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Wow it's so beautiful <33
Which program did you use for it?
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paint too sai, thank you !
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Amazing! May I ask you how you did the crayon-like style? (:
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i used a crayon brush in sai, I dont have it any more though im sorry! i got most of my brushes by googling though !!
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All may come My Town of Marly
any one make sure to add me first  are welcome to my town Marly  on animal crossing new leaf
please give me your friend code on my  page or notes if you wish to see My town on my game 
You are welcome to my town Marly  come any time
Time: week 5-8pm weekend 10am-8pm
Friend code:2122-8282-9027
Player name: DJ
Rules in Marly:  1. don’t cut down trees
2. no bad words 

3.Please talk  as much fruit as you want
4. have some fun
5. try to give me some peaches, oranges, and  perfect fruit if you can’t that’s fine just come
6. try giving me 
all of you may friend me as well
We Need:Freezers to make perfect fruit, Peaches and oranges

We have ,mangoes,coconuts,cherries,apples,lemons,pears,durian,lychees and persimmons.
try bringing what we need if not just come and enjoy Marly,can note me your Friend code please
                                                                                                      Thank you come next week any time

 will visit me any time on Monday and any time after that but if theirs error come back if you like. the town  maybe full if so check later on. Add me please as soon as you can.

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Lol-ingLadybugHobbyist General Artist
Hey! I have Perfect Peaches, peaches, and some bananas that you can have!
You can visit My Town of LOLTown, anytime!
Rules are like yours,
My Friend Code is: 4914 - 4413 - 7645
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Wonderful! :D

I've always thought he was a little weird though. I mean, a "happy" AXE? Seriously?
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hahahah hes so quirky and cute *w*
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leif is so adorable and so is this art aaaaaa
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aaww thank hes just such a happy guy
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Soooooooooooooooooooooo cute <3
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NarittaHobbyist Artist
I saw this on tumblr! It's wonderful, ^^
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ah thank you !!
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Cuteness overload, holy cupcakes (it didn't seem appropriate to swear in the presence of the adorableness that is your art). :3 <3
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thanks ~!!!
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AgentQwilfishHobbyist General Artist
Best sloth
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i know right ??? hes so darn cute!
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Rebecca-ColeStudent Traditional Artist
Do you have this on tumblr? I want to reblog it to my animal crossing doodle blog.
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Rebecca-ColeStudent Traditional Artist
nice! <3
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This is beautiful work <33333 AMAZING! It's like professional stuff ;w;
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thanks! buddy!!! :3333
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