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What Remains


“It’s quiet here…don’t fight it.”

Okay, so I’ve seen a LOT of pictures of Flametail’s death on DA and I thought I’d take a unique approach to it. I was originally going to draw it with references, but I’m not very good at drawing skulls, so…I made a photomanipulation. I thought that the spring or summer after Flametail drowns in the lake, his remains might still be down there, and if the lake recedes again, his skeleton would be visible (creepy huh?). So I had this idea to put his skull on the dry lake bed with a flower growing from the eye socket, very symbolic and eerie, and I think it looks really cool. Those are meant to be his eyes as a kind of phantom over the scene, and the quote is from the book. I put the GIMP ‘Cartoon’ filter over it so it would blend and look a little more like a painting. Comments are really appreciated; I’d love to know what you think.

Dry mud stock used for the lake bed by :iconfoxstox: [link]

Flower stock by :iconadaae-stock: [link]

Cat skull stock by :iconrgstock777: [link]

Cat stock by :iconthepurpleyard-stock: [link]

Story, quote and character © Erin Hunter

The design, editing, and idea all belong to me, so do not steal, copy, trace, reference, or otherwise redistribute in any way. If you want to make your own version of this, please let me know and give me credit for the original idea. Please ask before using this in any videos.
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I love how you envisioned this. I would have never thought of it that way. It's much more unique than the pics of Flametail falling through ice (no hating there, just this is a new take on Flametail's death)
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Thanks, that's what I was going for.
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You're welcome. Well, you did a great job! Keep up the great pictures!
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Wow. It's really good. The scene seems to fit together with all the colors. It's kinda errie but quite beautiful at the same time. Nice work!
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and what it would look like, nice job
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wow, that is very creative and amazing, it really expresses the scene
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