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Knotted Mess

I'm not sure which spell he used on himself this time, but...

B: Are you sure you don't need any help? You looked... stuck.
G: Shhhuddup, I ammmm fine.

Fun facts about this drawing:
  • This marks the first time I draw more than one character in one frame.
  • It's also the first time I included symbol dialogue on the artwork; hope they make sense.
  • I wasn't really used to drawing character and his hair upside-down, so character consistency is not up to what I hoped.
  • I decided to leave out naga scales pattern since its detail level contrasted too much to the tree he's on.
  • Background part were drawn without stroke lines to achieve a painting-like looks; and it seems to work to some extent.
  • Entire drawing is drawn using only solid and translucent colors. No SVG filters (or even gradient) were used.

The last time we saw this ginger wizard was in "Image Magic!", and last time we saw the brown-haired guy was in "Little Fireworks".

Copyright (C) 2016 xwindows
This is a free illustration, you can modify and/or redistribute it under:

Vector version could be downloaded from Pastebin since DeviantART dropped SVG support. (Don't forget to change file extension to .svg when you save it)

Note: This was originally drawn for 4:3 aspect ratio, then expanded to 16:9. If you need the 4:3 version, just crop for middle part of this drawing.
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