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good morning dear

finally finished my octavia I am a dummy! I am a dummy! 

It took me a month to finish the commissions that I have and I still have to finish e_e

Octavia is the best pony (?) xD
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'Morning, Baby.  Sleep well?  I know I did.
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Cuuuute :3 And yes,Octvia is best pony for me !
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How manz are commisions like that (My sister want it)
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Hot damn. This is AWESOME
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Wait...what did we do last night?
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You drank, you talked, you argued, you fought, and you made the gods proud.
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HohohoHO ... Wait wut happen last night ?
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Octavia is not my favorite background pony. Lyra is. But i still love Octy
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people love Otavia :3
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Vinyl- good morning to you too my elegant little angel :love:
and ya Octavia by far best background pony =) 
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oh, g-good morning Octavia. you look lovely today
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She does look very nice! <3 Octavia is best background pony. Well for me....(Mostly cause my mom plays a cello and she reminds me of her! ^^) 
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I like a lot, is very elegant n__n
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She looks amazing :) not in that way.....maybe....I dunno :| anyways, looks good, great job
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