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74. Are You Challenging Me?

My end of the trade with :iconsmizzle-of-the-night:

She drew me this lovely picture of Tintin and Haddock. - [link]

She wanted Tintin to be gently telling Jackie that she's reading the map wrong.

So I've discovered that I am 10 times more likely to finish a picture for someone else if it involves Tintin.

I'll also be more likely to finish a picture for someone else if it falls neatly into my 100 Themes Challenge.

I'M SO SELFISH, WHUT? :iconimveryhappyplz:

Tintin belongs to Moulinstart.
Dr. Jackie Falconer belongs to ~Smizzle-of-the-Night
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Really Good Pic of Tintin and Jackie, I've been looking for Smizzle of the Night's work on DA for a bit and I tried the link, but it says that the account doesn't exist anymore. Is there a new account? :)
Maccasmiz's avatar
btw, this is my background now and 4evuh :iconhurrplz:
XtreamCrazy's avatar
HAHA! That's AWESOME! I'm honoured. XD
lauramichelle1995's avatar
Haha! I love the way she's looking at him XD tehee
XtreamCrazy's avatar
Tintin should know beter than to correct a very fiery lady. XD
lauramichelle1995's avatar
Sure XD I thought he'd know that....or he probably knows it by now XD
LadyKeane's avatar
Typical woman, amirite, fellas?
I love the fact that Tintin looks slightly amused. :D
XtreamCrazy's avatar
Lol! She should just ASK for directions. GOSH!

That was strangely also part of the request.

Thanks for faving! :>
XtreamCrazy's avatar
Thanks for faving!
Maccasmiz's avatar
THAT IS JUST SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:iconimhappyplz: :iconimhappyplz: :iconimhappyplz:

Her face is just fantastic!!! She hates being corrected and this is just SO HER!

Thank you so much!! And I'm glad it fit into your 100 themes challenge

SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

I love you 4evuh :iconimveryhappyplz:

God, I can't get over her expression! It's sooo goood
XtreamCrazy's avatar
Maybe THIS is why Tintin was handing her a flower apologetically in your other deviation. XD

Glad you like it, lovey!

Thank YOU for requesting something so fun to draw. :>
Maccasmiz's avatar
that's a good idea!!

glad you liked the idea

I overuse 'glad'... lawl
Lady-Icefire's avatar
Tintin was a hella sexy nose XD

I love love love how this came out. Jackie is so very pretty :iconblushplz:
XtreamCrazy's avatar
Tintin has a hella sexy EVERYTHING.

Thanks for the fave!
Lady-Icefire's avatar
You're so right! Silly me!

You're welcome, Emily :3
doctorwhobeyond's avatar
OMG tintin's expression and 'naw, see THIS is how you should do it' hand position :D
XtreamCrazy's avatar
He's being very gentle about it too, so as to not hurt her feelings. XD
doctorwhobeyond's avatar
as tintin would :D cos he's a gent to the ladies and pwns the bad guys :D
XtreamCrazy's avatar
It's what he does best!
Syaz-Avyen's avatar
.......... The first thing thay jumped out to me was her whole, 'Bitch plz' expression =D It made my daaaay XDD
XtreamCrazy's avatar
She's a 'bitch plz' type of person.

Gooblashaka's avatar

pffft the expression just...its just priceless :'D
XtreamCrazy's avatar
Thanks for the fave!!

I wouldn't be surprised if she started smacking him with the map. =I
I would.
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