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Mugen x reader: Stirred together 1
Mugen x reader: stirred together 1
I don't own anything but the series
Leave comments please
I: First meeting: past tense
"Drop your weapons bitch." the yakuza male spat indignantly. He was angry, of course, but you'd be damned if you were to ever submit to some lowly dog. You didn't reply to his demand but rather you widened your fighting stance. The male growled at your defiance. He was fed up, clearly. You took amusement in this.

 "I suggest you do what I said." he barked. You still didn't move an inch and this time instead of threatening you, he attacked. His movements were sloppy and predictable. The only thing he had going for him was his brute strength and heavy figure. He ran at you like a mad man, and with one cut across his stomach you had killed him.

"Hmm easy." you started to walk away but when you felt blood leak down your Komon, you stopped. You pressed a hand to your stomach, "W-W-whe
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 32 6
Arno Dorian x reader:moving on
Arno Dorian x reader: Moving on
I don't own anything.
[A/n: May or may not turn into a lemon further down it depends on how I feel.]
He doesn't speak to anyone. He doesn't bleed any color but blue. He doesn't eat. He doesn't move. That is the fate of your beau now. He's hurting, but selfishly you feel that you're in more pain. They hadn't been together for years now, yet he still mourned—is mourning—for her as if they were newly weds sucked into some horrific tragedy.
 Everyday after you'd made sure that he ate, took a bath, and dressed cleanly, you'd leave him for hours at a time to train.  The brotherhood, they were against training you of course, but you insisted that you receive basic assassin training to protect both you and your melancholic significant other. Only after days of convincing then, did they agree. Although,You didn't agree with the assassin's order, you would do what was vital to protect yourself and your lover.
One night you came home pa
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 20 9
Ginoza Nobuchika x reader latent
Ginoza Nobuchika x reader: latent
I don't own psycho pass 
"Can I come in?" your voice was soft like linen, it made him angry how you acted towards him, a hound, a criminal. He didn't speak so you let yourself in, a box of his favorite chocolate in your hands.
"I brought you something." you cooed and set it down upon the pile of the rest of the chocolates you had brought him this week alone.
"You shouldn't be here inspector." his words were bitter as the candy  you had brought him,but yet you refused to leave this cold skinned man.
"I said, you shouldn't be here inspector." his bitter tone pulled at your heart strings, why was he only like this towards you? With everyone else, he seemed as though he accepted that his crime coefficient was beyond that of recovery and that he was now an enforcer but when it came to you, he was bitter, mean, cruel and calloused. 
"Nobuchika...please." you reached out a hand towards him, "Don't push me away like this, please..."
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 28 1
Yuuzan x reader: trustworthy 17
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: trustworthy 17
I don't own anything but the chapter
  He knows he shouldn't be out right now, it's well passed midnight plus it's raining, but Yuuzan can't get Takaya's speech out of his head. The more he thinks about it, the more he realizes that he's treated his loved ones—you and Haru—the same. He's pushed you both to the point of hating him. He strolls around the town, with his pocky themed umbrella, until he comes to a small park. It's a one less frequented and unpopular do to it's insect problem, but at night it becomes amazingly beautiful.
"Huh?" Yuuzan is surprised when he catches the silhouette of a female body sitting on the bench and despite his better judgement, he nears it.
"[F/n]-chan..?" you're sitting there, soaking wet in the rain, with all your luggage spread out around you. Yuuzan doesn't know whether to be happy or worried that you're out here in the rain like this. He calls your name twice more but you don't answer
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 27 6
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: trustworthy 16
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: trustworthy 16
I don't own anything but the plot.
Although the fishing trip he had taken two weeks ago helped to take his mind off somethings, he still felt pretty badly. 
"Looks like I'll be at my lowest point for a long time." Yuuzan muttered, stuffing his face with sweets while resting on park bench.
"Huh? Yuuzan-niichan?"
"Wow! Is that you Takaya-kun! You've grown up." Yuuzan smiled brightly at his brother's girlfriend's brother. He was so big now,"Are you a middle schooler now?"
"No. I'm a first year. What is that you're eating?"
"Onsen Manjuu. Would you like some?" the boy shook his head no and Yuuzan smiled softly and pulled out a 1000 yen,"Well, you can go get a drink." the boy ran off but was soon back with a large slushie.  When he came back they talked about Takaya's sister, Haru's girlfriend. 
"Yuuzan-San, what're you doing in a place like this?" he asked, his question throwing the adult male for a loop.
"I was just pondering deeply
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 17 4
Yuuzan Yoshida x reader: trustworthy 15
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: trustworthy 15
I don't own anything but the heartbreak and the plot.
*A/n: this will probably be a really long chapter,so it's  split into separate parts. Sorry <3
  Three weeks.
