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Naisha - White Raven by Xx62Alim26xX Naisha - White Raven :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 6 12 Fatal Summon - Runes by Xx62Alim26xX Fatal Summon - Runes :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 513 44 Fatal Summon - Sacred Twins by Xx62Alim26xX Fatal Summon - Sacred Twins :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 11 9 Caramelldansen Jelly ANIMATED by Xx62Alim26xX Caramelldansen Jelly ANIMATED :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 10 13 Caramelldansen Lisa ANIMATED by Xx62Alim26xX Caramelldansen Lisa ANIMATED :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 4 7 Caramelldansen Mila ANIMATED by Xx62Alim26xX Caramelldansen Mila ANIMATED :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 6 6 Fatal Summon BETA 1.1 RPGVX by Xx62Alim26xX Fatal Summon BETA 1.1 RPGVX :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 2 40 MilaXKyuu by Xx62Alim26xX MilaXKyuu :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 4 29 Bubbles. by Xx62Alim26xX Bubbles. :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 2 5 Photoshop Anime Eyes Toturial by Xx62Alim26xX Photoshop Anime Eyes Toturial :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 62 17
THe Midnight Carnival Pt 4
Part 4: A random start.
Back at Jelly’s home, Lhonert called her Buns if he has any idea where jelly went but he was clueless. “Hmm, this is really weird..” Lhonert picked up her coat and wore them as she walked out the door of her home. “Such a weird day, and this… symbon on my right hand..” She said to herself, walking to school. The streets were cold and empty, it was dark with only the streetlights lighting the way. The wind blew her silvery hair, it was a silent night. She suddenly felt something strange, she felt.. unsafe but she just kept walking, searching for her sister. Unexpectedly, the rune on her right hand glowed with a fair bright blue and red colour.
Meanwhile, Mila reformed her water elemental chains into a shape of a fist and punched jelly to the wall with it. “Mila what the hell has got in to you!?” Jelly yelled. Mila grinned and laughed, that’s when Kyuu had the chance. “Stupid prepz!” Kyuu picked up a brick and
:iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 2 6
The Midnight Carnical Pt 3
Part 3: Runemasters
“Im sorry, but the kids should have left school by now. “
“Hmm, alright…” The phone hanged up. Lisa sat down, brushed her ponytail and tought of her younger brother. “Where could he be..” She was worried sick of waiting him. Its almost midnight and Kyuu haven’t returned  home yet. She suddenly felt something and fell to the floor in pain, she felt someone or something stabbed her in the chest. The feeling was warm,  she felt it like she was burning up. She was breathing fast, she tried to fight the pain but it was just too strong and soon the feeling ended. She stood up and a bright yellowish green light shined in her right hand. “What the hell…” She looked at her right hand, a symbol of a leaf was drawing on her hand and soon  it was over and the rune stopped glowing. “A leaf?.. What is this?”.
Meanwhile, Mila is still in the school, in the girl’s washroom. She fixed
:iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 2 7
The Midnight Carnival Pt 1-2
Part 1: Late for Class…
Mila ran across the hallway.  She knew she was a little late for classed again. Her black hair got loosed and her uniform is quite untidy. She got to her classroom and banged the door open.
“Im here!”, she said, breathing fast.
“Again… you are late”, the teacher faced her.
“But teacher I had to..”
“Not more of your excuses, I had enough. Now closed the door and get to your seat”
Mila looked down, just after she closed the door it banged open again and threwed Mila to the floor.
“Ouch! Fff… What the..”
“Ahh sorry teach, I got…” Said the guy standing outside the classroom.
“Ah not again… Another late comer”, Said the teacher. “Im so disappointed.. You two were good, well disciplined  students at start. What happened now?” The teacher sighed. “Looks like im gonna have to give you two a detention… You’ll be staying back at schoo
:iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 3 15
Moonlight by Xx62Alim26xX Moonlight :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 6 53 Jelly x Alim Collab by Xx62Alim26xX Jelly x Alim Collab :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 3 10 Random Hug Photoshop'D by Xx62Alim26xX Random Hug Photoshop'D :iconxx62alim26xx:Xx62Alim26xX 3 19


