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I run a Starfire game. Basically, think of it as a game of Space Empires, but run by spreadsheet and pen and paper. It's pretty complicated, but of course you can do a lot of things that computer games can't simply because you're limited by the software.

This is the second map, illustrating the core of my own personal empire, the deWulf Corporate Democracy. A corporate government, but one that offers some voter participation. I've got a couple colonies out there, linking into two other sectors. A note first off, this map and the one for the New Colony Sector have a bit of overlap in the map linkage, mainly due to the way the systems are connected. It's not that hard to understand when you see both maps side by side.

This sector is the core of my empire, with Fenris as the capital. That one arrow that leaves the Falke system is a warp point unknown to my empire but in the system... since I haven't explored it (not knowing about it does that) I don't know where it goes. Not overmuch to say about it really... I'm the only empire that holds sway in these star systems.
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