be on guard anyway, though," said Mami, cocking her rifle after inspecting it. "Let's go. Homura, keep an eye on Madoka."
"H-huh?" Madoka stammered, her face burning. "Why me?"
"Because you're weak for pretty girls, stupid," said Sayaka with a
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A Rescue Ranch
In a rare break from work, Louisa had decided to visit South Hoof, wanting to check in on her favourite little imaginative girl. She was in the yard near the broken-down old ranch, playing ranchers (with her playing the part of the horse that needed to be broken while the two Nightdusts grazed near the edge of the area), when they heard the sound of an engine, followed by a car door closing.
"Madison, get off," said Louisa, looking towards the sound. It came from near the house, where there was a red trailer parked.
"Okay," said Madison, seeming to understand that the game was over. Louisa stood up, brushing the dirt from the ground off the knees of her leggings. She didn't know who it was, but she didn't want to look like an idiot in front of someone who might potentially be important.
"Hey there," said a dark-skinned man as he walked into the old ranch yard. "I didn't think anyone was at this old place anymore. At the ranch part, I mean."
"We play here," said Madison, looking from hi
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A Day at the Plaza
Gwendolyn listened intently as she waited outside for her Soul Steed to be ready to leave. After many initial incidents involving Gwaihir forgetting to put clothes on (it was never intentional, he was just still used to being a horse, bless him), she’d decided that her best bet would be to wait outside while he got dressed. She still waited, though, for the-
“Gwendolyn, did I put the pants on the right way this time? This hole goes at the back for my tail, right?” And there it was. Gwen laughed at the intrusion on the peaceful morning, opening the door and stepping back inside. She closed her eyes.
“You’d better actually have them on,” said Gwen. She heard some rustling, shuffling noises, and then Gwaihir’s voice again.
“Yes,” said Gwaihir. “You can open your eyes now.” Gwen did so, smirking and almost snorting out a laugh when she saw her Soul Steed standing in the middle of the living room with his pants very much arou
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The Champion
Nobody knew where he’d come from. Oh, it wasn’t like he’d appeared overnight, though it sometimes seemed that way. Viktor Queenhurricane had been riding at Jorvik Stables for many years now, competing in the competitions and training his horses. But nobody had really noticed him, at first. To them, he was just another rider, training his horses and entering competitions in an effort to compete for the highest score. But he was humble. With his winnings, he didn’t splash out on the fanciest tack or the best clothing. Sure, he wore nicer clothing than he used to, nice jackets and jeans and boots and gloves and a nice helmet from well-known brands. But that was mostly just for the look, and for the confidence boost that it brought him. And he had nicer tack for his horses, especially Champion, his chestnut Hanoverian, but that was only because he loved his horses and wanted the best for them.
And it wasn’t just that he wanted to be taken seriously. If anythin
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A Party by Horses
"She's coming, look alive," Thunder announced, standing up straight in his stall. The buckskin Lusitano was the most serious horse in this stable, obsessed with having everything done correctly. The other horses, however, had no such interest, Flylion trying to shuffle around to get the best view out the window, Ruby snorting and shuffling in her stall, and Nidhogg tossing his head. Midnight, the bay quarter horse, was the only horse even remotely looking ready for his rider to enter the stable. Thunder pinned his ears, giving an angry whinny in an attempt to get the other horses in order. It didn't work.
"You'll learn eventually," said Midnight, giving a nicker to the newest horse. "Jacky's stables are rather unusual."
"Tell me about it," said Ruby with a scoff. "She won't even ride me for missions with the Soul Riders, and I'm her Soul Steed."
"Sorry," said Midnight, sounding just a little smug as Ruby pinned her ears and turned to face away from him. "Jacky feels closer to me."
"I d
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A Day Off
The sun rose beautifully and faithfully over the sleepy town of New Jorvik. Across the town, ranchers and farmers were rising from their beds, ready to start the long day of training or breaking horses, herding cattle, keeping watch over livestock, watering crops, or just doing any of the other jobs that arose when one made their living on the land. Shop owners were also rising, ready to set out stock and ready the shops for opening, and readying their voices to hawk their wares if they sold goods in the marketplace. Miranda's girls, too, were up early, readying the Calico for a day of bringing pleasure to the hard workers of the town. Animals were already up with the sun, drinking from the troughs or other watering holes in their areas.
And, on the Moorland ranch, their hardest worker, one Eden Dawnvalley, was awake too, ignoring the date in favour of other, more pressing concerns. A new foal had just arrived on the Moorland ranch, and it needed to be properly cared for due to the mot
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From Introvert to Extrovert
After the last bell had rung, the five girls gathered once more at Twilight Sparkle's house. Only this time, instead of leading them straight to the kitchen or living room, Twilight led the group over to the door to her secret lab in the basement after they'd all dropped their backpacks off in the front room.
"Did you get it working, dear?" asked Applejack, playing with the end of her braid.
"Yes," said Twilight, nodding and grinning exuberantly. "I don't normally take a day off school, in fact, I was in hives all morning, but I think I've managed to fix my personality switcher."
"Just one question, darl," said Rarity, scratching around inside of her ear. Applejack shuddered at the sight of it. "Why'd ya need one a these thingamajigs anyhow?"
"It's just an experiment, really," said Twilight, toying with a lock of her hair. "You know, just an after-school project. It's good to have projects, after all."
"Like my party project!" Pinkie exclaimed, throwing her hands out and showering all
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The new race that Ydris had devised at the circus was fun. Very fun. It almost got a rare smile out of Daine, as he saw his friends transformed into all different kinds of horses- a golden Lusitano, a dark blue Welsh pony with a coat shimmering with stars, a turquoise Connemara with aquatic features (it seemed fine, though, despite the laws of nature stating that it should have died in the air), a large black Jorvik Wild horse with flaming mane, tail and eyes, and a purple North Swedish burning with Pandorian energy. And just as Ydris had promised, there was no pain in the transformation, other than the slight pain that always nagged in Daine's back when Ydris used his magic. At the completion of the race, they were always transformed painlessly back into their human forms, and Daine could almost believe that it had been a dream.
As his friends joked around and gathered around the enchanted race board to start another race, however, Willow looked at him strangely.
"What?" asked Daine,
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A Nice Man
The Silverglades were quite an illustrious family on Jorvik. As such, every year, they put on a wonderful party for their only daughter, one Annabelle Silverglade. Talk among the countryside was that she was set to inherit the Silverglade family name, title of Baroness, and the grand estate and land that the Silverglade family owned. And all without marrying a wealthy man. Some of the women were jealous of her, others pitied her for being able to live her whole life without love.
But, though everyone gathered at the castle (where the party took place, of course, you couldn't just have a massive castle and not use it, after all) to gossip and congratulate the young lady on her birthday and give her their best birthday wishes, the guest of honour didn't want to stay inside with everyone else. Yes, it was a wonderful castle, and yes she was proud of it. But what she was more proud of was the land that she was set to inherit someday. And so, she didn't feel guilty at all as she stepped out
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Random Favourites

