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Current Residence: Manitoba, Canada
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything that sounds good or has a good beat, except hardcore scremo, metal, etc
Favourite style of art: Surreal with a realistic touch, or art that shows feeling and emotion, animal art.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Pets: 3 wonderful cats

Pointless journal to replace old depressing one XD

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 11, 2010, 7:03 PM
  • Listening to: TV
  • Watching: Blood Dolphins
  • Playing: Harvest Moon Animal Parade
  • Drinking: Water
Its about time I made a new journal and got rid of that depressing old one ;p There really isn't a lot to I'll fill this blank space with a quiz I filled out about 3 years ago when I was in Grade 10. Man my life was so different then. Oh yeah, if you haven't already, check out my newest piece of art :D

1) Name: Melanie

2) Name Backwards: Einalem

3) Were you named after anyone?: No, but my middle name Anne came from my dad's mom's name

4) Does your name mean anything?: I've heard it means dark something...dark water I think it was.

5) Nick Name(s): Uhhhh.....I don't really have any :p

6) Screen Name(s): Mel-at-ne XxAngelofImpurityxX

7) Date Of Birth: September 1 1992

8) Place of Birth: Manitoba Canada

9) Nationality: Canadian

10) Current Location: Manitoba Canada

11) Religion: Christian

12) Height: 5'5

13) Shoe Size: 7-8

14) Hair colour: Dirty Blonde

15) Eye colour: Green

16) What do you look like?: Longish straight/wavy hair, glasses, skinnyish....just look at my stock photos ;p

17) Innie or Outie?: Innie

18) Righty, Lefty, Ambidextrous: Righty

19) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?: Straight

20) Best friends: Carolyn, Becca and Steven

21) Best friend you trust the most: All of them pretty much

22) Friends {your sex}: Carolyn, Becca, Cherissa, Danika, Jessica, Madison, Michaela, and some others

23) Friends of the opposite sex: Steven, Colin, Eli, Justin, Josh, and others

24) Best Bud(s): I just listed some of my friends thanks

25) Boyfriend / Girlfriend: Yes

26) Crush: Yeah

27) Parent(s): Are married and together

28) Worst Enemy: Don't have one right now

29) Funniest friend: Uhhh...quite a few of them are but the funniest would have to be Colin

31) Advice Friend: Rebecca or Steven

32) Loudest Friend: Cherissa I guess, but there are a few other names I could put here ;p

33) Person you cry with: Usually no one

34) Any sisters: We may not be related but me and Becca call each other sisters :)

35) Any brothers: My cat Elmo XD

36) Any pets: Yeah, My cat Elmo, an ancient goldfish and some tropical fish

37) A Disease: No

38) A Pager: Nope

39)A mp3 player/ipod: 16 GB ipod Nano

40) A laptop: Yes :D

41) Gaming platform ie nintendo/xbox: PS2, Gamecube, DSi

42) Surround sound: Nope

43) A Personal phone line: No

44) A Cell phone: Yes I do

45) A Lava lamp: There are some in the house but none I would claim my own

46) A Pool or hot tub: No...unless you count this inflatable pool I haven't set up in a few years and don't know if we still even have XD

47) A Car: We have 2 family cars, both mid size, one light brownish and the other white

Describe Your...

48) Personality: When I first meet you, you'll soon discover that I am socially awkward and shy ;p But if you take the time to get to know me, then I can be a fun person to be around, and someone you can trust and rely on.

49) Driving: Yes, I used to be so scared of the thought but that's over with now ;p

50) Car or one you want: A nice small car in that bright shade of blue would be awesome, but hey, as long as I have a car that I'm comfortable in and does everything I need it to do, I don't really care.

51) Room: I have awesome mural wallpaper of dolphins, fish, coral, etc under the water. My room is a small vertical rectangle with a bed in the top left corner and a dresser with my TV, DVD player and PS2 at the foot of the bed. In the top right corner is a a desk with draws, and above that is some little nooks and a bookshelf, along with my closet that's too small ;p There's also a window beside my bed with a ledge my kitty likes to sit on in the summer.

52) What’s missing?: More space, bigger closet, better organization for my stuff

54) Bed: Regular twin size bed

55) Relationship with your parent(s): We aren't a close family, we always(I was going to say usually...but then I realized it literately is always ;p) spend the night in separate rooms ;p We don't often have supper together because me and my dad work evenings. But every pay day we go out for lunch and go shopping and stuff. We may not be a close family but we all know we love each other :)

Do You...

