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XLaunchpad1.12 - Mac Launchpad for Win 2017-9-12

XLaunchpad - Mac OSX Launchpad for Windows

XLaunchpad gives you instant access to all your shortcuts.Arrange apps in XLaunchpad any way you like by dragging icons to different locations or by grouping apps in folders. Simply drag one icon over another to create a folder. you can name the folder whatever you like when you open the folder.

Update log:

Installation package:
Portable package:

You can freely include this software into your CDROM/skinpacks or release it anywhere.

Updated: 2017/9/15
Requirements: WindowsXP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8/Windows10

[Virus Scan reports]

There are some antivirus software false positives, this is a virus scan report,It is clean.……

Please check this virus scan report by Avira, It is CLEAN:……


Thanks to Piratz made this video

[How to uses]
-- Run XLaunchpad.exe
-- Press Default Hokey F12 Or move mouse to Top-left Screen corner to activation it
-- Right click it background or Right click tray icon for more settings,etc : adjust icons size and spacing , Enabled background blur.
-- Drag&Drop some files/folders on to XLaunchpad to add shortcut
-- Drag&Drop the shortcut onto another shortcut to crreate folder
-- When you play fullscreen game or video,you can check the meunitem "Silence mode",will not be activation by hotkey or screen hot corner.
-- Right click on shortcut to change shortcut settings
-- Holding your left mousebutton down on an shortcut will activate Jiggle-EditMode,Click the little "X" button in the top left corner to delete shortcut item.

XLaunchpad run fast and smooth.

All feedback is appreciated :)

XLaunchpad needs an video ,If you created one or would like to create one please contact me ,and uploat to youtube, Thanks :)

The Installation package contains the optional third-party software,if you do not need please uncheck it. This can help XLaunchpad to maintain free and continue to develop. thanks.

[Update log]
v1.12  2015.12.10
1. Add search function: type words and auto-search,press Return or Up/Down/Right/Left keyboard to select
2. Fully improve background blur
3. Improve animation and speed
4. Add AutoSort option by shortcut usage
5. Reduce the size of the installation package 40%

v1.0.9 2013.5.18
Add: Auto Backup When Exit Application
Add: Tray icon popup menu add item "Backup/Restore"
Fixed: crashes when click close button to delete some shortuct
Improved stability

v1.08 2012-7-31
Add: Scale Animation Effect when Mouse click icon
Add: Option of "Enabled Scale Animation Effect when Mouse click icon"
Fixed: Background Blur function Sometimes does not work or popup error
Fixed: Restore the right-click menu "Add-File/Folder" menuitems
Improve: When the display number is changed will automatically reload
Add Language pack: Traditional Chinese, Japanese , Latvian , Vietnamese

v1.07 2012-5-24
Add: Right click menu add "Add--Window Mode", You can check it when you need drag and drop to add file or folder or URL to XLaunchpad
Add: Right click menu add "Add--Web URL"
Add: Support drag and drop URL link from Web Browser into XLaunchpad to add shortcut of URL
Add: You can input URL into shortcut setting's path to open URL
Add: Add "options" command line to open Options window
Fixed: White Background When resume from sleep problem
Fixed: Lost focus when close option window problem
Improve: Max line EveryPage from 8 to 15
Improve: Improve the response speed and fluency with Max Memory mode

v1.0.6 2012-5-1
Fixed Background blank or strech after system sleep Resume
Fixed RightClick PopupMenu "View--Refresh background" problom
Fixed Not auto activation in DeskMode when restart OS
Fixed Not Align Center problom
Fixed Auto activation After UAC PopOut

Add RightClick PopupMenuItem "Add--Background Blur"
Add RightClick PopupMenuItem "Add--Set As Default Page"
Add RightClick PopupMenuItem "Refresh"
Add click shortcut will not Fadout when Press CTRL key
Add press F3 enter EditMode
Add Caption support Two lines to view Option
Add Background blur when DeskMode
Add "Caption Font Color/Frame/Shadow" Options
Add "Hide Tray Icon" Option
Add "Show Caption When MouseEnter" Option
Add "Folder Setting" RightClick MenuItem,support custom folder's icon
Add Background Blur Radius Option
Add PageIndicator Bottom Offset Option
Remove mouse right button drag flip page function
Improve performance and speed of response when enabled Max Memory Mode

