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I do actually check dA periodically I just haven't really been cross-posting my art here.

I'm going to go back through my older stuff and slowly (so as not to spam) put some of it up. Starting with a handful of older things (only a few because old art lol) and going forward to this month. It won't be everything I've done because that'd be too much. And I'm still likely going to keep my sketches and other more casual art to my Tumblr. Most of the pieces are going to be completed commissions that I've attributed to the commissioner's tumblr/FA usernames unless I remembered their dA handle right away, so if someone sees one of their pieces by all means comment and I can update the description.

Soooo... yeah. I'm still going to be considerably more active on tumblr just because I prefer the platform to dA, so if you want to see everything I do you're better off following that account haha.

I do also open up for commissions periodically on Tumblr, so follow and keep an eye out for announcements if you're interested in that.
Commission info is HERE, and includes pricing for Digimon-style profile pictures (in text under the images).
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Uh so like basically everyone on here I'm more active on Tumblr. 

So yeah feel free to follow my art Tumblr HERE if you want.

I do open up for commissions periodically on there, so follow and keep an eye out for announcements if you're interested in that.
Commission info is HERE, and includes pricing for Digimon-style profile pictures (in text under the images).
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Oh, right, I have a journal on my personal account too >.>

In case you don't follow either of our series' groups, I'll announce it here too!

Digimon Sleepers is now officially online!

Only...a year after the expected start date ahahaha.

Fun fact: All those times I posted Anzumon and was all "oh he's not for anything yet", I lied. He was created specifically for Sleepers xD
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I can only imagine how many journals with this exact title have been made over the last week.

Anyway! So tomgiest and I will be at FanExpo Artist's Alley this weekend! I might be somewhat panicking with getting stuff done ahaha (typical). This is our first time selling at this con, his first time there, and my first time in eight years xD Mildly intimidated by the expected 100,000-person attendance!

Anyway, this is where we're sitting:

Probably won't be cosplaying. If I do it'll just be Spitfire again (same as Anime North).

See y'all there!
Well that's annoying o_o I totally made a journal and then when I submitted it, it didn't happen and vanished??

In any case! Tom and I will be at Anime North Crafter's Corner this weekend! :D There's no knowing what table we'll be at until we get there, but the CC area is fairly small so we shouldn't be too hard to find~

We'll have Pony plushies (1000x nicer than the ones we had last year!), Zelda charms (now with more game-accurate Spiritual Stones!), Game of Thrones pins, and Digicode ring bracelet-bangles!

Come say hi! I apologize in advance for my social awkwardness. I'm awful at small talk and also really shy >____>

ALSO we are a GO for FanExpo Artist's Alley in August! We'll be table-sharing with ph00 and basically have the best seat in the house haha (end table right by a main entrance).
I really want to get more than just Ponies done for that con (though I do also want to get a few side Ponies done as well)!
Mostly intending to do Pokemon! Definitely Eevee evos to start.
I'm open to suggestions for Pokemon (or other series critters!) that you'd be interested in buying, or think other people would like :D
Now lets see how much I actually manage to get done by then haha. I've also got a wedding to get ready for in September OTL
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Right, haven't made one of these journals yet xD

Tom and I will be at the Anime North Crafter's Corner this weekend! Alas CC doesn't have pre-determined tables so I can't say exactly where to find us in there, but the area's not very large! :3 We'll have Pony plushies (1000 times better-looking than last year's Ponies!), Zelda charms (Spiritual Stones were re-made to be way more game accurate!), Digicode ring bracelet-bangles, and Game of Thrones pins!

Come say hi even if you don't want to buy anything! \o/ And I apologize in advance for my immense social awkwardness because I am just the worst at small talk and also really shy >___>
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Somewhat crossposted to our crafts account, NappinKraken

I don't usually post WIPs of anything ever (with the way I draw, WIPs of my own art are pretty boring), but crafts WIPs are always way more exciting!!

So we made a Facebook page where we can freely post progress shots of what we're working on. (Unlike Tumblr or dA where it feels more like a place to only post finished things.)