Pyry's Advice
Prompt - "Maybe in just this one instance, I could ignore your advice?"
Pyry held a hand out to help the woman off of her tall grey horse. She smiled down at him and took the offered hand, Standing beside her horse she surveyed the town in the valley below. She brushed off her sky-blue tunic and tightened the green cord at her waist to protect against the chill breeze. She made a move forward, but Pyry stopped her and glanced back towards the caravan meaningfully. She sighed and rolled her eyes.
The caravan stopped behind them and began preparations for the steep decent into the valley below. The richly dressed driver leapt off the leading cart and stomped towards them.
"What were you thinking, charging ahead like that? I've half a mind to halve your pay."
A rider came forward to join them, "Yes healer, can't you keep that oaf close to the caravan? He is meant to be protecting it."
The woman glanced at Pyry, "Why do you always talk as if he can't hear you?"
"He can't. He's too stupid."
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Mordecai y Rigby chibis by LacieK Mordecai y Rigby chibis :iconlaciek:LacieK 203 46 Red and Blue by Life-Writer Red and Blue :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 1,502 64 Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash by kero444 Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash :iconkero444:kero444 846 164 HONK. HONK. MUTHERFUKERS by TiffyXD HONK. HONK. MUTHERFUKERS :icontiffyxd:TiffyXD 81 28 your hair... by floretwitch your hair... :iconfloretwitch:floretwitch 26 4 Hug A Monster Girl by Slugbox Hug A Monster Girl :iconslugbox:Slugbox 1,268 191 Ponytoasting by TidensBarn Ponytoasting :icontidensbarn:TidensBarn 801 87 Panel Play 38 by Bukoya-Star Panel Play 38 :iconbukoya-star:Bukoya-Star 643 84 Sugarfree Gum by tru-cause-i-say-so Sugarfree Gum :icontru-cause-i-say-so:tru-cause-i-say-so 95 11 Beauty Queen by mae0796 Beauty Queen :iconmae0796:mae0796 50 8 Forever... by mae0796 Forever... :iconmae0796:mae0796 42 14 Marceline and princess Bubblegum by LZinverse Marceline and princess Bubblegum :iconlzinverse:LZinverse 263 8 Princess Bubblegum and Marceline by cherrychip Princess Bubblegum and Marceline :iconcherrychip:cherrychip 53 12 MERRY CHRISTMAS by Sharubaby MERRY CHRISTMAS :iconsharubaby:Sharubaby 83 7 Incendium -interlude- by illeity Incendium -interlude- :iconilleity:illeity 737 189
Yay randomness. Enjoy :D I fave a lot of stuff.
Life got unexpectedly busy last month.

