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Nergigante by ZeldaHuntr Nergigante :iconzeldahuntr:ZeldaHuntr 5 5
Quick Apology
I figured I'd make a quick lil apology/explanation for my lack of real art recently. I know my gallery is pretty flooded with only adoptables at the moment, and my commissions aren't being done. So. 
I'm sorry! Please be patient with me. Depression's really kicked me in the ass for absolutely no reason at all. I hadn't had issues with it for a good year or two, but it suddenly came back at a really inconvenient time. It's probably seasonal, honestly. But anyway!
I've wanted to draw, but didn't have the motivation to do something entirely from scratch. So the solution was to whip out my bases and make some adoptables. And, yes, there are more to come while I wait for my motivation to return. 
I'm slowly starting to gather up the motivation for some original work, though! I have a few new poses in mind that I'd like to use, as well as a commission sketch from a couple weeks ago that still needs to be lined and colored. 
But again, I apologize for the delay. I just didn't w
:iconamazing-artsong:Amazing-ArtSong 5 7
11.11.18. (PL + ENG) by D-Dyee 11.11.18. (PL + ENG) :icond-dyee:D-Dyee 303 15 .:MLP/OC:- -:ArtSong:- (FA) by SmileyBitchyBooOwO .:MLP/OC:- -:ArtSong:- (FA) :iconsmileybitchybooowo:SmileyBitchyBooOwO 44 13 .:MLP/OC:. -:Nocti:- (FA) by SmileyBitchyBooOwO .:MLP/OC:. -:Nocti:- (FA) :iconsmileybitchybooowo:SmileyBitchyBooOwO 35 18 Okami art by ZeldaHuntr Okami art :iconzeldahuntr:ZeldaHuntr 6 0 Okami art 2 by ZeldaHuntr Okami art 2 :iconzeldahuntr:ZeldaHuntr 10 0 Barufaruku by ZeldaHuntr Barufaruku :iconzeldahuntr:ZeldaHuntr 34 4 Nergigante by ZeldaHuntr Nergigante :iconzeldahuntr:ZeldaHuntr 70 5 Salem by Shalnor Salem :iconshalnor:Shalnor 27 6 Rendy by Prince-Lionel Rendy :iconprince-lionel:Prince-Lionel 79 2 Sapphire Comet by Prince-Lionel Sapphire Comet :iconprince-lionel:Prince-Lionel 46 0
Livestream Archive Master List
Very few of you know this, but I have a second channel where I've been archiving all my recent streams. Clearly I haven't been able to upload them all yet (and they're all unlisted- I don't want them showing up in people's recommeded lists), but in case any of you are interested in catching a livestream that you missed, you can find them here! I'll be uploading 12 more in the next couple days, so keep an eye on this list if there's one you want to see.
- Princess Bubblegum / Python
- Canary Cremesicle
Snuggle Bugs 2.0
- Color Theory
- Fallout 4
:iconamazing-artsong:Amazing-ArtSong 3 0
.:Mystery Adopts:. Kirins (CLOSED) by Amazing-ArtSong .:Mystery Adopts:. Kirins (CLOSED) :iconamazing-artsong:Amazing-ArtSong 70 52 Chibi Sea Shanty by Ak4neh Chibi Sea Shanty :iconak4neh:Ak4neh 43 0 Chibi Antares by Ak4neh Chibi Antares :iconak4neh:Ak4neh 41 0



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Female - She/Her - Heterosexual - Taken - 17yrs - Aussie - ISFP-T
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I would greatly appreciate it if you:
- DO NOT claim my art or my OC's as your own
- DO NOT trace my artwork without my permission (this includes making bases!)
- DO NOT repost my art anywhere without asking me first, and then crediting me!


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Basic - 
Name: Breanna
Nicknames: Bre (what I prefer to be called), Bwee Bwee, Breezy
Where were you born?: New South Wales, Australia.
Shoe size: Depends on the shoe. In joggers (sneakers?) I'm a 9. But in workboots I'm an 8.
Righty or Lefty: Righty
School: High school

Looks -
Nationality: Australian. 
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Light goldish sorta brown
Braces?: No.
Glasses?: Nope.