Right now Tom's trying his hand at prop building, Volpin-style, and is making a Skyrim axe. We've got a Holy Ring (Digimon) bracelet on the go (that's actually for an in-progress plush, but it doubles as a bangle), for which photos will be posted soon. I'll likely be posting plush work once it gets a bit more rolling. (Anime North's Crafter's Corner registration is tonight! Wish us luck!)
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Haha wow my last journal entry was in April. That's like almost a year. D:

Just wanted to advertise that I have a side/shared account with my fiance tomgiest, where we'll be posting our resin jewelry (ie/ Zelda spiritual stones) and plushies (ponies and eventually more) that are for sale, so we're not double-posting things in both of our personal galleries.

We haven't uploaded anything yet but we're taking nicer photos of our stuff this weekend. You can +watch us now though so you can see neat stuff later ;D

:star: :iconnappinkraken: :iconnappinkraken: :iconnappinkraken: :iconnappinkraken: :iconnappinkraken: :star:

I'm obviously still posting my digital art here, as well as whatever sculptures/plushies I make that aren't for etsy.

Um... yeah, not much to update with actually >3> Still working at the same place. Still stretching myself thin with personal projects/other artsy obligations (can't help it, I want to make all the things, all the time.).

Fingers and toes all crossed at once that we can snag a Crafter's Corner table at AN again this year >.< We're going to be so much more prepared, I'll be pretty sad if we can't do it D:
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...I seem to be pretty prone to those.

Just a lot has been going on around my end :B I finally got a job (omgyay!) so that'll be starting soon. The assignments in my online 3D course are a bit more demanding now, since it's the last few before the end of the semester (I've been doing iAnimate). And a lot of time has been spent planning and working on stuff for this year's Anime North - tomgiest and I got a Crafter's Corner table so we'll be selling little plushies and charms and things :D Definitely stop by if you're going this year~~!

I lost track of the date and didn't realize it was April Fool's until the day before, so I didn't get to do my plan. Boo. I was going to post Rubimon and her non-series-specific-Tamer as Team Red but I don't have her evolutions done yet D: Oh well. Something tells me it wouldn't have been very well received as a joke, anyway :roll:

Yeah. That's that. I'm not dead, just pulled in a lot of different directions. Aside from regularly scheduled Reboot art (ie/ screen shots), I haven't even had a chance to get any art done :/ Hence my not making it with the animations last episode.
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Well really I was back yesterday but spent all of today being totally dead and relishing the time I didn't have to spend power-sewing :P

Anyone finding their way here via the cards we handed out at our table: hello hello! Thanks so much for stopping by and showing interest! :D

I don't have any photos of our Pony plushies up yet - we ended up being so behind schedule with those that I never got a chance to take some nice photos of them xD; And we sold out of Fluttershy so I need to make a new one before I can get some shots of them all.

We're going to try to get a Crafter's Corner table for Anime North this year! And this time, we'll be way better prepared, with a lot more stock. And not just Ponies this time!
*crosses fingers* I really hope we can snag one!
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2012, that is.

I got engaged on Saturday! *o* :icontomgiest: and I are getting maaaarried~~!! :heart: :heart: (No ballpark date yet though hehe) Best weekend ever! Though I feel a bit old now xD; Nothing like an engagement to knock you out of a "still feel like I'm 12" stupor. (Still kind of do though)

Been really busy with prepping for Con-G in February, and drawing and development for a new project (nothing to do with Digimon, it's a work thing). Can't say anything now, but once there's stuff online I'll be pimping it around like my life depended on it (and it kind of does).

Poland was a nice trip. Passed by pretty quickly though. There were tiny Valramon everywhere! 8D (We don't have hooded crows in Canada)
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This a fantastic post that I think everyone should read:…

It explains inspiration vs imitation in a much clearer and eloquent way than I could ever hope to.

It's aimed more towards design/typography, but most of the points apply to all art.

One of my favourite lines from it is this: "Copy all you wish in private, and once you feel confident in your skills, create your own original public work.".

