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sorry for the creppy lineart i don't have much time to draw xDDD

AP: *grins* Hey Blue! You wanna come help me on the ol’farm? Would be fun I swear! Ma is baking some to die for cakes!
BL: Wait..what? Why in Equestria would you ask ME? Go ask your Uncle Big Macintosh instead. I am currently busy.
AP: Nah, my uncle Mac is busy selling them’ apples...and what are ya’ doing exactly?
BL: Well, if you must know, I have recently returned to the spa. And as so, I do not wish to dirty my hooves doing farm work.
AP: Oh come on, don’t be like that! It’s fun! Promise! You can just follow and keep a fellow company, gets lonely on the farm after a while. 
BL: I believe I told you no.
AP: What happened to ya anyway, huh? Nowadays you don’t talk to nobody, I am worried about you! When we were just lil’ fillies we’d play ‘till the sun came down, now you don’t even try to talk to me! You became more distant then a cat after a water spray!
BL: I understand that our mothers are rather good friends, quite close ones too, but I fail to see the necessity for us to be so as well.
AP: *stomps hooves angrily* Why are you like this! Stop acting like a dang idiot!
BL: I’ll permit you to think that if it pleases you, hopefully it will allow me to stop talking to you. Plus, my newest friends do not think of me as such. Now, if you’ll excuse me. *starts to walking away*
AP: You really are dumb aren’t ‘cha?! I hope your new friends give ya a great friendship! I don’t care! I feel like a big fool to have tried talking to you! I see now that you only care about yaself and no pony else! It wouldn’t even matter a damn bit if I told you I love the heck out of you would it?! Because you are a cold idiot!
BL: *freezes and blushes* Wh-what did you just say?!
AP: I love you! You deaf too?! What do you care?! I know you don’t give a damn about me! I quit! *runs away*

thanks to banifi to help me in the dialogue

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Would love to see more of this!