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White Butterfly (CLOSED)

2 uptated: Tomorrow i dedice the winner

edit: i give more days because i forguet uptated these days xD 

so here is :D this is only draw to adopt :)
all entries can be see here:…
Before entry please read the rules:

Star! No NSFW entries.
Star! You can draw many entries you want
Star! You Can't change the color palette, or the cutie mark. 
Star! No gore Entries.
Star! You must be my whatcher to entry in this Draw to adopt
Star! You can give her a background history, family, teastes, etc...
Star! Do not change the gender or the pony Type.
Star! Do not be rude with other entries 
Star! Can be a traditional art, Digital, Craft, etc...
Star! Post your entries Here! 
Star! You must post your entries in your gallery so I can fave it (no

How i select the winner? 
I will be judging creativity, and efford

Deadline day  September 26th

i don't want a rude people in this contest or i'll banned you is seriously, the winner keep with all fan art others do :) 

any other Question feel free to ask.
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Has the winner been decided??
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I know it probably won't make a difference, but I was wondering, was my entry ever noticed?
Never mind.
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So cute! /)'3'(\
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I'll give it a try ^^
infernal69's avatar
creo que ya jodi con la fecha :y
CelestialPony's avatar
Here is my entry. Sorry if this is late.…
Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.
ArcadianPhoenix's avatar
ooo I'd like to enter... let's see if I can get the time! <3
art-for-eternity's avatar
wait this dta is still available right?
beccawat00's avatar
I'll try and enter.
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I just want to say that the design on this is amazing! I wouldn't be surprised if it was straight out of the show! 
MagicaITrevor's avatar
*Be me
*See an amazing adopt
*See it's DTA
*Feel heart sink as drawing skills = 0
*Sigh helplessly at all the amazing entries already
*Weep forever

(In all seriousness, she has a gorgeous design. Whoever gets her is going to be very lucky indeed.)
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ps you put " i'll banned you is seriously" Insead of i'll banned you it's seriously
HYPERdasPONY's avatar
I will definitly enter. If thats ok;)
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