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Snake of Millenia

Illustration from the Egyptian Tale I'm working on.

Thoth, to protect his precious and dangerous book, hid it in the depths of the sea. Various boxes were used, and the last one, made of gold, hid a giant snake, called Snake of Eternity.

This snake will be killed by Naneferkaptah when he was a young man hungry for occult and forbidden knowledge.

Hope you like it :)

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This is wonderful! Could you post a link to your story? I would love to read it.
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Whoa! Wow! Awesome! So awesome! <33

Reminds me of the Tsaesci.
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I love this one :D
I wishI can see the battle scene of
Naneferkapth and this snake :D
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wow.. great design.
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This is stunning, the warm colours of the snake and fire with the hint of blue in the ring at the centre really set of the picture. Excellent (:
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It's a masterpiece *_* Really, I have no words.
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Awesome job. I really love that illustration <3 Especially the colors and textures :>
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Nice symmetry here. I really like the affect on the background; I think it looks like old stone, and his scales are almost like a part of it. That and the touch of bright gold lighting makes it look like the snake is coming out of the stone.

He reminds me of one of those statues in Egyptian tombs, as though he is a guardian coming to life to protect his this case, the book. Great work at capturing the Egyptian feel, and great piece!
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