Add Translation:
Turkish by King Greek
Polish by Adam Jezynski
Portuguese BR by Paulo Ricardo
Русский by Довлет Шихмурадов
Bulgarian by Anton Nikolaev

v1.0.5 2012-3-17
Add Thumb view for shortcut of Picture
Add Multi-Screen support, Setting--Layout--select screen
Add XLaunchpadStarter.exe file, Pin it to Dock or Taskbar will quickly Activation XLaunchpad
Add relative path support for shortcut,you can input relative path into "Shortcut Setting -- path"
Add AutoFit when Screen resolution change
Add AutoOpen folder and begin editing folder name When drag one shortcut to another shorucut to create folder
Fixed delete shortcut not auto delete temp ico file bug
Change page Indicator to Mac OSX Lion Style
Add French, Spanish, Finnish Language file
Fixed other small bugs

v1.0.4 2012-3-14
Fixed bug of Doubleclick desktop show/hide option
Add Shutdown/Restart/Sleep/CloseMonitor in Right MenuItem "Add"
Add Option "Show Confirm Dialog When Delete Shortcut"
Add "Random" Shake When Edit Mode
Add custom tray icon support: replace ResImagesTray.ico file
Add Option "Icon Cursor uses HandPoint"
Add Option "DoubleClick Desktop to Show/Hide XLaunchPad"
Fixed bug with language bar
Fixed background blank bug
Fixed can not open controlpanel bug in XP
Fixed some App icon blank bug
Add Greek、Korean、Hungarian、German Language file

v1.0.3.303 2012-3-3
Add Shortcut System RightClick Menu and Properties MenuItem
Add "Add/Delete Desktop RightClick MenuItem" Option ( Settings - Others)
Add "Add/Delete Send To RightClick MenuItem" Option ( Settings - Others) , After add it, you can select multi files/folders and right click to send them to add shortcut in XLP
Add "Auto Close up Folder After Launched Shortcut" Option ( Settings - Others)
Fixed shortcut icon sometimes shift
Fixed not auto activation after restart if you enabled DeskMode
Fixed when you adjust icon size but icons in folder not currect until restart XLP
Shortcut cursor style change to HandPoint
Mouse left button click tray icon will Activation XLP
Fixed other small bugs

v1.0.2.302 2012-3-2
Add "Custom Hotkey" option
Add MultiLanguage support
Add shortcut caption font style option
Add Folder Delete Menuitem
Fixed Blank folder can not delete bug
Fixed drag shortcut into folder not visible bug

v1.0.1.229 2012-2-29
Add Custom background image option
Add Custom shortcut caption font name/size option
Add Recyclebin RightClick menuitem of "Clear Recyclebin"
Add Check new version option

v1.0.1.228 2012-2-28
--Add option "Do not activation when a fullscreen app is running"
--Remove option "Silence mode"
--Fix Add folder have no name bug
--Fix screen hot corner setting lost when restart

[Planned Features]
--Synaptics touch support
--Special Folders "Desktop" to Synchronize the desktop files and icons
--Recycle Bin icon auto detect full and empty
--Support XWidget's widgets and custom them

Piratz made video for XLaunchpad
HPJ Greman Translation
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does this contain viruses?

It doesn't, however this app asks over and over for you to pay, only for the payment link to not work. use WinLaunch instead

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You can run a virus total scan if you want. x

whoa dude such a big description

otherwise nice product

deviant art is the only thing saving me from going insane rn

JacksonStormFan101's avatar

Nice trojan software you got there.

Hey! I love this program! Only suggestion. Can you make it so it will run in full screen? (hides all programs running). Like if you're watching youtube in full screen.

Victhor's avatar
Finally! An update!! Too bad I can't run it, when I try to start it, it says that bass.dll is lost. Any ideas why?
xwidgetsoft's avatar
Sorry, I had fixed this problem and re-upload,please download again. thanks :)
220v110's avatar
what 2 new dlls do?
Victhor's avatar
Cool, now it works!
Raiiy's avatar
Hi, I already downloaded the new 1.092 update version, it's kinda nice, but I don't like when I put them in "desktop mode" and clicking in an icon from the launch the widgets from xwidget disappears, doesn't show both process at the same time like before !!! in the previous version it didn't happen that OMG.
I couldn't see the widgets and the launch icons at the same time, why?!, one is behind and the other is in front, also don't like so that much use the click with the mose in the corner to activacte the launch; now 'm using the key "F12" to activate the launch, but that's not what I want, that's why I put them in "desktop mode" but seems it's doesn't work anymore ... any solution?

PS. Btw the download from the official site don't know why is really slowwwwwwww,  you should put a mirror too.
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thanks, I will upload xlaunchpad to ,then will had a higher download speed  :)
Raiiy's avatar
Thanks ! as always the best
220v110's avatar
search sometimes is very slow
Fuurio-kun's avatar
Please fix the problem that the software can't load icons that are not on the software folder
Very nice improvements!
Need fix "start with Windows" after login on System like Xlaunchpad stable version (posted on forum by me).
KurtCobainNirvanaxD's avatar
hey man great update !
but... there is a white line in the bottom of the launchpad, and its pretty annoying
(i use the taskbar in the top) can you fix it in the next version plz
Erqo's avatar
This makes me feel in peace with my pc.

Could'nt have been any better.
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Aaahh this is great! Nice Christmas present! ;) 
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Is this project dead?
xwidgetsoft's avatar
No, I am developing fully new Version2.0 :)
220v110's avatar
any eta for beta 2.0?
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