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My first deviation!

I was a bit curious of odd names that was chosen for programs in MATE Desktop Environment, like why text editor has to be named "Pluma", and why the file manager has to be named "Caja"? Later, I learned from this helpful Wikipedia page that those names are Spanish. The article also conveniently listed English meaning for each of them.

One day, I though up some weird idea to draw these programs by their name's meaning. And the result is this drawing.

From left to right, back to front:
  • Marco ("frame"), the window manager
  • Caja ("box"), the file manager
  • Yerba Mate (a South American herb), the name of desktop environment itself
  • Atril ("lectern", but I drew it like a music stand), the PDF reader
  • Engrampa ("stapler"), the file archiver
  • Pluma ("quill"), the text editor

I omitted Mozo ("servant") the program menu editor, because I'm not good at drawing people yet. As you might see, I'm not very experienced in vector graphics, and this is the first time I try to draw as many object as this in one frame.

Dedicated to MATE project founders; Perberos, Stefano K., Steve Z., and Clement L., who stepped up to maintain the traditional GNOME2 Desktop I know and love.

Copyright (C) 2014 xwindows
This is a free illustration, you can modify and/or redistribute it under:

P.S. Background color is #304035 or rgb(48,64,53)
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