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I am- Poem

I am the quivering of the earth below one’s feet

I am the piercing wind that echoes the melody of space and time

I am the hallowed shadow that exists under and away from that which is bleached in light.

I am the heated flame of the phoenix that prophesies both destruction and rebirth.

I am the lone and ravenous wolf who bares his fangs with the sheer intention of surviving.

I am the blessed feather whom shines with the radiance bestowed by his brothers of the wing.

I am the time of the clock that determines when the events of my fate are to come to pass.

I am the employee that is accurate in his work yet bound to a predestined path.

I am the lonely cave dragon that spends his days trapped in an enchanted veil of protection.

I am the Minotaur that bulls his way through the puppeteer of destiny with freedom in heart.

I am the snow that drapes from the timeless clouds to etch my mark upon the rigid floor.

I am the purity of water that strikes and flows with intentions of becoming like the wind.

I am the book of forgotten times where the text of old is the judgment of the new.

I am the pen of providence where all that is to be will start with the inscribing of the next page.

I am the pillar of sorrows where one’s heart trifles with the pain of a thousand lives.

I am the hand that crafts my soul to be as resilient as stone, but as blissful as an angel’s chant.

I am the eye that has tracked your chronicles till there was a time within moments all time ceased

I am the heart beating in your chest and with each strike I beat, a rhythm of life I create.
Well this is my first work... and it is poetry... go figure since I can't draw like my GF (deviant art profile name 0ki)!!!

Let's start off with description... twas a school assignment that evolved into this. I sat there thinking I want to go all out, include myself in the poem as much as possible. I sat here for awhile putting together this poem and here it is! I think it is one of my better works.... well your the judges! XD

Thanks to all that view this!

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I just...can't even pick a favorite line!

My thought Process: "What a great first line, might be my favorite!" Ohh, second line was such a great follow up...but which do I like more?" "Third lines so awesome! It's my favorite! Wait, the other two are so great..."

And so on and so forth.

You better post the one abotu snow ♥