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Fantastic Four

Tiberius, Oliver, Cleo and Mia
I do breed Chihuahua’s, along with my partner, Shea. We know that all of our breeding dogs are free of any genetic health defects. They are regularly checked by a certified veterinarian. We breed Chihuahua’s for the betterment of the breed. Not for money, or as a hobby. Breeding Chihuahua’s is our passion.
I would definitely recommend getting a dog from a shelter. Never EVER would I purchase or recommend that someone should buy a puppy from a pet store. It is very important, that if you do decide to buy a dog from a breeder, that you know every possible detail about the breeder and her breeding dogs.

‘We believe in quality, not quantity.’
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so lovely cute!
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Pet stores are bad? I thought that's where ur supposed to buy pets?
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This is a lovely shot of the four of them.
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What an awesome little family portrait! :love:
this is so beautiful! how long did it take to get all of them to stay still long enough for the picture? my two never are still long enough! They are like little tornados!!
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Love them all but Tiberious is simply the best ! So cute : )
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OMG they are precious, I fully agree with you, I breed TRDs but I also rescue them... it is a passion of mine
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They are so cute !!
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That is one seriously sweet photo! I love the merle pup :aww:
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Aww so cute ^^
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you're welcome ^^
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This is so cute! Awwwww! :tighthug:
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You're welcome!
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Very cute! I have a merle Pomeranian, and have been following the merle debate in Chis and Poms for a few years. What kennel are you? I have long considered getting a LC Chi, and was going to get one before I was offered the Pom :)
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