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Suddenly you got a message from your best friend. She wanted to tell you something she said it wasn't bad and to not worry. Telling her to go on you were suddenly spammed with happy messages and "I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!". You looked at your phone in shock giving a fake excited "AA IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU" message you stared down at your phone her message spinning around your head. Your heart thumped and you felt like crying fuck you did cry. The person you love the person you care about. The person you cherish found someone to love. You should've felt happy hell its your best friend ! Hell you felt empty you read on as she talking happily about her lover sending pictures and call you a supportive best friend. You aren't you felt jealous you wanted her to be yours you wanted to call her YOUR girlfriend you wanted to hug and kiss her, but you can't.
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 2 0
Minami quick sketch  by XxAndybiersack Minami quick sketch :iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 0 0
Learned mistakes
Feelings are terrible
You had no idea how to control them which ends you being what you are today a depressed, anxious, and suicidal teen.
You had a crush on yet again on a ex you had. I know stupid right?
But it didn't stop you in making made up stories of her and imagining her Hugging and kissing you.
You guys broke up in ok terms. She was the one to break it off of course you had no intention in breaking it off but she had other plans.
You had problems in distancing yourself from other and it didn't stop at your loved one.
You took it way to far and she was sick of it leaving you heartbroken and guilty.
It's been a year sense that incident.
she texted you ever so often but lately it seemed like you guys would text everyday sending funny picture of yourselves and teasing one another. It was bliss she gave you a small sense of happiness it was short but it was worth it. You began to develop feelings again....
she was so beautiful,
so so wonderful,
let's not forget a kind soul.
She was
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 1 0
"I'm moving away"
The world seemed to stop you stated at her in shock
She shifted her weight and smiled
"I'm just moving 2 hours away! It's not that bad we could still see each other!"
She said with a grin and taking out her phone. You didn't say anything your best friend, your ONLY friend was moving away, leaving you. Fuck she was your crush the person you loved the person that meant heaven and hell to you. She gave out a small sigh and hugged you tightly.
"Bye, see you soon?"
She said with a hopeful smile. She turned around and walked away leaving you hopeless. It was terrible your whole world was tumbling down you could feel your heart sinking while you saw her retreating form.
It's been 2 weeks since she left you felt lost in the morning, at lunch and during dismissal. She was the person you hung out with during your free time and you were to shy to make friends. You didn't talk to her anymore she texted you at first but soon stopped. You felt hurt she posted pictures of h
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 0 0
No no no no! It couldn't be true it just couldn't. Their was no way this all could've actually happen! This is all just a dream a terrible dream! Yes!! This is all just made up! When I close my eyes and open them again everything will be back to normal! Ok ok I'll just close my eyes and count to three..
3.......... SHIT SHIT SHIT!! NO NO NO!! Ok now deep breaths control yourself maybe I counted to fast? Yea! That's it I just counted to fast! Ok here we go again!
t-t-three...... .
NO NO N-NO,,, please no..
This is all a terrible hallucination , it has to be it just has to! When I go to sleep and wake up it'll all go back to normal! Yes!
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 0 0
(drabble Male!reader) Rin X Male!reader
he seemed distant, his been trying to avoid everyone. When you meeded them the most, you were desperate you needed someone now, you were at your breaking point.. everything seemed dark everything was fading you could feel your whole body on fire your arms and legs were stinging. You could feel the blood slowly leave your pale helpless body.
 He screamed and lashed out at the people holding him back as a group of people in white took you out the house he saw your bloodied form. Giving out a loud scream as he tried to fight back to get closer to you.
How could he been so blind why couldnt he see you where hurting how could he not see your lifeless eyes,,, but now its to late your gone forever and he would never be able to see your happiness filled (eye color) eyes, your shiny (hair color) hair, and would never be able to see your dashing smile. he would never going to be to hear your charming yet sarcastic remarks which drove him mad yet made hime fall more in love with you.