Private Life -
Do you have a partner?: Yes.
If so, who?: xX-Hyu-Xx 
If not, do you have a crush on anyone?: Idk, I probably have a crush on my boyfriend.
Who has a crush on you?: Probably my boyfriend. Dunno if anyone else likes me though.
Ever cheated on your partner?: God no.
Who was your first kiss?: My boyfriend's twin brother, how wild.
Who was your last kiss?: My boyfriend.
Are you a virgin?: Hmm, nope.
Have you ever been in love?: Hell yeah.
Broken any hearts?: Maybe?
Had your heart broken?: I got rejected by someone once and that near killed me.
Ever liked a friend?: Yesss.
What happened?: He rejected me lmfao.

Past Relationships-
How many relationships have you been in?: 2
How many were serious enough to count?: 1
Who were those serious ones: Just the one with my current boyfriend.
Who used to be your best friend: My boyfriend's brother. We're still great friends, but we don't talk much outside of school.
What made them different: Nothing, really? As I said we're still super close but we just don't talk outside of school.
What happened: Notttttthhhhhhiiiiiing lmao
Best boy/girlfriend: My current bf
Worst boy/girlfriend: My previous boyfriend I guess? He wasn't bad, just not as good > : )
Ever been kissed: Yep, many times.
Who do you want back: I'm happy with my current bf
Who do you regret: I don't regret my previous relationship, it was my first but nothing came out of it, so I broke up with him. 
Why?: There wasn't much coming out of it, really.

Favourites -
Food: Tempura prawns on a lil block of rice.
Drink: Milk
Character: Hmm, probably Bakugo from MHA
Number: 69 ;)
Animal: Cows
Actor: Don't have one?
Thing in your room: Probably my graphic tablet?
Boy's name(s): Keith, Phoenix, Bradley
Girl's name(s): Scout, Audrey, Willow
Swear word: Fuck
Month: February
Possession: Idk, my phone?

Family -
Who's your mum?: My mum's my mum.
Who's your dad?: And my dad's my dad.
Any step-parents?: Yep, stepfather.
Any brothers?: One older brother.
Any sisters?: One older sister.
Do you have any pets?: 5 guinea pigs (Jay Jay, Tee Tee, Gucci, Angus and Caramello), a cat (Dewey) and 2 chickens (Sooty and Chica).
If not, what do you want as a pet?: I'd like another dog one day. My dog was put down last year at 16 and a half years old. And tons (literally) of cows would be nice.

Have You Ever -
Gone to jail?: Nope.
Broken a law?: No, don't think so, at least.
Got pulled over?: Nope.
Glued your hand to yourself?: Yep, somehow.
Kissed someone of the same sex?: I have been kissed by someone of the same sex, yes. But I never agreed to it, sooooo
Ran away from home?: Nope.
Cheated on a test?: Mayyybe.
Left the country?: No, but I'd like to visit the US for some reason, I wonder what???

Dream job: Beef farmer
Dream house: A nice brick farmhouse, not too big, just what we need to get by.
Spouse: xX-Hyu-Xx 
Kids: Minimum of two, maximum of three.
Pets: A dog, just a big lazy family dog. And cows. Lots of cows.
Age you would want to get married?: Preferably past 25, whenever we can afford it. It would be a farm so it's not like there'll be heaps of money floating around.
Best Man/Bride's Maid: Amazing-ArtSong, AlphaWolfXOmega, Micky-Ann (when sober), and a handful of my irl friends. Can't choose out of them all, lmao. They can play rock paper scissors for it.

Thing you ate: Cadbury Rocky Road chocolate
Thing you drank: Chocolate milk
Thing you did: Rolled over onto my belly.
Place you went: The supermarket
Person you saw: My mum as i disappeared into the dark abyss of my bedroom
Person you talked to online: Blaze
Person you talked to on the phone: Scout and Blaze
Song you heard: "Wonderland" by Caravan Palace
Words you said: "See you in a few hours." to my mum when i went back into my room

Yes or No -
Vegetarian?: Couldn't be further from it, I love meat lol
Straight?: Straight as a ruler
Do you bite your nails?: Nah, I clip them too often for them to be bite off-able.
Can you cross your eyes?: Yes
Have you touched someone's private parts?: Yes
Do you write poetry?: Pfft, no
Can you wiggle your ears?: I think so???

Tag: ChibiFoxy675 because why the hell not. And I know Scout's already tagged Blaze > : )
  • Listening to: Louder Than Thunder - The Devil Wears Prada
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Monster Hunter: World
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: chocolate milk


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