Three weeks since you went missing, since Yuuzan confessed everything to Ai, since you'vd gotten in contact with anyone. Your friends all monitored your social media outlets and kept a watchful eye on their phones in case you tried to contact them. Yuuzan did the same and he even came out of character and sent you a long text asking if you were okay. He would probably regret that later. The Tokyo police were no help in the matter either, no matter how many times he went to check with them. The days felt long and and drawn out for him without you, he was just going through the motions.
"Yuuzan? Do you want a donut and some hot chocolate, it's on the house?" Mitsuyoshi asked his cousin, who shook his head no. He was also sadden by your departure but upon realizing
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 18 0
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: Trustworthy 14
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: trustworthy 14
I don't own anything but this plot~
 When Yuuzan woke up he felt his heart ache and saw an image flash through his mind. The image: the look on your face when he had uttered those horrible words to you. He messed up badly. He didn't mean any of that stuff. His heart had frozen when he woke up next to you and of instead of just admitting that he liked you, his mouth spoke out of fear. He liked you so much, admired your flaws—the way you'd get upset, the faces you made when your emotions changed, the way you'd surprise him with a hug— but because of his trauma he hurt you, badly.
That face you made haunted his dreams.
He faced-palmed himself and then collapsed back onto the bed. He wanted to see you. His heart almost leapt in joy when he heard the urgent and rushed knock on his apartment door. He got up, albeit still in his sleepwear, and brightly answered the door. This was his chance to fix things, give you the relationship
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 22 6
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: trustworthy 13
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: trustworthy 13
I don't own anything but the plot
 It's uncomfortably warm when the older Yoshida male wakes up. He's quiet for a sometime, taking in the morning's ray of light, before he notices the soft breathing of another person beside him. His eyes widened and he takes his lip between his teeth. 
"We did not." he whispers in disbelief, but the answer is evident. He's naked, you're naked, there's a pile of discarded underwear and Yukata's around him. His hands fly to his face and he screams, waking you up.
"Huh?" your eyes are beady like doe eyes and your face is flushed bright red,"Oh um...Good morning. I umm..." you blush and pull the covers up. You were so embarrassed, you've never stuttered around him before,"Sorry I took your virginity last night!" you blurt out, trying to clear the awkward air. Both of your eyes widen when you had realized what you had said.
"I'm an idiot." you whispered.
"That's nothing new." he responded, arms crossed
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 18 7
Judar/Judal x reader: Insecurity
Judal/judar x reader: Insecurities
I don't own anything except for the plot.
   It's as late as a freshman trying to find their way to class on the first day of school, yet you're wide awake. You look over to your left and let a faint smile bless you features, Judar is still fast asleep. He looks almost angelic, his purple eyeliner —which he, again, has forgotten to remove before he went to sleep— glimmering in what moonlight has been allowed to peer through the silky black curtains.
  You wonder if he can feel the weight change in the bed as you get up, but you remember he's fast asleep, so you push the thought out of your head. Your feet take you wondering throughout the palace and soon enough after your little adventure, you've tired yourself out. You make way back to your shared room but you're grabbed.
"Where were you going?" It's Judar's sleep covered voice that's speaking to you right now. He sounds adorable, like a child wondering where their moth
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 103 6
Judal/Judar x reader: jealous magi
Judal/Judar x reader: Jealous magi
I don't own anything but this Fic~
He tells himself he'll never love you, as he slides out of you. He tells himself that he'll never love anything besides war and destruction, as he slides back into you. The tantalizing rythm of his hips and the soft moans that vibrate off your lips aren't enough to distract him from his thoughts and the sudden realization of his feelings. 
"King Hakuryuu." you mutter, as you brush his long navy locks into place,"I don't see why you still need me to do this for you?" you giggle at his expression as he tries to come up with an answer. 
"I'm kidding, you know I love to brush your hair." you smile and tilt his chin up,"Don't make that face,it doesn't suit you." you wag your finger in his face, pretend scolding you.
"You better not let Judar see us like this, you know how jealous he gets." Hakuryuu mumbles, grabbing your hand as if it were poisonous. 
"Jealous of what?
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 223 12
Mature content
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: Trustworthy 12 :iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 22 4
Jae-ha x reader:Mine
Jae-Ha x reader:  Mine
I don't own anything but the reader insert
Warning: Sort of sensual~ nothing too heavy though
 The feelings he holds for Yona, they aren't his own ; but the feelings he holds for you, are definitely his. Which is why he wants all of your attention, all of the time. He wants to impress you every chance he gets, remind you why exactly you fell for him the first place.
It's not a hard question to awnser
In fact, it's a dumb one even to be asked.
He's just simply amazing, tis all
But at the same time, he's a monster.
"Wake up~" he pokes your side in an attempt to rouse you but your  picture like frame doesn't move an inch. He tries again and you still don't move. A sneaky idea creeps up into his mind and he sorts out both the good and bad consequences before executing his decision. Tonight you will be the pirate's and that's final.
