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17-Jun-2022 Notice: I no longer use DeviantART; you can view and download this on my new art site.

Well, I don't normally do personification art, but...

This random idea popped up when I was randomly browsing personification ("gijinka") artwork on DeviantART while this device is lying on my desk. It's not a common item people would make characters from, so... why not?

In case you didn't recognize him, he is a personification of mosquito bat. He's similar to bug zapper, but constructed in a handy racquet-like form which you can easily swat on mosquito or whatever insect that is bugging you (no pun intended); producing oddly-satisfying sizzling sound and spark when the target is hit. The model I have is also equipped with a built-in flashlight, that's why he got a headlamp too.

Character's pose is still a bit weird; I'm still not used to drawing people in various action. This also marks my first serious attempt to draw a character without glasses. Electric arcs are new for me too, hope they look alright.

I'll call him Henry Eltron in case I need to reference him in the future, since it kinda gets repetitive to keep referring to characters by their hair colors.

Copyright (C) 2016 xwindows
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Note: If you need the 4:3 version, just crop for middle part of this drawing.

Vector version could be downloaded from Pastebin since DeviantART dropped SVG support. (Don't forget to change file extension to .svg when you save it)
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