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crazy insult LU

Never meddle in the affairs of a duck, for he is subtle and will call you a crazy name.

My dad called me that this morning. I asked him what it meant. He said that he didn't know. I thought that it sounded like something Duck would come up with on the spot. End of story. :D

graphite pencil, 10 minutes.

Tech and Duck (c) WB.
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what is a moofax anyways?
XtreamCrazy's avatar
I've explained this in my description.
Jin-fan-gurl66061's avatar
okay i know what a Moofax is now, its an adorable little animal thingy. it Looks like a cross between a cat, a mink, a ferret, a raccoon, a badger and a s picture of one [link]
Jin-fan-gurl66061's avatar
i know, im agreeing with you ^^;
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XtreamCrazy's avatar
It's... Just a made-up word. It doesn't have any sort of meaning. That's the joke. It's a pointless insult.
RevRunnerPlz's avatar
Oooooh!-I-get-it-now!-Sorry-about-that! ^^;
DaAmazingMeepers's avatar
Heh, Moofax.:floating: I swear I'm going to start calling everybody this! Oh, and this doesn't show up when I search for the word "Moofax"!
XtreamCrazy's avatar
That's coz I didn't type it in as one of the search words.... I think... XD

I'm glad this pleases you! \8D/
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Tediz-Leader's avatar
a moofax is a bovine-type o' creature who can send you important documents 8D!!! on a specialized telemophone!!!
XtreamCrazy's avatar

*hands over an internet-cookie*
Tediz-Leader's avatar
woohoo! COOKIE!!!

...hey, I need milkie... :(
XtreamCrazy's avatar
Pffft! :XD:

Got milk? XD
Tediz-Leader's avatar
Hurry, MOOFAX! Get me milk STAT!!!!

Moofax: yes, boss...*fixes glasses* where's the bucket?
XtreamCrazy's avatar
Over there… People are having secks in it… Awkward… :O_o:

(In case you don’t know, a common saying of mine is: “Well, this is like secks in a bucket… AWKWARD!”;) :XD:
Tediz-Leader's avatar
Moofax: O____________________________o......................

my personal saying is: "We're so dead"...or "Oh, Jesus Christ in a handbasket..."

wait, can you even have SMECKS in a handbasket???
XtreamCrazy's avatar
You prolly could, but it'd be AWKWARD. :XD:
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lol when I was younger i used to call people Mooks, but that was on The Timon and Pumba show, now I'm gonna call people Moofax now :D lol

I love Tech's face he's like.......umm....exactully what you put "WTF??" lmao
XtreamCrazy's avatar

Timon and Pumbaa are awesome like that!!! 8D
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I have proof that I like this pic too much:


Danielle and Rachel: *are playing 'Travel'*
Rachel: *attempts to climb couch*
Danielle: *comes barreling over towards couch on hands and knees blinded by blanket*
Rachel: Ow...
Danielle: Crazy Moofax........

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ryeish's avatar
xD Tech's expression is so amusing.
I can't believe it only took you 10 minutes to draw this. o__o;
That's crazy. It would have taken me forever. x333
Moofax. Sounds like some sort of alien cow.
I was going to say something else I think... -stares- Gah, I've forgotten.
Anyways, awesome job as always. -faves- ;]
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