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XWidget 1.9.15 Release (2018-6-25)



[XWidget for Android]

Version: 1.9.15
Requirements: WindowsXP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8/Windows10
Updated: 2018/6/25

HomePage: xwidget.com
Widgets gallery : xwidget.com/xwidget/

Install Version: xwidget.com/download.php
Portable Version: xwidget.com/download2.php

[Virus Scan reports]
There are some antivirus software false positives, this is a virus scan report,It is clean.

Please check this virus scan report by Avira, It is CLEAN: analysis.avira.com/samples/det…



SOFTPEDIA "100% CLEAN" AWARD www.softpedia.com/progClean/XW…

[Update log]

Version 1.9.15    2018.6.25
Add Skip Online-Update option
Add update log information form
Improve online upgrade mechanism to solve the problem of online-update-alerts that bother user

Version 1.9.11   2018.4.9
Add Option of DateTime Always uses system language
Improved stability

Version 1.9.10   2018.3.12
Fixed the problem that can not download Widget from Gallery
Fixed the Music spectrum rendering dislocation problem

Version 1.9.9   2018.2.6
Widget Gallery support Search
Fixed the weather auto-location problem

Version 1.9.8   2018.1.15
Widget Gallery support Free widgets
Widget Gallery support category

Version 1.972  2017.9.6
Add RAMCore support for Android version with cmd "ClearMemory"
Add Splash Screen

Version1.97  2017.8.8
Add Spectrum Designer on widget running with CMD "!DesignSpectrum="
Add "checking update" window
Modify Spectrum Line length value to percent
Fixed the bug of XWDesigner not display default image make panel

Version  1.96 
Add Music Spectrum Control and Core
Add Upgrade plans

Version1.93    2014.10.22
Add: Action !ChangeImgSrc=objName,path
Fixed: Shortcutcore not display shortcut caption bug

Version1.92 2014.9.2
Add: XWidget.exe support cmd line to Show/Hide widget by widget's FolderName: showWidget:folderName, hideWidget:foderName, showHideWidget:folderName. etc: "d:\soft\xwidget\xwidget.exe hidewidget:htchome"
Some bugs fixed 
Improved stability 

Version 1.90  2014.3.12
Add: Widget popupMenu add item "Window--Position--Align Right/Bottom,X/y as percentage
Add: Designer preview zoom function,support Ctrl+MouseWheel and Hotkey Ctrl+-
Fixed: WidgetPackage Ext "xwidgetpkg" can not support problom
Fixed: Weather core temp alway 0 problem
Fixed: RSS Core setURL cmd not update problem
Improved stability

Version 1.881  2013.11.11
Fixed: old WidgetPackage/ThemePackage Ext can not support problom
Fixed: Some weather tags not support problom
Add: XWDesigner Android mode support Rotatoer/NumbImg Controls,Battery Core
Add: XWDesigner Android mode hotspots can not display preview color problom
Add: AccuWeatherCore tags add "simpleWeatherIcon",only need 8 kind of icon: sun,cloudy,fog,rain,lightning,snow,moon,moon_cloudy
Some bugs fixed
Improved stability 

Version 1.88  2013.10.25
Add: AccuWeatherCore add weather detail window,support multi-language,support 15days weather forecast
Add: Option "High Performance Mode"
Add: Support drag-drop widget's folder to XWDesigner's toolbar to edit widget
Add: Control's switch animation property "Delay"
Add: XWDesigner support XWidget for android
Add: New widget package Extension "xwt"
Add: XWDesigner Script AutoCompletion file in English by Digigamer (Thanks to Digigamer)
Some bugs fixed
Improved stability 

V1.84 2013.6.10
Add: DateTime Core add Lunar JieQi and Huangli YiJi tags
Add: Designer add key word filter for Tags/Actions list
Add: Japanese lang file
Fixed: DateTimeCore Lunar error
Fixed : Controls binding playercontrol core can not dragdrop picture file to set AlbumCover
Fixed : Widget setting or open file dialog can not display in front when Widget postion is top most
Some bugs fixed
Improved stability

V1.83 2013.4.15
Add: New Option "Auto Backup When Exit Application" and Backup count setting
Add: Tray icon popup menu add item "Backup/Restore"
Add: Crash Manager Window add Button "Restore from backup"
Add: PhotoAlbumCore Add tag "Prev Photo","Next Photo"
Add: Image Control add property "Dispaly Whole Image Area"
Add: Language file Arabic, Português (Brasil)
Fixed: RSS core can not display some RSS URL problem
Fixed: ProgressBar control's "OnChange" evernt make Widget can not drag problem
Fixed: moveto function can not set visible problem
Fixed: Line control size diffrent when Horizontal direction or Angle direction
Fixed: Import Theme package can not over write when Theme name is Duplicate
Fixed: Setting file be set read only make XWidget auto open gallery problem
Fixed: can not set wallpaper problem in win8
Improved stability

v1.82 (2013-3-6)
Add: DateTimeCore add tag DayInMonthPercent, DayOfTheYear, DaysInMonth
Fixed: DateTimeCore tag DayPercent data error bug
Fixed: RoundLine control Gradient color not display bug
Fixed: Calendar control holiday week number bug
Fixed: Line control take 2 pixel bug
Fixed: Get color 0 bug when uses Selectcolor click OK button
Fixed: PlayerControl Core can not disabled tray hint bug
Fixed: Text diaplay incomplete when OS set 125 dpi mode
Fixed: Gallery auto start bug
Improved: Crash Detect window add "auto continue run after 3 seconds" function
Improved: WebParserCore support regex match 256
Improved: SelectColor dialog add Default commonly used colors

