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Hatsune Miku Headset Tutorial

Hi everyone ^^ It's Tyresa! [new DA]

NOTE: I made some changes to the measurements. this is the original tutorial, updated measurements can be found here: [link]
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I know this is like...SUPER old. but thank you. I didn't have all of the needed stuff so I had to rely on my steady hand and some paint but it still came out good.

You have no idea but you're a lifesaver

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Is it possible to substitute the foam and electrical tape?
With for exemple black paper?
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You can substitute the electrical tape for whatever you want. Its not visible when you wear it, since it's on the inside. However the foam is really cheap and you can get it at any art or craft store. It has clean edges when you cut it and it's more rigid than paper so it will look better. It's also thick.  I would not recommend substituting it. 
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Ok, thank you very much for the advice :)
Thanks for replying :)
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np! good luck :D 
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Thank you!! You are amazing La worship 
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np!! i'd like to see yours :D
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this is amazing, thanks, i make it!
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What would you use instead  if you didn't have an old headset?
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Hello, sorry for the late response! I ended up re-doing this headset, since it kept sliding off the wig. Look here:…
instead of using a headset, I just pinned the cardboard to my wig with hair clips.
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Oh, that's so smart! thanks!!
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Bet your guys' headphones don't smell like Twinkies, lol! I used a Twinkies box for the curved part, so it actually does smell like twinkies.GREAT! NOW I'M HANGRY at myself for using the Twinkies box because it smells so yummy! Anyways, Awesome tutorial! My cosplay would have been doomed (and I would've been broke -__-) without this tutorial.
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LOL at least it smells good XD i'm glad it helped! it took a few tries to get the headset to fit my wig lol 
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Thanks so much!! I am so making this!!
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np! it's pretty easy. good luck!
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Awesome! I might just make it.

               ~KawaiiChain :dummy:
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I has made it. I ran out of Hot Glue right when I started gluing. :P'

          ~KawaiiChain :dummy:
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