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XLaunchpad 1.08 2012-7-31 portable version



XLaunchpad 1.08 portable version

You can freely include this software into your CDROM/skinpacks or release it anywhere.

[Virus Scan reports]
There are some antivirus software false positives, this is a virus scan report,It is clean.


[Download ]:
Installation package: [link]
Portable package: [link]

[Update log]
v1.08 2012-7-31
Add: Scale Animation Effect when Mouse click icon
Add: Option of "Enabled Scale Animation Effect when Mouse click icon"
Fixed: Background Blur function Sometimes does not work or popup error
Fixed: Restore the right-click menu "Add-File/Folder" menuitems
Improve: When the display number is changed will automatically reload
Add Language pack: Traditional Chinese, Japanese , Latvian , Vietnamese

v1.07 2012-5-24
Add: Right click menu add "Add--Window Mode", You can check it when you need drag and drop to add file or folder or URL to XLaunchpad
Add: Right click menu add "Add--Web URL"
Add: Support drag and drop URL link from Web Browser into XLaunchpad to add shortcut of URL
Add: You can input URL into shortcut setting's path to open URL
Add: Add "options" command line to open Options window
Fixed: White Background When resume from sleep problem
Fixed: Lost focus when close option window problem
Improve: Max line EveryPage from 8 to 15
Improve: Improve the response speed and fluency with Max Memory mode

v1.0.6 2012-5-1
Fixed Background blank or strech after system sleep Resume
Fixed RightClick PopupMenu "View--Refresh background" problom
Fixed Not auto activation in DeskMode when restart OS
Fixed Not Align Center problom
Fixed Auto activation After UAC PopOut

Add RightClick PopupMenuItem "Add--Background Blur"
Add RightClick PopupMenuItem "Add--Set As Default Page"
Add RightClick PopupMenuItem "Refresh"
Add click shortcut will not Fadout when Press CTRL key
Add press F3 enter EditMode
Add Caption support Two lines to view Option
Add Background blur when DeskMode
Add "Caption Font Color/Frame/Shadow" Options
Add "Hide Tray Icon" Option
Add "Show Caption When MouseEnter" Option
Add "Folder Setting" RightClick MenuItem,support custom folder's icon
Add Background Blur Radius Option
Add PageIndicator Bottom Offset Option

Remove mouse right button drag flip page function

Add Translation:
Turkish by King Greek
Polish by Adam Jezynski
Portuguese BR by Paulo Ricardo
Русский by Довлет Шихмурадов
Bulgarian by Anton Nikolaev
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Any possibility I'd be able to run multiple instances at the same time?