I understand that copying stuff is a great way to learn, and everyone does or did it at one point in time. Hell I have a box somewhere of terrible Rika + Renamon traceovers/copies that I did over a decade ago. But that was a decade ago and they'll never see the light of the internet (and if they do it'll be with much "LOL LOOK AT THESE AWFUL THINGS I MADE ONCE"). It's not original work, it was practice, it'll never be displayed.

If you're tracing/eyeballing my or anyone's stuff to learn how to draw whatever, okay, but don't post it, because it's not original work. You learned, now do your own thing. Keep that stuff in a box somewhere, and don't let it see the light of the internet. Because most likely, if the people you used as inspiration/practice ever see it, they won't be happy (as I'm sure you've heard a million times from me already, heh).

You might not realize it - looking at reference, figuring "Oh, it's different enough"... I've often, upon catching onto something, been like "Oh, I recognize that pose, the specific way those limbs are arranged, the exact angle/lines of that bird foot (seriously)", and then found exactly what they've referenced without actually having seen the original in a long time. I dunno, does everyone remember their own poses really well or do I just have a good memory? >__>; I draw my poses from my head 99% of the time, the other 1% I'll link to stock or mention I took a photo.

Anyway yeah. I'm not bitching at anyone in particular, I just mostly wanted to share that article (which I found linked on bara-chan's Tumblr). Thankfully I haven't had any issues with this stuff lately :heart:
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Psssst. If you have a YouTube account I need ten seconds of your time ;D

My tomgiest entered the recent Dragon Nest video contest, but it's judged based on the number of Likes/Thumbs Up the video gets. Darn popularity contests :<

In any case, we'd both love you very much if you could quickly pop on over and hit that Like button? :heart: The video is located here:…

You can even watch it and listen to his calm soothing voice! *swoon~*

Big thanks and :cookie:internet cookies:cookie: for helping out :heart:~

I thought the layout for submitting journals was supposed to have changed? It still looks the same to me...
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For the first time in like seven million years I got into a Ryo mood. And decided I wanted to play the old Wonderswan games (and by extension, read the Digimon manga) to learn more story.
Anyone know where I can get a computer-playable version of the games? >___>;
And find the manga?
In English, obviously. I don't know if fan translations of the games exist :s Pretty sure they were never officially released in English?

New pet project... going to putter away at a Ryo + Monodramon BioMerge >_>; At least since it's a video I can watermark the bejeezus out of it, it sounds like something that would get stolen a lot haha. Not something I'll have done for a long, long time though, since I'll just be using bits of spare time on it.
This was something that's been going through my mind for a while.

Why do people sell themselves so, so short when doing point commissions? For some reason a lot of people seem to have a warped sense of value in these things, and pushing 100 points for a commission becomes "too expensive" (hell even less than that gets considered expensive).

Do you know how much 100 points is worth, in real money?

$1.25 USD

Not so expensive anymore, huh? Now you're working for pennies if 100 points is what you charge. I feel awful for people who do commissions that take them at least 30min to draw, for only 10 points. Thats' like working at a .26c/hour wage.

I'd like to direct everyone to this points calculator.

This is also why I will never, ever do point commissions. Not only are points basically useless to me, but people seem to think they have like seven million times the value that they actually do.

That is all :P

EDIT: I'm not trying to stop anyone from doing or buying point commissions, nor am I hating on those that do. It's their choice to offer it for whatever the hell they want. And it works for people who can't do real-money transactions (well, assuming they have a use for the points). I just want to inform people of the true value for a point, because I have seen too many people assume that they are worth a lot, when they really aren't.
Borrowed from elleoser |3

The first 14 commentators will get a lil' spot in this journal with 3 of my favorite pics they did~ but in return they have to do the same in their journal, with myself at the top for a total of 15!
(Dunno how quick I'll be xD Getting late, might pass out soon and finish off the list tomorrow mornin'. I sure hope no one is gonna be a jerk and not do it too! ;P)


1. :iconelleoser: - Battle Suit Jasmine by elleoser commission: WritingInTheSky by elleoser Jessie and DJ Goh Goh collab by elleoser

