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So Jack Started Playing Spyro 3

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I think it's kind of cool because i was playing it around a week ago
(can't get far tho because I don't have a PlayStation memory card)
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Spyro need more love. I hope he played Ripto's Rage next.
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I love that game and that let's play!
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The first game..... TRUST me when I say this.... "Tree Tops" will be the most difficult level to beat! I've never beaten it....
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oh I believe you, my friend had the first and third games and even though it has been years I can still remember tree tops, so many lives were lost there.
but I think we got all the way to gnasty gnorc and was never able to beat him
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Nevertheless, Spyro was friggin' awesome!

..................until Skylanders came around- then it went down the drain (even "Shadow Legacy" was a cool game).
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I tried to give Skylanders a chance, but it just seemed like a cheap game you'd find on your phone. <:/

can they just give spyro to someone that knows how to make spyro games and not cash grab games or can we get something like Yooka Laylee if we can't get the actual spyro back
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I totally agree with you! The first villain in the Skylanders was basically Invader Zim (same voice actor as him, anyway)!

Spyro was a true turn on the stereotype that dragons are the bad guys! When I was young, I tried the game as a PS1 demo game disc, but I had no idea what i was doing, so I never got to fight the first boss... that was back before I really became a gamer.
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Ah! I remember playing spyro when I was young ;v; It brings me so much great memories playing this game x3 Sadly I could only play it on my dads PSP ;v; But since I left my hometown I have like no idea if he even still has the game xDD
(I'm so sorry for splattering a bit of my memories on here ;v; )
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don't worry I kind of know what you mean with having good memories with games 
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This is so good, I love the style!!!!
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I'm loving all of this Jack/Spyro fanart showing up on here, this is so cool, I'm starting to like his stuff even more as I watch this LP! 
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Looks good!

That one-eyed thing isn't supposed to be Sparx in that game, is it?
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It's Septiceye Sam, and yes, it's supposed to be the "Sparx". Because Spyro is representing JackSepticEye.
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everybody with their cool Spyrosepticeye art and i'm over here with blech art
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And I'm over here with no art because I'm so bad at art-ing it'd be offensive if I drew something for him xD
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this is adorable sobs
look at him
in all his glory, just like we remembered T v T

i need to watch jack's playthrough of it
i haven't started yet omg ; o ;
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Aw, looks awesome :la:

Shame you can' play it anymore :/
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I can still play it, it's just I can't save
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Aw, try a complete playthrough at once, no? =p
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