56) Believe in yourself: Sometimes I do...I've become more confident in myself over the past few years but I often worry about doing something wrong, wasting a good opportunity or making someone mad at me.

57) Do you believe in love at first sight?: Not real love, but I do believe you can have strong feels of attraction to someone the first time you see them if you ever get lucky enough to experience something like that.

58) Consider yourself a good listener: Sometimes, if the topic doesn't interest me at all I have a really bad habit of drifting off into my own thoughts XD

60) Get along with your parents: Most of the time, my dad more so then my mom. A day rarely goes by without having a dispute with her.

61) Save your e-mail conversations: Yes, whenever I can(as far as I know, I can't on facebook ;p)

62) Pray: Yes

63) Believe in reincarnation: Not really, no.

64) Like to make fun of people: lol yeah as long as its not in a cruel way XD

65) Like to talk on the phone: No not really. A few years ago I had what I like to call severe phonebia, I hated the phone so much it made me uneasy to even call my grandparents XD Its gotten a lot better now, but I still despise calling people I don't know very well ;p

66) Like to eat?: Sometimes, it depends on my mood. Lately eating hasn't been that much of an interest for me.

67) Like to drive: Sometimes, I usually don't like the thought of it but when I do drive sometimes its kinda fun.

68) Get motion sickness: Yes.....its not fun T_T(

69) Eat the stems of broccoli: I don't think I have actually eaten the big fat stems broccoli comes with sometimes. My family only buys the crowns.

70) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: Most of the time yes because I hate touching my food.

71) Dream in color: If it means that my dreams are in colour then yes, who has black and white dreams all the time? :XD:

72) Type with your fingers on home row: No, I type my own way ;p

73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: Sometimes because I'm awesome like that XD

What Is...?

74) Right next to you: A table with a lamp, water, empty glass, snacks and other crap.

75) On the walls of your room: Dolphins and other sea creatures

76) On your mouse pad: I use a touch pad or tablet pen most of the time

77) Your dream car: Small bright blue car that has everything I want.

78) Your dream date: Surprise me, take me out on an awesome, fun adventure :)

79) Your dream honeymoon spot: A beautiful place where I can either walk through beautiful forests or somewhere warm where I can swim with dolphins and go down awesome waterslides....mmmmm that sounds like fun.

80) Your dream husband/wife: A strong Christian who is reliable and can trust to take care of me and lead my family down the right path. Someone who is a caring person and loves animals as much as I do. Who raises my confidence and brings out the best in me. Someone who is fully devoted to me, and me to them. And whatever else I'm missing.

81) Your bedtime: Whenever I want most of the time, usually between 10:00-12:00.

82) Under your bed: Suit case, uhhhh and other junk.

83) The single most important question: What is your purpose in life, How are you going to affect the lives of other people?

84) Your bad time of the day: Having to get out of bed when I don't want to T_T

85) Your worst fear(s):Being alone, never finding peace and happiness within myself

86) The weather like: Dark outside, snow on the ground, cold

87) The time?: 8:40pm

88) The date?: December 11th 2010

89) The best trick you ever played on someone: LOL making my friend laugh and spit Coke Zero on her coat and the floor in Zellers XD HAHAHAHAHA Oh that was an epic day for both of us XD

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Cold, uncooked oatmeal, milk and sugar

91) Your Theme Song: Don't have one

92) The hardest thing about growing up: Getting the confidence to break out of your comfort zone and take on all the responsibilities of being an adult.

93) Your funniest experience: I have too many to mention XD

94) Your scariest moment: Probably the moment I realize how bad a mistake I made really was

95) The silliest thing you've ever said: I've said many retarded things

96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex?: The most desperate thing I did was change my eating habits and lifestyle to lose weight to become more attractive back in middle school.

97) The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s): Uhhh it really wasn't the scariest thing but back in October me and Carolyn went to go see our favourite band Disturbed and this stoned drunk idiot sat beside me and kept talking to me and leaning on me. Uhhhh he smelt so nasty T_T

98) The worst feeling in the world: Watching the person you love with all your heart walk away and completly forget about you. Thinking about them 24/7, missing them, longing for them, and knowing they don't love you anymore, and are interested in other people.

99) The best feeling in the world: Being in the arms of the person you love, being near them. And feeling their love for you, finding happiness and peace within yourself.

100) 5 people you tag: Anyone who wants to do this


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Please! Let me know how the day went when you get back! Unless you're planning to write a journal about it, in which case, I can read about it later lol! :XD: Love you Mel! Happy 18th! :cuddle: :party: :dance: :dummy: :la:
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