WIP of the Sacred Twins by xXBadluckXx WIP of the Sacred Twins :iconxxbadluckxx:xXBadluckXx 4 5 The Buds. by DoubleLeggy The Buds. :icondoubleleggy:DoubleLeggy 77 55 Good vs. Evil by Sugargrl14 Good vs. Evil :iconsugargrl14:Sugargrl14 10,431 938 Oh noes ive been caught by SweetieSyrup Oh noes ive been caught :iconsweetiesyrup:SweetieSyrup 3 13 Contest WIP 2 by Sugargrl14 Contest WIP 2 :iconsugargrl14:Sugargrl14 199 52
Fatal Summon II
Story by LampJelly
Derived from xx62alim26xx's game; Fatal Summon
Finally, it comes.  After long days of studies about magic, myths and lectures of elements, finally, this day comes.  Perhaps, this excitement filling inside me indicates that I might not yet be ready through this kind of occurrence, but then suddenly, I thought that not learning to face this predicament might not take me anywhere at all.  I have grown here to be strong, I have should have trained myself.  Besides, as much as I take it negatively as a responsibility, I might not be able to enjoy this achievement looking back at the hardships I have gone through those years.  Yes, I must take this as the fruits of my success.  If not, a challenge.  There’s more waiting for me in the real and outside world.
I kept repeating my index number for memory keeping, while falling in line along with other co-summoners for the briefing.
“Good Afternoon,
:iconlampjelly:lampjelly 3 11
Naisha by lampjelly Naisha :iconlampjelly:lampjelly 17 43 City Towers by aksu City Towers :iconaksu:aksu 3,553 326 True Jill Valentine by DoubleLeggy True Jill Valentine :icondoubleleggy:DoubleLeggy 172 97 Separated Destiny v3.0 by lampjelly Separated Destiny v3.0 :iconlampjelly:lampjelly 14 77 Angel Base by lampjelly Angel Base :iconlampjelly:lampjelly 360 56 Mila x Alim by lampjelly Mila x Alim :iconlampjelly:lampjelly 9 7 Lhonert by lampjelly Lhonert :iconlampjelly:lampjelly 7 12
Separated Destiny SUMMARY
© Note Draft ’99 Presents…
By Ivyree Rosario
Separated Destiny SUMMARY
With King Rukku as the recent ruler, Niyebe Kingdom had finally taken over the continent in Dictatorship.  Soldiers control the economy, imports and exports, and all processes of transportation in every village and cities, wherein once stood, no one is then allowed to leave or enter any other village except one who has a PASS from the Niyebe Kingdom, whether fully paid or given as of special personality.  Everything is under control by the Niyebe Kingdom, and where the money of the people slowly being corrupted along the way, through forced taxes and unreasonable wages for the laborers.
This is when Jelly and Buns decided to gather a few people to fight against the oppression of the Niyebe Kingdom, and build a small Rebel Group called KAWAL to obliterate their plans and free the villages gradually.  As for Jelly, who claims to be joining for a different reason rather than
:iconlampjelly:lampjelly 4 9
Arcane Runes Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock Arcane Runes Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 5,712 638 Behind da Scenes: Helena by Chocoreaper Behind da Scenes: Helena :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 975 448
Don't tell me to fave your works. I'll fave it when I like em. =w=




Current Residence: Brunei Darussalam
Favourite genre of music: Anything except country
Favourite style of art: Lampjelly's & Lisa's
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Mine... and lotsof anime
Personal Quote: When we meet eachother again tomorrow, I'll be laughing while punching you.
Im not gonna be on anymore...


So umm its like this, me and :iconlampjelly: were talking in MSN/Yahoo and we decided to start over from the beginning with a new username/account XDDD. Idk about her but I am defenitely gonna start over because:-
:bulletgreen: I feel like it XD
:bulletblue: More than half of my watchers are no longer watching me XDDD
:bulletred: Because I changed alot, and i don't want people to remember/know me as the person before.
:bulletyellow: My username sucks, i feel stupid XD

Theres alot more reasons but i dont feel like telling em all XD
So here's my new account
Cya there and thanks for reading this advertisement thing.. X333


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