I've been pecking away at Mera Society, trying to do some worldbuilding and fix up the world and characters. I've had a lot of help from an unexpected source, actually, I'm surprised at how much Star Stable has changed my life. I thought it'd only serve to harm my original writing because of all the fanfiction, but it actually introduced me to someone who posts some really great writing prompts and writing tags. Doing them has really helped me to identify what needs to be fixed, and it's also helped to keep me thinking about my original story. Not that I've done any writing on it, unfortunately, I'm still trying to get through an endless list of fanfiction. But I'm getting there slowly, and I've even created a blog dedicated to my original writing, (still under construction but I add things to it when I have the time and energy). I hope to start the (hopefully final) rewrite soon since I've made a pretty major change to the world within the story.

As for how my life got busy, well, I started a TAFE course (which is basically more classes, yay) to get me some more employable skills because at the moment, I have none. I'm starting to learn how to work with food (and other people) up at the school canteen, where I volunteer on Mondays and Wednesdays. It's been great for my confidence, I actually want to get a job now and I'm not as afraid of making mistakes. It probably helps that the woman in charge of the canteen is amazingly nice so if I do mess up, she takes the blame for it and teaches me how to do it properly. It feels weird, to be going back to school again (in both senses), and it kind of sucks to suddenly lose all my free time, but it feels really good to be doing something and improving my life. And who knows, someday I might even get a job.

Until then, though, I really like writing, and I really like making other people happy (also getting paid for doing what I love, if people have the funds and generosity to do so), so this is just a little reminder that writing commissions are still open. Oh, and requests too, I guess. It may take me a little longer to get to the requests and commissions right now, though, since I only have 1-2 days free when I can post at a decent time (and the weekends, of course). But I'll do my best, all I ask is for your patience and understanding. I could post at a better time for me but that'll be the middle of the night for everyone else. Or maybe that'll be okay? Let me know.
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My name is Louise and I'm 24. I write largely original fiction but more recently fanfiction. My main fandoms are Homestuck, MLP, Wreck-it Ralph, Doctor Who, Star Stable Online and Welcome to Night Vale.

Call me: Burgie, Louise or Lou.

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