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Star Mapping [CCCat Apr. Prompt] by xWyntyrfrostx, literature

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Maskoff Event [Grem2 Oct. Prompt] Pt 1. by xWyntyrfrostx, literature

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Bear with me as I work/fix things on my profile.

  • Commissions are closed (still working on TOS n what not), please note me if you are interested.

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Hello, my name is Wyntyrfrost. I am just your average artist looking to improve her art and climb her way up in the field. I draw a wide variety of things, ranging from humans, to animals, to dragons, to Closed Species, to humanoids, etc. My preference however is drawing humans and humanoids. I also enjoy play games, my main soul game being The Blackout Club, which I draw the most of too. I love wolves too, they're such beautiful creatures and my aesthetic. You can find all my characters and their stories on my ToyHouse at Wyntyrfrost.

"Is that what they teach you in the books these days? Teh, inconceivable." - DWW

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