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Pokemon Plush - Gogoat

Tumblr link!

WELLP. There I go forsaking Anime North Crafter's Corner prep to act on my maddening impulse to plush this guy. Goats are my favourite animal so I was beyond thrilled that they FINALLY made a goat Pokemon! *o*

I'll admit I was partly aiming for world first with this plush. I think I got it? At least according to dA. I'm not discounting other websites and I won't be crushed if someone on another site beat me :P I'm just happy to have this guy :heart:

HE IS NOT FOR SALE!! He's part of my goat collection now, and is actually the first goat I made myself xD

Made of Minky fabric with embroidered eyes. Has some decorative sand in his hooves and is stuffed with polyfill.

Check out my fiance and mine's crafts page on Facebook~

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that looks AWESOME! do you still have the pattern or is it not available? good job
Solar-Sceptile's avatar
did you use a sewing machine, or with the hand? I want to make Pokemon plushies but I have no Idea what would be better.
xuza's avatar
Mostly sewing machine. There were some handsewn details at the end to attach some parts together (like the head to the body).
LittleKunai's avatar

You mean thing we saw this and were all like Aww! X3

then we saw the not for sale and were all like aww! :(

;) j/k

it's adorable my kid just caught a Skiddo

DespiteAllMyRage's avatar
Oh man, this turned out absolutely amazing. Very nicely done!
shyangelraven's avatar
i want one i love it its adorable ^w^ Trancy approves  
VictoriaVictimizer's avatar
I love this one SO MUCH! Heart
Great work! 
bob4123's avatar
wowwoowowowowoow u have skills
oKaiba's avatar
Omg this looks so beautiful! x33 am obliged to ask, do you take commissions? :)
xuza's avatar
Ahh thank you~! Alas, I do not currently do plush commissions!
oKaiba's avatar
You´re welcome ;w; and in my humble opinion, you totally should! your skills in the plushie field seem very professional and I can bet my left arm that a lot of people would love to commission you ;u;
BlackyKyurem's avatar
Very nice job!! :D

I also love gogoat!! ^__^
Joltyjoltik's avatar
He is so cute! I like goats to. Did you name him?
KaotikKupkake's avatar
can i has pattern?
xuza's avatar
Nope, sorry. I don't give out my patterns.
chaoticlatina's avatar
If someone commissioned this, would it be directly sold to them at a set price? :ninja: And, yes: I read if you have time to make another, you'd auction it, but, just curious.
xuza's avatar
Haha, yeah, if I did plush commissions then whoever gets a slot gets a quote for the price+shipping. Then it's theirs once it's made.
chaoticlatina's avatar
Ah. Kk. Thanks for that. My boyfriend somehow loves Gogoat out of all the new Pokemon and I thought a good gift was to get him a plush. :p But, thanks for the info. :nod:
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samagirl's avatar
That is just so amazingly cute! I've heard that they may make a prevolution for Gogoat. If they do, would you plush it for yourself? XD
xuza's avatar
Ahh thank you! ^w^
I definitely would! Ohhh I hope they make one, I bet it'll be so cute~
samagirl's avatar
Yes it wouulllddd~~
g-girl1's avatar
This is so cuuute! ♥
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