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Taking Chances story info

Taking Chances story info

Aubrey, Amare, Alicia, and Andre's origin started from scientist who were doing illegal experimenting on how to bring back the dead. They called this project, Project Lazarus. With the thought of how much mammals would pay to have their dead loved ones brought back to life, some thought meaningfully while others…literally. All of the Scientist’s clones started out as embryos, but they never could live that long before dying. They were very unstable. They weren’t able to reach success with this project due to the authorities finally catching up to them. After they were discovered, all of their work was either taken away or destroyed. But one of the scientists wanted to save at least a few of their clones from their hard work.. All 4 kits are clones of deceased foxes. Amare used to be Titus who died at 25 from murder Alicia used to Brianna who died at 13 from drowning Andre used to Nathaniel who died at 42 from a heart attack Aubrey used to be Victoria who died at 42 from
Hm. I haven't drawn Sonic in a while. I have a little something for you shadamy fans coming soon! I've been in the mood for it lately. XD
Welp, I have a pretty busy to do list: Gotta continue on the LONG Taking Chances story Gotta make reference pages/bios for Amare Aubrey, Alicia, Andre, and Portia from all the info I keep of them on another site. Work on my commissions Work on my u

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perluchis2006Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hii Vita! I just wanted to say that your art inspire me a lot to keep drawing! I love your art style and your zootopia characters! (My favorite is Amare) Your drawings make me very happy! 🦊🐰
Credens-VitaHobbyist Digital Artist

Aw thank you so much! I'm glad I inspire you and that you're favorite is Amare. He tends to get a lot of attention compared to his siblings XD

Happy new year

MaddGirlz3761Student General Artist
Hi! Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved the Shadow and Maria piece where she's washing him off with a cloth when he wakes up. The story and drawing are both so adorable and it made my heart burst! Would you mind if I draw that little part in my own style and then mentioned you and gave you credit? I just love it so much, I really want to draw it myself. :D