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So loud

He had alot to say.
He had alot of nothing to say.
We'll miss him.

So long.
We wish you well.
You told us how you weren't afraid to die.
Well then, so long.
Don't cry.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least you tried.

Standing above the crowd,
He had a voice that was strong and loud.
We'll miss him.
Ranting and pointing his finger
At everything but his heart.
We'll miss him.

No way to recall
What it was that you had said to me,
Like I care at all.

So loud.
You sure could yell.
You took a stand on every little thing
And so loud.

Standing above the crowd,
He had a voice so strong and loud and I
Swallowed his facade cuz I'm so
Eager to identify with
Someone above the ground,
Someone who seemed to feel the same,
Someone prepared to lead the way, with
Someone who would die for me.

Will you? Will you now?
Would you die for me?
Don't you fuckin lie.

Don't you step out of line.
Don't you fuckin lie.

You've claimed all this time that you would die for me.
Why then are you so surprised to hear your own eulogy?

You had alot to say.
You had alot of nothing to say.

Come down.
Get off your fuckin cross.
We need the fuckin space to nail the next fool martyr.

To ascend you must die.
You must be crucified
For your sins and your lies.

Eulogy Lyrics by TOOL

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neo-mahakala-108's avatar
forced to be a shame,
he had chosen to suicide and die.

frenchfox's avatar
Beautifully expressive ! :love:
xx-Lethal-xx's avatar
CoreyByas's avatar
You do some crazy stuff but I mean that in a good way!
xx-Lethal-xx's avatar
lol, thank you.. I'll definately take it as a compliment!
grillghod's avatar
Art at its finest, this is fantastic. :jawdrop:
xx-Lethal-xx's avatar
thank you so much! tacklehugs
srag's avatar
this is gr8!
i love it :deviation:
xx-Lethal-xx's avatar
:wow: Thank you so much!!! :heart:
IRISHWSDM's avatar
Amazing piece love the mood this envokes especialy in myself lol great effects and concept!! I used to listen to tool quite a bit when I was working through some stuff lol great choice to be inspired by and goes so well with the art!! :shamrock:
xx-Lethal-xx's avatar
thank you very much, I get alot of my inspiration through music and TOOL is one of those bands that never ceases to inspire me, glad that you liked the piece!
Angelia61's avatar
:wow: Beautiful work! :clap:
sjbonnar's avatar
ricky4's avatar
Whoa! This totally rocks! So "avant-gardiste" concept and.... sublime work! :jawdrop:
xx-Lethal-xx's avatar
thanks SOOO much, I was actually pretty happy with it!
DatMizGurl's avatar
thumbs up. nothing left to say. Since all is said
xx-Lethal-xx's avatar
SilEnigmaArts's avatar
Lovely work Ty. The fragmentation effect is perfection !!
xx-Lethal-xx's avatar
:iconnewhugplz: thank you so much!
takkartwork's avatar
haa very impressive !
xx-Lethal-xx's avatar
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