2. :icondragonkaira: - :thumb217817440: :thumb214875678: :thumb208769311:

3. :iconojohndeath: - :thumb243891242: :thumb243886130: :thumb243672324:

4. :iconevilgirl3207: - I am the Eggman. SonicBoom by EvilGirl3207 Domoz no Homo by EvilGirl3207 At The Mall.. by EvilGirl3207

5. :iconjacksquash: -

6. :iconmiss-marv: - :thumb211663934: :thumb190694520: :thumb243384414:

7. :iconvinsento7: - :thumb212594121: :thumb217269810: :thumb212328949:

8. :iconflykiwifly: - Ailurusmon by FlyKiwiFly My Neighbor Gloomy by FlyKiwiFly World is Mine - Honor Style by FlyKiwiFly

9. :iconjaymisaeki: - .GiFT:. Always Be There by JaymiSaeki .DGMN:. Multi-Teamup V2 by JaymiSaeki .ToL:. Slice of Light by JaymiSaeki

10. :iconinkbutt: -

11. :iconashflura: - Digimon Gaia by ashflura Hello Teammates by ashflura D I G I M O N  T A M E R S by ashflura

12. :iconeternalstartrail: - A Witch of Crimson Spells by EternalStarTrail Jockey for The White Cottage by EternalStarTrail Angry Bull by EternalStarTrail

13. :iconhurricane128: - :thumb214340356: :thumb208512906:

14. :icondragonfoxstar: - Ryuya Tempts Desert by DragonFoxStar Team Rocket Executives by DragonFoxStar Triple the Foxes by DragonFoxStar

15. :iconatlanta-hammy: - Lunamon F: Celena by Atlanta-Hammy Agunimon: Blaine by Atlanta-Hammy Tamer: Felix Milo Baker by Atlanta-Hammy
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Soooo I made a group for Viral >_>


If I post any journals about progress or what's going on with it, they'll be posted there, not here.

Seems like less sense to have made it than the Reboot group since there's only one of me working on it, but eh >_> I wanted to have one.
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Figured it's about time I gave Xros Wars a shot. Just one ep in now.

Does it get better? >___>

That 'rival' kid's hair really irritates me.

Also, I really don't like that they got rid of levels (Rookie, etc) this season =.= I can understand why the combined Digimon wouldn't have them, but why not the other ones? Argh.
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I hate thinking of journal titles.

Haha wow so I've been taking advantage of my unemployment and haven't really had a moment to myself in the last week or so xD A big THANK YOU to my new watchers <3 I'm very behind in my inbox and did that thing again where I get going for a bit then give up and mark everything as read 'cause it's too much >.>

I've been really excitedly working on our cosplays for next Anime North. We're doing Sakuyamon and Beelzemon. And, well, I have yet to really see anything super impressive for Sakuyamon, and maybe saw one really awesome Beelzemon, so we're trying really hard to do a super job and really do those characters justice... And thankfully starting a year early. Beelzemon's helmet is making me want to tear my hair out xD SYMMETRY IS HARD.

Also a reminder that my commissions are actively open again, since I don't have AN to worry about anymore. Finding work is proving much harder than originally anticipated (and I'm definitely not the only one in this scary boat, out of my year), so I have a lot of free time right now. Going to finish up my stuff for the upcoming Reboot update, and the contest prizes I owe for TDC, so then my list will be clear for paid work :3

Anime North was great, I was really surprised (and flattered!) at the attention Irbimon and Poemon got |3 I'll try to get some photos up soon, at least on the Reboot site.
It was really nice to walk around the con not dressed in a super uncomfortable costume, that was a first for tomgiest and I, haha.
Shout out to the guy that watches me here on dA and found me in the Dealer's Room! I didn't catch your username and am very easily distracted, sorryyyy |D;;

I think I have to work out pricing and the like for plush commissions now, haha. Oh god I don't even know where to begin with that. Plushies are so much harder to price than drawings...

Gonna be more behind on my replying for a day or so, it's kind of hard to think, I'm so tired xD;