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 4 0
The young males suicide
The male looked around him
Feeling no hope left
His days full of mourning and distress
He no longer felt emotion only feeling numbness
His friends all gone replacing him,leaving him
His family blinded by their ignorance failing to see his pain
He seemed so perfect,happy and smiling
Late nights of crying, self harming
He was done sick of all this pain
Sick of his therapist bullshit words
"It will be ok" NO NO IT WILL NOT
He screamed trashing his room yelling at them
Oh how many times he has heard those useless words
Constantly being told a danger to others
Constantly being afraid
With his final breath he pulled the trigger
Oh really how His life was a tragedy
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 0 0
Eren X male!Reader
Eren x male reader
~Aye so some people wanted me to continue a shitty reader insert I did about a month ago and so I'm a make a small sequel~
Rolling around on the huge bed and sitting up lazily looking around in the dark room only a small bit of the outside light was shown. It has been about a month that Eren left maybe you over reacted? No no I mean he knew you hated surprises you despised them. And yet he told you about him joining the army how the fuck did he think you would react?! I mean who would react happily when their lover of 4 years and future husband told them they were going to join the army. You sure
Hell didn't take it nicely. Don't get me wrong you loved the idea that he wants to help others in war but you were scared..
Scared of losing him
Scared of never being able to see him
Scared of losing the person you loved the most...
But now you lost him
Kicking him out yelling at him and making him feel as if he was the one to blame.
You were going to make this up and you we
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 23 3
I am so fucking cool by XxAndybiersack I am so fucking cool :iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 3 120
Eren x male!Reader

Teary eye stared at the figure in front of him. His hands clenched as he shut his eyes with rage as he breathed heavily trying to keep himself from feeling anymore hurt.
His eyes filled with rage as he bit his lip roughly glaring daggers at the male. Giving a shaky sigh the male wiped his eyes roughly. 
"You are a fucking asshole" the male breathed out as he stared at him now with in emotionless face.
Eren looked down his eyes full of regret as he tried to get closer to the other male.
Shaking his head the male by the name (m/n) stumbled back as he tried to get away not daring to look at the brunette. 
"Please just leave me alone and never come back." (M/n) whispered out as he turned away from him
The brunette turned away giving a choked whimper he turned around and exiting out the door whispering out a last goodbye.
((SALUTATIONS hello! Welp Satan made me do it
cRIES I actually damn this came out of no where 
Kitty broke her glasses!
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 20 11
Annie x Fem!reader

| Yuri!~ it's been a long time since I wanted to write Yuri and I am in love with Annie~
modern AU by the way~|
"c-can i ask you something?"
"hm yea go ahead" the blonde female said boredom in her voice as well as a hint of curiosity. She shifted her eyes from the sky to look at shorter (h/c) haired female.
The short female looked down her eyes shifting to the ground as she sat up and hid her face with her (h/c) hair.  
The blonde female looked at her worriedly getting up quickly she grabbed her girlfriend in a tight hug.
Holding on tightly into the other female her eyes tearing up as she gave out small whimpers sniffling the (h/c) haired female broke the hug and grabbed the others hand "A-Annie i have something important to tell you.." 
The blonde haired female nodded slowly her mind running with the worst thought Did she not like her anymore? Did she not want to see her ever again? Did she fuck up again? 
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 10 5
#my horrible drawings of eyes by XxAndybiersack #my horrible drawings of eyes :iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 2 2 Here have a lame eye by XxAndybiersack Here have a lame eye :iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 1 2
Once there was
(So this is not a reader insert and about a few months ago Lizzie and kitty gave me a note and I found it again so why the hell not share it with you guys I will share pictures also and I will retype the letter they gave this since they have horrible handwriting XD and by the way they gave me this when me and Sarah were still a couple~ yes yes tala Lizzie and kitty knew about Sarah)
ONCE UPON A TIME, a girl/half mythology girl named Abby discovered tumblr. She got laid on that site and decided to become a man. Hence, the penis. She lived her days being ridden by Tala, (who died at 17, she was eaten by a mutilated Simpson) and her beloved Sarah. Katie got married to some rich dude and had 5 babies. Lizzie got rich off selling pot. Everyone went to many cosplay conventions.
                  SEX IS REPULSIVE 

:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 2 5
Mikasa x Fem!reader

( -shrug- fuck you i kid i kid i love you guys bye occ Mikasa cuz i can)
"yes (y/n)?"
"what the fuck are you doing?"
"hmm what do you mean?"
"are you ok do i need to call Eren?"
