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XLaunchpad 1.08 2012-7-31 portable version

By xwidgetsoft
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XLaunchpad 1.08 portable version

You can freely include this software into your CDROM/skinpacks or release it anywhere.

[Virus Scan reports]
There are some antivirus software false positives, this is a virus scan report,It is clean.


[Download ]:
Installation package: [link]
Portable package: [link]

[Update log]
v1.08 2012-7-31
Add: Scale Animation Effect when Mouse click icon
Add: Option of "Enabled Scale Animation Effect when Mouse click icon"
Fixed: Background Blur function Sometimes does not work or popup error
Fixed: Restore the right-click menu "Add-File/Folder" menuitems
Improve: When the display number is changed will automatically reload
Add Language pack: Traditional Chinese, Japanese , Latvian , Vietnamese

v1.07 2012-5-24
Add: Right click menu add "Add--Window Mode", You can check it when you need drag and drop to add file or folder or URL to XLaunchpad
Add: Right click menu add "Add--Web URL"
Add: Support drag and drop URL link from Web Browser into XLaunchpad to add shortcut of URL
Add: You can input URL into shortcut setting's path to open URL
Add: Add "options" command line to open Options window
Fixed: White Background When resume from sleep problem
Fixed: Lost focus when close option window problem
Improve: Max line EveryPage from 8 to 15
Improve: Improve the response speed and fluency with Max Memory mode

v1.0.6 2012-5-1
Fixed Background blank or strech after system sleep Resume
Fixed RightClick PopupMenu "View--Refresh background" problom
Fixed Not auto activation in DeskMode when restart OS
Fixed Not Align Center problom
Fixed Auto activation After UAC PopOut

Add RightClick PopupMenuItem "Add--Background Blur"
Add RightClick PopupMenuItem "Add--Set As Default Page"
Add RightClick PopupMenuItem "Refresh"
Add click shortcut will not Fadout when Press CTRL key
Add press F3 enter EditMode
Add Caption support Two lines to view Option
Add Background blur when DeskMode
Add "Caption Font Color/Frame/Shadow" Options
Add "Hide Tray Icon" Option
Add "Show Caption When MouseEnter" Option
Add "Folder Setting" RightClick MenuItem,support custom folder's icon
Add Background Blur Radius Option
Add PageIndicator Bottom Offset Option

Remove mouse right button drag flip page function

Add Translation:
Turkish by King Greek
Polish by Adam Jezynski
Portuguese BR by Paulo Ricardo
Русский by Довлет Шихмурадов
Bulgarian by Anton Nikolaev
© 2012 - 2021 xwidgetsoft
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Any possibility I'd be able to run multiple instances at the same time?
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There are some bugs in the last release :(
For example sometimes I open a folder and then close it, but the other icon remains with their opacity lowered... and sometimes when i delete a shortcut with the "jiggle" option the whole app crash :(
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1st bug - When i strart firefox from the xlaunchpad icon, it starts normaly but, when i go to a flash site like youtube and start a video, the flash player crashes automaticaly even the firefox try it to start again and again and again....
2nd bug - It will not start Alcohol 120% when i click on icon in launcher.
Please check this bugs.

Sorry for my bad English.

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Hi,Thanks for your feedback,This is a bug of this version,I will fix it in next version . Thanks again :)
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yet another amazing update! thanks again for all your hard work on this great free tool!
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Goodjob for this LaunchPad, but be careful Xlaunchpad 1.06 = Trojan MulDrop3.48093
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Please check this virus scan report by Avira, It is CLEAN: [link]
xwidgetsoft's avatar
There is Install package scan report, no trojan: [link]
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This is the VirScan report: [link]
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Xlaunchpad 1.06 Portable = Safe
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Again I around here ...
As I said before, I love this application!
But now I realize that I find it very boring to relocate all the applications you want. I would like this application to update and let the applications that I have. I would like to update the application and continue to add applications and above.
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Thanks for your feedback, I will try to add this function in furture version.
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I love the software!! I'm currently running a few portable versions as PC game launchers. I have two requests...

1. In the ini, "pageMargins.left" doesn't do what I was hoping it would. I feel this particular feature should be added though. Let me explain... The user can customize the icons' distance from the top, vertical space between icons, horizontal space between icons (which is what "pageMargins.left" is controlling), but there is no way to adjust the icons' distance from the left (without also adjusting the right margin). Maybe in the next release that feature could be added. Along with that, I think the ini would be more clear as follows: (NO CHANGE)
pageMargins.left (this would be the feature I am requesting, controlling all icons' distance from the left)
IconVertSpace (NO CHANGE)
IconHorizontalSpace (which is currently named "pageMargins.left")

The end result being that no matter what size the icons are I can CENTER them on the screen. Haha I'm way OCD about that sort of thing. I spent a few hours today trying to think of a reasonable workaround, but to no avail.

2. My second request is to leave the option to use very large icons. In the gui you can only get up to 128px, but in the ini the sky is the limit. I like having that freedom. Please don't change that any time soon.

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Hi, you can try to right click XLP and Unchecked menuitem "View--Auto Arrange Icons".
itsbehind's avatar
Auto Arranging has no effect. I've had it unchecked the whole time. Maybe this picture will make what I'm looking for clear...


By default the distance from the left (98 pixels) and the distance from the right (160 pixels) are not the same. I want to be able to fix this, making them equidistant from the sides (displaying all the icons centered on the screen horizontally).
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Hi, I had fixed this bug in v1.06 XLaunchpad,please download to test ,thanks :)
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Ok,I will fix it in next release :)
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can u make xlanchpad start not at the first page for exemple if u have 5 page it should start at page 3 (like in android) so you can move left and right...if it start at page 1 u can only move first time to right.....
xwidgetsoft's avatar
Hi, I had add this function in v1.06 XLaunchpad,please download to test: Open XLaunchpad,Right click on background and select menuitem "View--Set as Default page"
xwidgetsoft's avatar
Thanks,I will add this next release of XLP
itsbehind's avatar
As long as that feature is optional I'm totally for it. Personally, I prefer the first page to open first. A switch to choose the initial page number would be perfect.
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Hi, this feature had been add in v1.06 ,please download and re-install to update. You can set initial page by just switch to the page and right click background and select menuitem [view]--[set as default page]
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desk mode on litestep fixed thanks.....
on bb4win not yet....
waiting for taskbar or minimized applications to be added if you can or wish....
great app thanks a lot
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