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Classic Windows Boot Screens for Windows 7

Classic Windows Boot Screens for Windows 7:

These are the boot screens that can be applied only through Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater.

The package includes 12 original boot screens from Microsoft Windows:

* Windows 1.0
* Windows 2.0
* Windows 3.0
* Windows 3.1
* Windows 3.11 Workgroups
* Windows 4.0
* Windows 95
* Windows 98
* Windows 2000
* Windows 2000 Server Family
* Windows Millenium Edition
* Windows XP
* Windows XP Professional Edition
* Windows XP Home Edition
* Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
* Windows Vista


Note: You can download Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater from:
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How to download it? It is a empty .htm file.

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I use Windows XP because I like Windows XP.
Thank you!
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Ah yes, I remember when my mom & deceased father Mark started using Windows 98. Twas a good time,
it created nostalgic memories of me using AOL. He even played Baldur's Gate, which I believe came with
Windows 7. We even lost an old game called The Journeyman Project. I'd use to watch him play both those
games, it gave me a bond with him like no time else could. Things truly were simpler back then, and yet
so complicated as well. They were the best of times, and also the worst of times. It even reminds me of
playing Diddy Kong Racing

I remember a time from when Windows was mainly just an office tool, and not permitted for at-home use.
This was the 80's, a time for developing computers and new hardware. Granted, I was never there, but it
marked the beginning of a great era. Nothing quite does beat the classics.

I appreciate that you took the time to make this Windows boot screens throughout the ages, Windows
would have been proud of you. Maybe, seeing these are 3rd party supported. Great work either way. :)
I need the XP boot screen to put in my XP windows. I don't see the link
It doesn't work on my computer. You can please update it?
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I DOn't  Think It Is Gonna Work 
I saw these and got all excited.. and then I loaded them and found they didn't animate... *disappointed*

Well Mikey0613... Anyways.... I was trying to transform my Windows 7 to Windows 98... and i will need this because i didn't find other one with progress bar.

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Have you suicided yet?

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How do you download the files?
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Will these be remade for Windows Vista? 
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Caray... cómo pasan los años.
much007's avatar
no animated ?
but, it's okay..
I MISS Windows classic :*
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Will these work for Windows 8? :(
MSWindowsDude's avatar

It will work if you suicide

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i prefer windows 98 boot screen
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No animation? D:
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These are originals, they'ren't animated. :)
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Er-- no animations... Do you have animated versions or is this it?
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