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This was my first attempt at making a planet from scratch using a stock.

took me a while and a few attempts...

still alot of things that could be better but i like it as a first attempt :)
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ArtByCatherineRadleyProfessional Digital Artist
It's not bad :) Though you should always say who's stock you used, with a link to the particular bit of stock and the stock provider.
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XtraterestrialHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes i understand that :) But i do appreciate the heads up. :)
The stock i used was actually a picture of some concrete one of my friends had taken. so wasn't on devart..To get he cloud effects i used the clone stamp tool to make it uniform and spaced well.
il upload it as a stock soon
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Looks good! the egde blends into the blue glow well. The planet looks quite realistic with the uneven shades.
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XtraterestrialHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :) I was going for a realistic feel to it, wanted it too look like a real planet :)