v1.80 (2013-01-10)
--Add Crash Detect,Display Widgets Mananger Window When XWidget crashed and restarted
--Add HtmlPanel control,support URL and HTML code
--Add NewVersion update remind,display update log,support skip new version
--Fixed crash when open some memo/note widget
--Improved get weather/RSS inform speed and stability
--Removed AeroGlass Effect in Windows8
--Improved stability

v1.75 (2012-12-05)
Fixed: XWDesigner crash sometimes when close it
Fixed: XWidget popup error sometimes when close it or restart OS

v1.73 (2012-9-28)
Add: Calendar control. support display custom holidays
Add: Action !EditHolidays to open custom holidays dialog
Add: Add Custom Tooltip style function. Support custom tooltip style for every widget in XWidgetDesigner
Add: Show/Hide All widgets on desktop tray menuitem and hotkey option
Add: DateTimeCore add TimeZone support and Setting Dialog
Add: Image Control add property "ImageRectLeft, ImageRectTop, ImageRectWidth, ImageRectHeight"
Add: Script support create Controls and Cores with functions widget.InitControl( controlName ) and widget.InitCore( coreName )
Add: RAMCore add tag %ComputerName
Add: XWidget Designer add a pointer in control center to drag drop control
Add: Script function showTrayBalloon( Text, TimeoutSeconds) to display tray balloon with message
Add: PlayerControlCore add option "Auto Show TrayBalloon When Song Changed"

Improved: Display tooltip Even if widget not get Focus
Improved: Calendar control support tooltip on every days text with tags

Fixed: CPUCore can not display speed and cpu name when not run as admin problem
Fixed: XWidget Designer property panel can not scoll problem
Fixed other small problems

v1.6 (2012-7-10)
Add "Core Temp" Core
Add "SpeedFan" Core
Add "Aida64/Everest" Core
Improved Chart control, add "Add(percent)" and "Clear" functions.

You need Run CoreTemp/SpeedFan/Aida64 before use the new cores skin.
there is a CoreTemp Demo skin,had include the CoreTemp Software, just doubleclick to install and run this skin, the CoreTemp will autorun with skin. xwidgetsoft.deviantart.com/art…

v1.5 (2012-6-12)
Add PlayerControlCore
Add Rating Component
Add ShortcutCore tag "%IsRunningIndicator" and "EnabledRunningMonitor" option
Fixed HandPoint Cursor Style
Fixed some small bugs

v1.4 (2012-5-2)
Add Custom Hotkey option
Add AccuWeatherCore "SwitchTempUnit" action to swtich temp unit C/F
Add AccuWeatherCore City Search History list
Add script function "isKeyDown()"
Add WeatherCore will Auto Load last weather information before update
Add RightClick Popup Menuitem "Lock/UnLock All Widget", "MouseThrough All Widget"
Add Widget OnMsg Event and Function widget.msg("") to send message to all widget
Add Show/Hide Taskbar Custom Hotkey
Add Color Picker script function "selectColor( defaultColor )"
Add AutoHide WidgetDock When Deactiation
Fixed CPU Speed MHz problom
Improved stability
Add PageIndicator control Align Center property
Add RSSCore,NoteListcore support for PageIndicator control

v1.3.2.216 (2012-2-16)
--Improve "Hide Taskbar after start"
--Improve get netowrk information stability
--Add Hungarian Lang. Translated by Szabó_István
--Improve Dialog and Menu to System-Theme-Style
--Fixed some bugs (2011-12-30)
XWidget Options:
--Add MultiLanguage support ;
--Add DoubleClick-Alt hotkey;
--Add "Disable all widget's popup menu", "Auto hide taskbar"

--Add NoteListCore
--Add ShortcutListCore

--Add "Click Sound" property panel;
--Memo Add "WordWrap" option;
--Add Event OnMouseWheelUp, OnMouseWheelDown;
--Add "Shake" animation setting
--Text Control Property Add "TextFrame"; Effect Add "InnerShadow","Bevel"

Script functions:
--Add "ShowDesktopIcon" "HideDesktopIcon" "readFile" "readReg"
--Add scaleTo( x,y, time, direction )
--Add moveTo( x,y, time)
--Add FadeToVisible(opacity, time)

Widget command:
--Add !ShowObj= !HideObj= !FadeInObj= !PlayPNGAnimate= !StopPNGAnimate= !SlidePanelIn= !SlidePanelOut=

--DoubleClick desktop to Show/Hide desktopIcons bug when explorer.exe restart (2011-12-10)
Fixed "Drag and Drop multiple files to the Recycle Bin can not be removed" bug.

1.2.3 2011-11-28
Add ToolPanelBinding include children's core option
Fixed PNGAnimate mulitImageMode problem
Fixed GIFAnimate binding core problem

1.2.3 2011-11-19
Fixed analog clock bug
Add !showDashboard , !PlaySound= cmd
Add refreshAeroBlur, showDashboard function to script

v1.2.3 2011-11-17
Fixed Accuweather Core
Add "Celsius" option in Accuweather change location window
Add Aero Blur Effect for every control. (vista/win7/8)
Add Bang : !Shutdown !Restart !CreateNew and so on
Add MediaKeyBoard bang
Add function: Speak("hello"); widget.cmd(""); Widget.close; setWallPaper( filename );
Add "About" for widget popupmenu
Add "AutoSave" property for Edit control
Fixed Image control Mask bug
Fixed Chinese keyboard problom
Fixed small bugs
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accuweather widgets not works... "developers" are sleeping and not cares. updates? patches? "...and remember: don't take life too seriously..." as they says.