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I love the earth + Earth Hour

Do you love the earth? :heart:

Support Earth Hour!
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First of all: Oh My Gosh. This is absolutely adorable! <3

I think the two things I love most about this little emoticon are the way the planet is actually squeezed, and the planets face! They're just too adorable!

I just have two little points of improvement:

1) Next time, how about trying to make the planet actually planet Earth? I know it would be difficult at this scale, but you could just choose to add the larger continents; such as America, or Asia. Something distinctive so the viewer knows that this is actually planet Earth.

2) Surely the north pole should be icey and white? <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=p" title="=p (Razz) - =p"/> I see here that you've made it green.

Overall though, a very adorable little emoticon with a good animation! Not great though, the way the purple emoticons' face doesn't change when he's not squeezing the Earth somehow bugs me, but at least it's smooth!
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:aww: Thankyou
:giggle: Well it started out looking like earth actually does, with Australia there.. But I'm thinking I'll edit it tonight to make it look more earth like!


Thankyou for the critique
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Ouh okay! I can't wait to see how it looks ! ^_^
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Funny how such a large plane of existence seems so small thanks to the advent of the internet and Google Maps. It would be nice to explore this world with traditional navigation like old settlers and adventurers :)
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This is adorable!I love the earth + Earth Hour 
I just used this in one of my fan fics to show the releationship between two characters.
One character is represented by the earth while the other shows her his affection. :meowlove: Meow :3 
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I love this so much! :eager:
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aww that's cute *-* love iiit
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Aw, love it! So true as well...
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this is SOOOOOO cute!! GAH!! :happybounce:
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I love the Earth, but I can't say the same about the idiots slowly killing it. :I
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I love earth, too. It's so cute.
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I relly love the Earth :earth:
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Squeee! :love: Totally adorable! You should try a tree hugging one too! :D
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:giggle: I never thought of that! Its genious! :giggle:

I'll get on it once I have some free time..
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Zank you, zank you. :bow: :giggle: Glad I could inspire. :hug:

With how cute your avvie looks, I bet the tree version will be just as uber cute. I'd love to see it when it's finished. :D
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Awww... xD Yes, I do!
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this is painfully cute! in regard to critque, maybe smooth out edges of the curves when the earth gets the nice big squishy hug.
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:la: Thankyou! :la:

Great idea :D I'm definately going to keep that in mind!!
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