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Start Date: June 26, 2012
End Date: September 15, 2012
Theme: Bravery
Your mission is to create a manipulation that somehow expresses bravery. You will not be given anymore information than that. How you choose to portray it is up to you and only you!

Judging: This contest will be judged by me. I will not accept other judging offers.
I will not be judging by personal preference nor will I choose any "friend" to win. I will be judging based on technique, originality, and effort. I will not go easy on you if you are a beginner, your art will be judged just as fairly as the others.

Sorry guys, I guess I should have added this earlier, but I was being pressured to get off the computer.
> Manipulations only
> Slapping a filter over an image is not acceptable. You must use multiple images
> Any animal may be the subject (I don't care if its a friggin okapi, as long as it fits the theme)
> If I have any suspicion about a stolen image, I will investigate like the smexy detective I am.
> I will only post completed entries, not deviants planning to enter.
> You may enter as much as you like, though I will require 15 different artists to enter before judging.

> I will not be collecting the winners' entries - These manipulations will remain yours and you may do as you wish when the contest ends.


First Place

300 :points: by xxAuroraStudios
10 :points: by corallos
1 Platinum Package (worth 300 :points:) by xxAuroraStudios
1 Gold Commission by brynora
1 Custom Commission by theDeliriousOwl
1 Custom Commission by corallos
1 Custom Commission by CactusisinaBox
10 Piece Feature by xxAuroraStudios
1 llama by xxAuroraStudios
1 llama by corallos
1 llama by CactusisinaBox

Second Place

100 :points: by xxAuroraStudios
1 Basic Package (worth 150 :points:) by xxAuroraStudios
1 Silver Commission by brynora
5 Piece Feature by xxAuroraStudios
1 llama by xxAuroraStudios
1 llama by corallos
1 llama by CactusisinaBox

Third Place

50 :points: by xxAuroraStudios
3 Piece Feature by xxAuroraStudios
1 llama by xxAuroraStudios
1 llama by corallos
1 llama by CactusisinaBox

Any and all prize donations are appreciated, no matter how small.


I Am Brave by brynora Bravery by bellequine Brave by Roxy-Graphics Soldier by DistortedRationality :thumb313514945: In the dark of the night... by Idhrill :thumb312565186: :thumb311223900: I Have To Jump by howrsingqueen123 :thumb314237786: :thumb314645328: I promised I would fight... by QuaxyKitKat BRAVERY by skippymyboy Be Brave by jessp118 The Firing Squad by shards-of-a-dream out of my reach by xglassraindrops Over the Clouds XXVIII by Miztliyuma my worst fear. by Notebellum Brave by xSilverReins Pain by ArcticRose40 :thumb317654288: Searching for freedom by xdancingintherain Rise above this by jessp118 I'll Save You... by 4EverIsntLongEnough :thumb324705609: True Bravery by catpuccinos Protected by a Guardian Angel by Horse-Dreamer

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TangeledDesignsI's avatar
Hi! when does the contest end? :3
16Jasmine16's avatar
asdfsdfs Internet wasn't on yesterday; I hope I didn't miss the deadline? [link]
Horse-Dreamer's avatar
SherlockedMelon's avatar
I've finally got a manip together for this! Here it is: [link]
Good luck everyone ^.^
akky3210's avatar
Yay! My contest entry is done! [link]
akky3210's avatar
Faved so I can remember it. Will post an entry soon! :D
WDWParksGal's avatar
Added to the contest section at #DevNews that will post August 18th. The contest will stay in each weekly issue until it ends :nod:
xabovetheclouds's avatar
I will enter, I just need to find my tablet pen :/
xdancingintherain's avatar
Here is the link to my entry!! [link]
jessp118's avatar
here is another, Better then the last.
ConfussedPuppy's avatar
Hi there
I'm thinking of entering this contest, but I have just a question:
In the contest rules you say the subject of the manip can be any animal, but in the entries the subjects are all horses. Am I missing the memo? Am I allowed to use any animal, or must it be a horse?
xxAuroraStudios's avatar
You may use any animal or a person ;)
Most of my watchers are horse manipulators and the groups I notified about the contest were horse-related, which thats why it turned out like this =)
ConfussedPuppy's avatar
Oh, haha no wonder :) thanks for letting me know
larkflyre's avatar
Here's my entry: [link]
Thanks! :heart:
ArcticRose40's avatar
Hiya! I wanted to enter too. :3
This one is mine: [link]
Hope it's okay! -squirms- xD
xSilverReins's avatar
This is my entry :D I hope you like it
xxAuroraStudios's avatar
Notebellum's avatar
xglassraindrops's avatar
here is my entry, "out of my reach". If you would like to see a non-animated version for the quality, just ask c:
xxAuroraStudios's avatar
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