You shoot up instantly when you feel a hard smack on your behind. Jae-ha smiles at you, he's laying on his stomach, sw
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 103 11
Shin-ah x reader: validity
Shin-Ah x reader: Validity 
I don't own anything but the plot
Comment and review please ^~^
"Shin-ah." your voice floats through the air just as a feather would. It startles him but he doesn't react visibly, instead he keeps peering into the distance. 
"I don't hate you." you tell him boldly, "I could never hate you!" Although this is something you were positive he knew, you felt the need to reiterate it to him. 
"I-" he stops in the midst of his sentence and stares into the distance. He's upset, you can tell. He's angry at himself because he almost killed both you and Yona. He hates himself because he scared you half to death instead of protecting you like he should've.
"Shin-Ah." you call again, once you notice the tears that are spilling from his golden colored eyes. Your body reacts instantly, you pull off both the fur and his mask. His eyes shut in both defense and habituation. He quickly turns his head to avoid your gaze.
"Look at me." you command him. He sha
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 147 14
Trustworthy 11: Yoshida Yuuzan x reader
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: Trustworthy 11
I don't own anything but the plot. Comments and reviews please!
*OCCNESS warning ⚠
[Reviews and comments please] 
  Yuuzan stood at your door in his purple yukata. His hair was tied and pinned up in a pony tail and he word the traditional sandals. Even though he knew he was dressed nice, he was nervous. He brushed his long bang to the side and took a breath as the door opened. You bowed to him.
"Sorry I'm late. I couldn't find my eyeliner sharpener." you mentally face palmed yourself. Why were you saying such stupid things to him?
"It's fine." the air between the two of you was awkward as you walked besides him. The Matsuri festival wasn't being held too far from where your university was so you figured you could walk there an back.
"Are you really okay with Mitsuyoshi going with Natsume-chan?" Yuuzan asked. 
"No, but he looked so happy I couldn't say no." Yuuzan was debating wether or not to be himself and tell you about
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 25 8
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: Trustworthy 10
Yoshida Yuuzan x reader: Trustworthy 10
I don't own anything but the plot. Comments and reviews please!
*OCCNESS warning ⚠
[Reviews and comments please]
~~~~about a week ago~~
"Well if it isn't the little match girl~" a guy from one of your classes snided. This guy, Azuma Kentaro, had been bothering you every since you rejected him in class last week.
"Why are you even standing in the lunch line? There's no way in hell you've sold enough matches to afford a lunch." you ignored his remarks and hand the cashier your lunch pass as she hands you a pizza. You thank her graciously and head to a secluded area on the campus. Today you were supposed to be having lunch with Yuuzan and your boyfriend.
"Oi little bitch! Don't ignore me." he reached into his pocket and pulled a few yen coins out and threw them at you, "Can you ignore me now?" you clenched your fist so tightly your knuckles turned white.
"Kick rocks shithead!" you yelled at him, smoke fuming from your ears.
"Is that how you tr
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 22 8
Hashshashin! Kuroo x Mongol!reader: [3/3]
Hashshashin! Kuroo x Mongol!reader: [3/3]
[Haikyuu x KNB Crossover]
[Trigger warning: Angst, murder, death, betrayal, two timing]
[A/n: Thanks for reading guys. Love you. *winks at Akemi*]
"Thank Allah no one stole our camels!" Kuroo laughed hardily. He hadn't been paying much attention to you since you had awaken. Instead, he was getting warm and fuzzy with the boys. No matter, by the end of the day the two would no longer be a problem.
  Today on the way to Konya, the mercenaries you hired last night were to ride behind you, seeming like ordinary travelers. Once you were far into the desert they would attack, killing Kasamatsu and Iwaizumi, who wouldn't be able to defend themselves.
"Er actually, Kuroo let's trade out camels for horses." you prompted him. He eyed you suspiciously but still agreed with you.
"What is wrong with the camels?"  Kuroo asked. He had really taken a liking to his camel which he had named Kenma.
"We need to move fast, there are Mongols in this t
:iconxxblackbloodxx12:XxblackBloodXx12 4 7


Milkshake Transparent by JosephDrawsCrap Milkshake Transparent :iconjosephdrawscrap:JosephDrawsCrap 1 0 My dude chris by JosephDrawsCrap My dude chris :iconjosephdrawscrap:JosephDrawsCrap 1 0 Harley by JosephDrawsCrap Harley :iconjosephdrawscrap:JosephDrawsCrap 2 0
After Sex Talks - Nijimura Shuuzou x Reader
I'll waste a minute of yours to say thank you. Thank you for reading, commenting. You are lovely, funny, you've always got something nice to say. I hope my stories make you feel as good as you make me feel.
