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MODELS! (Please)

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 29, 2010, 1:33 PM

MODELS! (Please)

While I absolutely love making maille jewelry and apparel, having people wear it is the ultimate goal. The money I make from selling this stuff is really just a secondary objective; I get a lot more enjoyment from a person actually displaying my art and craft to the world (something money can NEVER buy).

And, as you can see in my gallery, I have several very beautiful and talented individuals modeling my stuff, but I am always in search of more. So to all you Deviants out there, if you’d like to model any of my goods (from necklaces to hair barrettes to bikinis), just send me a message and we can work out the details. Also keep in mind for your generous donation of time you can keep whatever I send you (the only exception I place on this statement is the bikinis because they are worth 125 dollars apiece, but I would still send you something in place of them). You will also have my permission to use the pictures for yourself in any manner you wish, granted I’m tagged in them.

So that’s it! If you want to see more of my work please visit my professional website:

You may also check out my Facebook fan page:…