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81st Birthday

We had cake and candles and an entire day of Tintin toons and comics and games with Tintin cards. My family is so supportive. 8'3

I could have done more with the background, but I didn't.

Seeing as it's 12:05AM on the 11th down here, it isn't the 10th anymore. But it would be over on the other side of the globe. SO! Celebrate this happy, happy day, people.

Or I'll kick your Goddamn teeth in.

Tintin and Snowy (c) Moulinstart/Herge`

I am such a geek.
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When's TinTins Bday
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I love how this is put together, it looks so... adventurous!! ^^~
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Like Tintin himself! :D
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Exactly! ^^~
It's nothing~!
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WOW! This looks amazing!
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Thanks for the faves and the watch!
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Wow, this looks great! :D
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Thanks for faving!!
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No problem -- thanks for the great art :D
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Wow I was looking thru your galery and this is the best pic I've seen. Great job on the pose and colors just love the technique :).
Eh... would love to have such a supportive family :<.
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Thank you! I hope you didn't go too far back - my first pictures are awful! XD

Thank you for faving as well! :3
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I've seen all >: D, well I love to see how people progress on DA. To be honest my first pictures were *ehhh yuk bleh* still learning new technicues besides everyone had to start at some level. Ones are better ones are not so good.

Don't mention it the pleasure is all mine :).
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LOL, I've never read any Tintin comics (if I'm correct, they were comics) or watched any of the cartoons.
The only 1st knowledge I had of it was that they parodied it on an episode of Arthur.
(I don't even know where I could get my hands on anything related to Tintin.)

ANYWAY, before I ramble on, I love the dynamic pose you put Tintin in! :D
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Thanks for faving!! :3

*skips around, learning stuff so she can give you the correct information according to your position* I do this ALL the time. Don't be scared. XDDD

SO! You're in America. Tintin was never really big over there. But his popularity should pick up with the release of Steven Spielburg's movie next year (so pumped for that). Naturally, you would be able to find Tintin on most large online stores (ebay, amazon, etc.). If you are looking to buy, I suggest second hand and paper backs, because brand new hardcover copies can get expensive. Better yet, you can purchase 'three adventures in one' albums, which cost the same as a regular, new hardback copy, only you recieve three for the price of one.

Your problem would be, however, not knowing whether or not it's worth buying. SO, I will suggest going here [link] and reading them online. Make sure you go and research which books are actually canon (wikipedia is good for this), because a few of them are papers written about Tintin and others are just cheap knock-offs that end up sexualising all the characters. (Rule 34, lol!)

Tintin has made many cameos! I never saw the cameo in 'Arthur' (the one afternoon I decided not to watch it, I'm told had the appearance. I was UPSET), but I heard his name was Zutzut and his dog was called Sandy. Which makes me happy. He also appeared briefly in an episode of 'Simpsons' and 'South Park'. And Chantler was wearing a Tintin tee in an episode of 'Friends'.

God I'm sad. XDDD

ANYWAYS! I hope that helped. :3

Thank you! I'm not great with dynamic poses, and admittedly, this picture HAD been sitting in my journal for almost a year before I decided to finish it. But thanks for commenting! 8D
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You had a day for him? Wow, so cool! I dig this picture too. Tintin has fuzzy sideburns & I like Snowy's fluffy feet.
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Well, he grew them in The Picaros and I just fell in love with the idea of them. Tintin + Sideburns = Yes.

And every time I see Snowy I just wanna snuggle and stroke him. He's so fuzzy. (B
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Happy 81st birthday, Tintin! ^_^ Now, I must get my hands on the DVDs & comics... :D
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Yes! Yes you must!
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*eagerly goes off to do so!* :D
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