KNB After Sex Talks (N8)
You wake up to him holding you in a strong embrace. Have you been cuddling all night? It is physically uncomfortable as much as it is mentally. His muscular, toned arm feels heavy on your ribs and your arm is squished in between too.
You try to move, but you're afraid to wake him up. This is a one night stand. You're supposed to wake up before him and leave quietly like they do in movies ..right?
You have a sober memory of talking to him at night, although you can't recall what the conversation was about. You might have been sleep talking for all you know. But, hold on, what is this guy's name?
As you carefully take his forearm and lift it up to set your other arm free, he starts to move, then rolls to the side. You free
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 142 27
When will you love me? by LittleKidsin When will you love me? :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 1,383 88 First wave pt.1 by SharkBait498 First wave pt.1 :iconsharkbait498:SharkBait498 3 0 First Wave pt. 4 by SharkBait498 First Wave pt. 4 :iconsharkbait498:SharkBait498 3 0 First Wave pt.3 by SharkBait498 First Wave pt.3 :iconsharkbait498:SharkBait498 3 0 What's up Doll by sakimichan What's up Doll :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 35,717 1,831 Bunny Booty by JosephDrawsCrap Bunny Booty :iconjosephdrawscrap:JosephDrawsCrap 1 0
250 Erotic Prompts Challenge!
1) Blindfold Checkmark 
2) Under the sheets Checkmark  
3) Chains Checkmark 
4) Fingers
5) Chocolate 
6) Shower 
7) From behind 
8) Surprise 
9) Bubbles 
10) Outdoors 
11) Take Me 
12) Experimental 
13) Blow Me Away 
14) Role Play 
15) Lollipop 
16) Dangerous 
17) Blood 
18) First time 
19) Strip 
20) Pop (Da Fuck is this?)
21) Cheat 
22) Tease 
23) Bruises 
24) Tongue 
25) Strangers 
26) Tackle 
27) Feed 
28) Trail 
29) Candles 
30) On the edge 
31) Dominant 
32) Painful 
33) Bliss 
34) Loud 
35) Do That Again 
36) All Night Long 
37) Moment of Weakness
38) Traditional 
39) Whipped Cream 
40) Upside Down
:iconthe-fanfic-writer:The-Fanfic-Writer 2 8
Incessant [Oikawa Tooru]
Oikawa just wouldn't stop doing whatever he pleased, and that always revolved around volleyball and you. He wouldn't stop training and practicing early and late, even if he twisted his ankle and wrists and broke all his bones. He was hardworking, that everyone acknowledged, but often they'd criticize him about it.
But more importantly, he refused to stop sending you morning and night texts, since he didn't have the time to walk you to and back from school. He refused to stop eating lunch with you and making small conversations with you during free time. He refused to stop taking you out on dates whenever he could and paying for everything even though you've protested numerous times. But more than anything else, Oikawa Tooru absolutely could not stop saying the three—sometimes four—words that always splashed your face with a vibrant red.
"I like you, (Y/n)-chan!"
"I reeeeaaally like you!"
"I like you!"
You rolled your eyes and huffed out an exasperated breath as you
:iconqueene2:Queene2 199 20
Kinks and Fetishes [7]
Kinks & Fetishes [7]
Oikawa Tooru: Giving and leaving bite/kiss marks.
Every other day she’ll see kiss marks or bite marks. It was like all over her body. Some at her neck, shoulders, arms and even her legs. There are sometimes she can’t take it anymore, but somehow she seems to like it.
Why? Because it was made by her loving boyfriend, Oikawa Tooru. He would love to snuggle and cuddle. Feeling cozy and warm in her yummy hug, but as this continues he gradually leaves a kiss mark or a bite mark.
Why again? Because this is Oikawa Tooru’s fetishes. He was like a vampire sucking her blood up and leave a vicious mark that is all plum and red that makes him want to do it again.
It was already afternoon and the Volleyball team in AobaJousai must skip classes. Because they will do an early training for the coming of InterHigh, well they’ll be training with the famous guy in school, oikawa Tooru and also his precious girlfriend and also known as the manager of the te
:iconhiraseijuro:HiraSeijuro 103 6
Pucca: WYIM Page 101 by LittleKidsin Pucca: WYIM Page 101 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 606 106 Haru/Rin/Sosuke ~splash free by AlanaSM Haru/Rin/Sosuke ~splash free :iconalanasm:AlanaSM 18 10



Hello peeps!

Sorey I haven't been on much, it's really hard for me to post on da since my iPad crashes Everytime I log on

But always I was wondering if anyone wants a Mugen x reader series...Samuari champloo MUGEN of course 

Just let me know 


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Want a mini series? Want a writing commission? Want me to write you a series featuring your OC and an anime character of your choice. Well donate some points and note me.

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