"no no (y/n)-chan i am perfectly fine."
"H-hehe ill leave now...."
"no no no (y/n)-chan Mikasa su casa"
"no no -laugh- sorry illl be serious n-"
"no mikasa  i am leaving!"
"please don-"
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 12 7
Tala ^^ by XxAndybiersack Tala ^^ :iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 2 4
well this is the things i do they are shitty but
i would love Feedback~


Oblivion(commission) by XRlS Oblivion(commission) :iconxrls:XRlS 279 20 Spiced Whimsy by Velvet--Glove Spiced Whimsy :iconvelvet--glove:Velvet--Glove 79 35
Pride! Queer!Markiplier x Short!Male!Reader
"C'mon Marki! It's a big day!" I bounce a little in my seat on the train as I watch the passing houses.
"I know. Pride is a huge time for you." He gives a soft smile, looking down at me.
"Hey, I'm here, I'm queer, but don't get used to it cuz I'm leaving ya" I throw a wink my way and stick my tongue out a bit as he laughs.
"That doesn't even make sense! And we're not dating!" He exclaims.
"Hey, I'm short and adorable. I wouldn't blame you for wanting me." I joke. I was tiny for a guy. 5'5". Everyone always made a comment on it. "C'mon! This is our stop!" I grab his hand and contently pull him around the city to the parade.
"Hey man, can I get a picture? You're just so small it's really cute." I turn around to face the wall behind me and I smile at the man with what appears to be his friend who's holding a camera.
"Of course!"
"Would you mind if I pick you up?"
"Not at all." I held out my arms and the man picked me up so I rested on his hip and I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 188 44
Winter's Frost I (Male!Elsa x Reader)
'She's beautiful...'
The thought echoes within his mind as he observes her profile quietly, as she leans over the terrace, both of them watching the calm blue sea, gentle waves washing gently along the shore. Leaning out from under the shadows, her hair catches the soft light of the moonlight, the background sounds distantly behind them, the music, merry chatter of the courtiers and various guests, the sound of skirts fluttering as the guests join in various dances, it does little to distract the both of them. Her eyes mirror the faraway stars within them, and a small smile idly forms on rose painted lips, as she gently caresses the petals of an alabaster rose between her fingers.
It is a quiet moment, the few that they are fortunate enough to have, he's more grateful for these moments than she would know, then he would let her know. Though many years have passed, she has never failed to draw his eyes, his attention, she is more magnetizing than she believes herself to be and he
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 560 49
Male!Belarus x Reader - Protect
If there had ever been a time in which Nikolai thought he’d hit the highest point of his anger, then what he felt now was – at the very least – double that.
“Ni-Nikolai? This is _-_____, I-I’m calling f-from the phone at w-work. Listen, N-Nikolai, I need you to call the police right now–”
“Why? _____, are you alri–”
“Just hurry, Nikolai! T-Tell them to go to my workplace, we-we’re having an emergency. Quick, th-they’re c-coming upstai– …”
“Hello? _____!? _____!”

A shiver ran through Nikolai’s body at the mere thought of your phone call from earlier, his blood boiling as he gripped the steering wheel so tightly that it squeaked under the pressure. Whatever speeding limit it was, Nikolai was certain he exceeded it by at least fifty percent; but for now, he didn’t care about the risk of a speeding ticket.
A low, almost animalistic grow
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 823 143
Classic Harley Quinn by WarrenLouw Classic Harley Quinn :iconwarrenlouw:WarrenLouw 1,118 25
No Dinner Till I'm Pretty
What's it like being able to eat a meal
Without being screamed at that
That piece of bread you're eating is
Going to go straight to your thighs
And make you plus size
So let me just stop until I'm pretty
Let me stop dinner
Let me stop food in general
Because the only thing that matters
To me and this twisted monster in my head
Is if I'm pretty
And I'm only pretty when I'm skinny
People will only like you if you're skinny
People will only want to be your friend if you're pretty
Yet somehow I am still burning down my life
And dragging down the shell of myself with it
"You're obsessed with fitness"
No, I am terrified of becoming fat again
So let me workout four days in a row
While refusing to take in any form of carbs
Because we all know that carbs is the problem
Not my head
Or this monster that resides there
Convincing me that I'm a slob for treating myself
Telling me that I can't enjoy myself or my life
Because I haven't went down another dress size
I'm terrified
I'm terrified of this g
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 10 10
Mituna x Reader~ Antisocial
“THE LIGHT! IT BURNSSSSSSS!” A very unamused Sollux stared down at me through 3D glasses as I writhed on the cement sidewalk in pure agony. According Mr. BumbleBee here, I wasn’t getting out of my house enough, so you know what he does? Instead of politely asking me to maybe risk a trip outside, he DRAGS me outside and lets the vicious sun burn my skin. (Which had paled considerably from staying inside for multiple weeks.)
