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::Happy Halloween::



Craptastic...I finished it yesterday but I forgot to submit it T.T....great. I had a limited time to color this, so I had to color traditionally (which is still cool =D)
So yeah, my dear friend (and great artist =D) :iconnika-tori: brought this up. I thought it was a pretty cool idea, and thus I drew-ded it XD
This is gonna be the last picture for a while. That is until I get some time to myself....
Im a little witch
Dante is Superman
Vergil is Bedman-I mean Batman...Batman XD

Image © Moi
Idea © ~Nika-Tori
Other copyrighted stuff © Capcom, DC comics and so on and so forth :unimpressed:
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Baha Dante has budgie smugglers on :XD: