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anybody can help me?

>w< i love coco pommel is so cute ;u;
No stealing please by Metadream 
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Let me help you with that.

*Gets tangled in thread*

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Can i trace it as a base?
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I just saw the episode today and loved it. great work!
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Ohh hehe cute! :aww:
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Yes. I can help! *unwinds Coco*
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That's just adorable.  X3

Also, just out of curiosity, since this a pony picture, shouldn't the title say 'anypony' instead of 'anybody'?  :P
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mmm thanks, my english is horrible :c
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Better then people I've seen... In Canada... And everyone in my class speaks English XD
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hahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAIL!
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Oh dear, sweet Coco Pommel. What mess have you gotten yourself into?

She's my favorite new season 4 pony. I hope we see more of her adorableness! ^_^
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Oh! Like her visiting in at season 5! ...stupid hasbro probably wont let us...
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-Again? This is the third time today.
CC: I'm sorry...
- Aww... Don't be. I'm happy to help. Now, don't move while I cut these....
CC: Nooooo!! Stop!
- W-what?
CC: This one is very expensive! Please, don't cut it!
-Uh.... okay? So, you want me to.... untangle you instead? It's going to take longer.
CC: As long as you don't cut it...
Awkward silence.
CC: Umm... What are you waiting for?
-I'm trying to find the end....
CC: I sense that you seems to enjoy watching me in this situation.
-W-wha.... What makes you think of such thing?
CC: It's your third sip of tea in two minutes...
-Oh! Uh... It.... it helps me.... thinking. *grin*
CC: Hmph! Well, stop thinking now and help me out would you?

BEautiful work. Yes, Coco Pommel became a favourite for this obvious reason. So adorable
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I will. ^^ *cuts her free, then cuts Suri's throat* In two ways! :D
I cant tell if that's meant  to be vulgar or not. >.>
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No, just meant as an expression of hatred towards Suri.
I see. I don't much like her, but wouldn't violence be a going little far?
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Not after what she did, no.
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I think it's quite violent too, you're not alone...
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