“It’th dark outthide.” I looked around and noticed that it was indeed, dark outside. I pulled myself off the ground and straightened my sweatshirt out as if I had not just been burned up by an imaginary sun.
“So it is.” The recognizable sound of a rather hard facepalm came from my left as I turned around to walk back up my driveway.
“Welp, I went outside, I’m going back now, Ta Ta.” Before I could get any further I was grabbed by the back of my collar
:iconpsychicpineapple14:PsychicPineapple14 401 80
Mistletoe (Newt Scamander X Reader)
The crackling of fire and the sound of a page turning in a book were somehow the only sounds in the Goldstein's apartment right now. Usually the apartment is full of chaos, Jacob constantly marveling at the small bits of magic (and Queenie), Queenie chatting happily to him, and Tina having to dash in and out if MACUSA needed her. Newt tended to stay hidden away in his briefcase with his creatures, but would sometimes emerge to talk about new discoveries he's made.
Usually this whole time, you're trying to read. But you never do read much, as something always happens that breaks your concentration.
But since the apartment is so oddly quiet today, you thought you'd sit down and read. Seems like the best thing to do once you finally have quiet. Not that you were angry about it, you liked living in a lively place, not a silent one.
And since Queenie and Jacob are out all day in the bakery, and Tina is investigating a case with other Aurors, and Newt is, well, Newt, you weren't exactly goin
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 248 28
Secrets - Peter Parker x Reader
You yawned loudly, stretching from your desk chair as you stood up, continuing to stretch. You sighed, looking out the window as you combed your fingers into your [ h/c ] hair. Finally looking somewhere else, you heard somebody enter your office and the clicking of somebody's footsteps. You turned and looked at the person, looking at your young secretary Mina.
"Ms. [ l/n ], Its already this late. Maybe you should go home soon."
"I was planning onto. Thank you for your concern."
"Your welcome."
And with that, she left your office. You started to gather your things, slinging your bag on your right shoulder as you made your way to the elevators. You got some 'goodbye' greets from some employees, giving them a small nod to your approval. You sighed once again as you started to make your walk back to your condo, people knowing that you are the CEO of the [ l/n ] Inc. You had your phone in hand as you slightly licked your lips, your eyes wandering onto a cafe. You pondered for a moment then
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 295 15
AT: Spiderman/Peter Parker x Reader
It didn't look good.
"Remind me never to take shortcuts through dark alleyways ever again." You noted to yourself as you stared down your three pursuers. 
The rain poured copiously from the sky, each cold drop a stinging needle on your exposed arms. You could hardly see through the torrentous downpour. You struggled to keep your eyes on your attackers as rain obscured your vision. You could hardly see them through the rain and darkness that cloaked the alleyway.
"Not good" You thought to yourself again. "I'm not sure how I'm going to make it out of this." And even if you did make it out, your boyfriend Peter would kill you for getting yourself into such a dangerous situation. 
You didn't have much time to think about it, however. Suddenly the largest of the three was lunging towards you. You did your best to sidestep and trip him, having him stumble farther into the alley behind you. 
The other two exchanged a glance before rushing forward at the sam
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 207 16
First Dance - Peter Parker x Reader
(Y/N) stood in front of the mirror, admiring the dress that she just slid into. It was a beautiful white with a beautiful lace pattern at the bottom. It was strapless with a soft sweetheart neckline.
When she had tried it on again less than two weeks ago it was too around her middle which caused her to use the extra cash that they had to let it out and make sure that it fit her figure perfectly.
Her hair had been formed into a neat bun with a few strands framing her face. The makeup artist did a wonderful job at keeping her makeup simple and easy to take off once the night was over.
Her hands were shaking as she smoothed them over the front of her dress. Just wedding nerves, she had been telling herself. Multiple times she had been offered a small splash of alcohol to settle the nerve, but, she refused; claiming that it could only make her nerves worse and she was afraid that if she had anything to drink that she would vomit. So, she stuck with the water.
When the time came for her to
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 195 16
L x Reader- Rape Whistle
"Here," L looked curiously to his side. There you were, your hand held out to him, with a little red whistle in the palm of your hand. L observed the whistle, coming to the quick conclusion that you intended for him to take it, and did so.
"What is this?" he asked. Clearly he knew what it was, but he was asking what it was for.
"It's a whistle," you hadn't picked up on that fact.
Light, who was observing the situation from the seat next to L, perked up, "Ryuzaki meant 'what is it for,' (Name)?"
"Oh. Well it's a rape whistle."
Light's eyes widened with shock as L's brows rose in confusion. Picking up on the fact that they were waiting for your explanation, you smirked.
"I don't want pervy Light coming onto you in your handcuffed state," you felt your smirk widen as Light sputtered out refusals. Before leaving the boys you added, "Plus, I'm the only one allowed to violate you, Ryuzaki~"
As you left you heard Light grumble, "I don't know what you see in her Ryuzaki."
"She keeps things
:iconforever-n:Forever-N 1,202 259
Peter Parker x Artist!Reader ~ Nerd, huh?
You just finished your school. Literally. You were drawing a picture of your old high school, a present for your friend, Gwen Stacy. You heard she broke up with her boyfriend, Peter Parker and you wanted to cheer her up. Though she didn't look sad at all and she didn't take your gift, so you were standing there, in front of her house, confused, holding a huge (really, really huge!) picture of the high school. You blinked few times and let go a deep breath.
"Well fuck you too then." You mumbled under your breath and turned away only to bump into... Peter Parker himself! "What the-?!" And you were lying on the ground. And your picture too. In two parts. Maybe three now.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry! I didn't look where I was going- here, let me help..."
"No need for this..." You mumbled standing up. "Well... it was going to the refuse bin anyway." You sighed grabbing parts of picture you drew for Gwen. In your surprise, Peter helped you get the parts and helped you stood up from the ground.
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 262 18
A Handful Near x Male!Reader
"Arg!" A table flew across the room, as many of Near's coworkers tried to move out of the way, heaving a sigh of relief when the table missed them by a few inches and hit the wall behind them with a loud bang. Turning to face the white haired male, (y/n) crossed his arms and pouted. "Okay... I don't know who it was..." He admitted, as his cheeks began to glow a soft pink with embarrassment. Near glanced up from his dice and spared (y/n) a look of pity, before turning back to his stacking. "It was the daughter."
"Ah, are you serious!" (Y/n) exclaimed, clenching his head tightly as he cursed in every language he know, which was actually quite a few. Matsuda turned to Mogi with a small frown, leaning in to the taller male to whisper in his ear. "Hey Mogi," he began, capturing the taller male's attention. "Why was he so angry before? It must have been something big if it made him throw an entire table and destroy a computer." Mogi turned his attention away from Matsuda and watched as (y/n)
:iconyamibaki:YamiBaki 212 42
Daddy!Uta x Child!Reader | little ghoul
You watched him working, curiousity shining in your eyes.
There was something so fascinating about the way your father worked. He would hunch over in his stool, stooping over his desk that was littered with carving tools and squares of leather and sketch sheets. There was a cup on the table, painted with "#1 Dad" and decorated with (f/c) (favourite animals). It was last years Father's Day gift, which you'd given him so he could hold his pencils in. But he had so many that they spilled out of their holder and across the table top.
"Why are you so pretty?"
Uta blinked owlishly at you, face impassive.
But his black sclera and red irises shimmered with something soft and loving.
"It's because you're so pretty. Only a worthy father could create something as wonderful as you," he hummed, voice gentle and calm like it always was. No matter how bold you were, annoying his customers or rooting through his things and finding that clown mask he kept hidden (which he made you swear
:iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 460 47
people that have Awesome work!


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