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Hatsune Miku Headset UPDATE

By xxayaneko
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Hey, it's Tyresa! An update to the original tutorial [link]

My previous tutorial was a little off... so I improved my headset. I actually created a new one entirely because the one I made before was too big and they wouldn't fit, due to the large pigtail clips. I also found that the headphone base I was using didn't fit on top of my wig and kept sliding off, so I ditched it entirely. I decided to make a clip-on headset instead.

I did everything the same (but smaller), and then when I finished the headphone, on the back, i hot-glued a strip of the foam for the hairclip to stick to and a strip of the thin cardboard paper for the hairclip support.

For the microphone, instead of wire with foam tip, I found a long black pipecleaner and bent it in the right shape. For the mic, I just folded it on top of itself to make it bulky. The teal stripes are strips of teal ribbon hot-glued on.

Measurements are shown above, but it inclides the thickness of the foam. The raw measurements are a little smaller, like 6.2cm or something like that. the yellow squares measure .8x.8cm, and the rectangle measures .8x2.7cm. Don't forget that the yellow squares is always on top for left and right =]

:iconleloulove: had a great idea and used foam to connect the two ear parts together, instead of using a headset base XD here's her version: [link] if you dont like clip-ons, use this instead.
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Daft question since I'm new to cosplaying; I'd love to make these headphones as I'm ordering Miku's outfit and wig in a few days. YOu just clip this onto the wig, don't you? 
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yep, i used hair clips to clip it onto the wig. I would clip it after you put on the pigtails, since the pigtails also need some hair to grab onto.
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Ah, that's awesome thank you ^-^