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Flag is representation of Zomi National Congress

Chinland is a state in western Myanmar.
The Chin ethnic group makes up the majority of the state's 500.000 people.

The Chins are of the Mongoloid race and descended from central China before settling in present day Chinland.
Even though the Chins are co-founders of today's Union of Myanmar/Burma by participating in a
multi-ethnic conference in 1947, a military coup led by Gen. Ne Win in 1962 effectively ended the Chins
special political status within the Union of Burma as one of its primary constituent member.

Presently, the Chin political spectrum is badly splintered and range from the accomodation with the military
rulers of Myanmar thru autonomoist orientation to calls for the total indepdence and unification of all Zo people in Myanmar,
India and Bangladesh.

Zomi is the term replacing the other names used: Chins, Kukis, Lushais, etc...

Note that there is another version of this flag which you can find in this [link] this [link] and this [link]
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where is this flag commonly hoist ....never seen such a flag  ...your info about chin was quiet interesting