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Eat a cake

i see celestia eats many cakes, so why luna not eat it too?
xD i think she looks so cute 
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She's very cute.
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the cake is a lie
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Woona wuvs cake too!
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That cake looks delicious. Light chocolate or maybe coffee, cream, wafer stick.
It's actually drawing my eyes away from the plot.
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Eat away, sweetheart. I love Luna. :love:
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"Your highness! Your highness!"
Luna: What? What is it? Can you see I'm eating?
"I-it's exactly about this, your majesty."
L: What about what?
"It.... it's your sister's cake, Princess Celestia you are eating."
L: I know. What about it?
L: Tell you what, go fetch me another slice and I will share with you.
L: Do I have to order you? What is it wrong with you? Your princess is offering you her sister's cake! And you refuse?
L: I see. You are afraid of my sister reaction.
"Uh... Y-yes. Mostly. Your highness"
L: Have no worries. Go take a slice from her cake, bring it here and it will be your. I promise you will be okay.

Celestia: Can you believe this?
L: W-what? What is it, sister?
C: The nerves this guard had!
L: W-what wrong he did?
C: He took a slice of my triple chocolate cake with my back turned and he dared to say that you sent him.
L: Oh! You are right! The nerves!
C: That's why I brought him here so you would punish him.
L: You did right to- WHAT?!
C: He wronged your name and reputation, sister. Tis your duty to punish him.
L: B-but sister. For a slice of.... cake?
C: What's wrong sister? You are usually so eager to make the guards follow the rules.
L: Well, yes, but... Wait!
C: What?
L: Tell me... Did he successfully took it or you gave him?
C: What do you mean? Are you accusing me to-
Luna nodded.
C: *gasp* Luna!
L: Stop the crap, Tia. What happened to the guard?
C: I've no idea. He... disappeared!
L: I said stop it!
C: It's true! He took it and left.
L: WHAT?! *groan* Oh! The little rat! He-
C: So, it was you?
L: Of course! When I'll put my hooves on-
C: Good. You can come now!
L: Wait! What is-
"I'm so sorry Princess Luna. It was your sister's idea. I'm soooooooooo sorry."
L: .... Don't expect pink dreams for as long as-
C: Minute, Luna.
L: What now?
C: You owe me a slice.
L: *sigh* Let me guess. You want a whole cake instead?
C: Oh. Don't expect this to be so easily excused...

"P-p-p- your highness?!"
L: What?
"W-why her majesty is dressed like a maid?"
L: *grumble* Celestia's punishment. I have to wear this for a- Hey!
L: Don't you dare look there!
L: You know where. And remember this: I'll make you pay dearly!
"Well, until then, you better bring the cake to Princess Celestia now."
L: Why you-
"See you later, uh. L-"
L: I know what you dream each night, mister. And your wife wouldn't be please to know who with you really fantasize at night. Even less... a stallion.
"GAHHH! Okay okay! I'm sorry! Sooo sorry! Please, please to tell my wife."
L: Good. I'll give you due punishment next week.
"Awww... I'll eat only pies from now on."
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Your art is super adorable WhiteDreams :D
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Oh Luna, all that cake will go straight to your butt!
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*Celestia entered*
Me: Run Luna! RUN!!!
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Awesome new art! :thumbsup:
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Celestia: LUNA!!!!!
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Ambas pueden desfrutar el amor por el pastel. xD
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Me gusta mas Cadence pero Luna no esta mal. XD
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What a dork princess <3
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