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Baby, It's Cold Outside
"AXEL!!! AXEL GET UP IT'S SNOWING!!" Carixel pounded on the door and charged into Axel's room. She grabbed the pillow he was sleeping on and hit him in the face with it. "Come on! WAKE UP!"
"Ungh," Axel groaned and pulled the covers up covering his head. "Who the hell cares about snow? Go away."
"No way!! Come on! Get up! We're going to have a snowball fight!!" Carixel exclaimed excitedly and started to put a scarf, hat, and mittens on.
Axel lowered the covers a little and opened one eye to look at her. "Who's we?"
"Me, you, Roxas,  Ariemx, Nixxal, Xegami, Roxline, Demyx, Xigbar, Luxord, and Maxy!" Carixel said happily.
"Yeah, well, count me out." Axel said as soon as he heard Maxy's name and he recalled the events that sent him to the hospital last year. "Maxy throws hard and she picks out the snowballs that have the ice in it on purpose. It hurts."
"It's ok!" Carixel said brightly assuring him. "I already talked with her about that. She promises not to throw one at you this
:iconxvi-midnightdreamer:XVI-MidnightDreamer 0 5
One day, the twenty-third member of the Organization, Xegami: The Loving Starlight, sat in the grey room silently staring out the window and looking up at the sky. She sighed, as if sadden by something.
It was at this sigh that the second member of Organization XIII, Xigbar, came swaggering in the room and noticed that Xegami was looking up in the sky. He walked over to her and looked out the window to see what she was looking at but couldn't see anything except Kingdom Hearts shining in the darkness. So he asked her if she liked Kingdom Hearts as much as Xemnas and Saix did.
Xegami laughed at this and said no, she was just thinking about how much she wished there were stars in The World That Never Was because she was missing the stars that were in the world she came from. It was making her homesick and a little sad that there weren't any here. Xigbar thought about this for a moment, then to Xegami's surprise, unexpectedly portaled away.
The next day Xigbar walked into the grey room ag
:iconxvi-midnightdreamer:XVI-MidnightDreamer 1 7
A Gamble for Love
Once upon a time Organization XIII recruited a seventeenth member. The new nobody's name was Ariemx: The Silent Insanity.
One day Arimex ran into the tenth member of the organization, Luxord. Now, Luxord liked to gamble. A lot. That was why he was called the Gambler of Fate after all. He especially liked gambling against the new members, because they were usually too new and stupid to know any better.
So when Ariemx ran into Luxord, he asked her if she wanted to make a little bet. He would flip a coin and if he won he would get her next three paychecks. Aremix then asked him what she would get if she won. This surprised Luxord very much, as he never planned on giving anyone anything, since he was the one that was usually the winner. So he dug around his pockets and pulled out a red bow that he won in the previous strip poker game against Demyx.
Ariemx agreed to the bet then, and Luxord flipped the coin and called heads. However it landed on tails which confused him greatly, because he
:iconxvi-midnightdreamer:XVI-MidnightDreamer 1 5
Words of Advice
Scene: Xemnas's office
Saix: *giving monthly report* "In short, sir, the heartless outnumber us three to one, Twilight Town has nearly been overrun, and we're down 300,000 munny for this month not including the minor repairs needed to fix the dining room window due to Nixxal's tiger chasing Carixel's fox."
Xemnas: *sighs* Thank-you Saix. You may go.
Saix: *leaves*
Xemnas: *is stressed out when suddenly Maxy and Ariemx arrives. Then he gets stressed out even more.*
Maxy: *notices Xemnas's distress* "Something wrong Superior?"
Xemnas: *annoyed* "What do you two want?"
Ariemx: Well, we-that is, Maxy and I- have noticed how hard it's been lately for you to take care of the Organization. So we've decided to give you some words of advice!"
Xemnas: *puts heads in hands* "Oh dear God..."
Maxy: "First of all, it's ok to have problems. Everyone has problems! You just need to find a way to deal with them.Why, take Ariemx for example. When she was a somebody-"
Ariemx: *Somewhere, somehow, music st
:iconxvi-midnightdreamer:XVI-MidnightDreamer 1 3
Maxy's Butterfly Blades by XVI-MidnightDreamer Maxy's Butterfly Blades :iconxvi-midnightdreamer:XVI-MidnightDreamer 0 4


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