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Mac OS X Snow Leopard Boot Screen for Windows 7

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Boot Screen for Windows 7:

This is the boot screen that can be applied only through Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater.


Note: You can download Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater from:
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Can you port to Tune-Up for xp?
This doesn't show when I choose look for image! why is it .bs7
Ah, this extension is BS7, but when I try and find the image on windows 7 boot screen updater, it doesn't show. Why?
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When i run win7BootUpdater it shows me this:

There was a problem verifying 'winload.exe.mui'
The winload.exe.mui file could not be read as a PE file
Go to 'Options and select an appropriate winload.exe.mui

What should I do? Please help :(
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are you using win 7 sp1?
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ok... i will check on my system and lwt you know if it reports any problem in few days.

thanks for your comment and error reporting.

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ok np. look and tell me pls
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I have checked this file, it's ok, and working perfectly with my Win 7 SP 1. There may be several resons for not updating BS on your sys. One appropriate reason is that the "winload.exe.mui" is not being properly patched by Win7BootUpdater. This is not a fatal error. But you may try one or all of these steps:

* Click the options button and click "winload.exe.mui", an open dialogue box will be open, search for the file and double click it (in order to manually locate the this file for patching);
* Search for the winload.exe.mui on your Windows 7 Hard Drive, right click the file and click Take Ownership, and then retry updating your bootskin using win7bootupdater;
* Right click win7bootupdater application file and click "Run as Administrator"

I hope it will work. :)
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The problem is there that i dont have that file winload.exe.mui... When I Search it in the "search" it doesnt find nothing... Sorry for the language I dont know english well...
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it means your windows 7 is missing this file... and you cannot update your BS until you download this file from Google Search or reinstall the Windows.
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