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deWulf Universe: deWulf Core



I run a Starfire game. Basically, think of it as a game of Space Empires, but run by spreadsheet and pen and paper. It's pretty complicated, but of course you can do a lot of things that computer games can't simply because you're limited by the software. Custom treaties, complicated trade and negotiations, adding new content on the fly and more.

This is the first of my new 2nd Generation maps, done with Fractal Mapper 8. As you can see compared to [link] it's a much more polished, professional looking map. The difference in quality is pretty much night and day in my opinion.

This map illustrates the core of my own empire, the deWulf Corporate Democracy. My homeworld is in the far right, at Fenris, with new colonies spreading throughout the cluster in the lower left. While this sector does connect to other empires, those empires do not yet know of my links to their space. Additionally, that one unnamed link in the upper right is one that my own empire does not know about yet... they simply haven't found it.
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