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oc interview

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 4, 2018, 7:26 PM

(stolen from 1blockforward)

Choose one of your Ocs.
2. The answers must be written in your Oc's point of view.
3. Your Oc cannot lie
4. Journal's title should be OC Interview
5. Tag as many people as you want.
6. Have fun!

marzi for me 

Marzi by Xx-p3t3w3ntz-xX
1.- What is your real name and nickname?
marzia lincoln glasselle

2.- Interesting, what is your current age?
14. im a freshman

3.- What is your favorite food?
probably ravioli idk 

4.- And your favorite drink?
definitely orange fanta

5.-Confession time, Who is your lover?
gerard way

6.- Have you kissed anyone yet?

7.- Do you have a childhood sweetheart?
no not really

8.- Who is your favorite author?
probably any quality fanfiction writer out there

9.- What is your biggest fear?
dystopian creatures 

10.- Any siblings?

11.- Who is your worst enemy?
fake mcr fans

12.- Huh, okay. Who is your best friend?
gerard way (i don't have any best friends i literally just moved to paris what)

13.- What would you do if you meet your creator?
w o t  y o u  s a y  m 8

14.- What do you want to be when you're grown up?

15.- What is your worst nightmare?
isn't this basically number 9

16.- What is your life long dream?
to be a respected musician and human overall

17.- What would you do if your dream came true?
be happy (?)

18.- Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?
my room

19.- Last question, what do you do most of the time?

20.- Done! Now tag some people!
n o  t h a n k s  m 8

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