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Grim Reaper

This is a Gray scale version of this

small things have been edited out like lighting effects and such

used Photoshop CS2

kept areas around the hood slightly colored for effect :)

Here is a colored version of the image

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Would it be fine with you if I used this as part of my logo for a gaming channel I want to start? I need a pic of a reaper and am nowhere near skilled enough to make one myself and this is by far the best pic I have seen. I totally understand if not tho.
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Hey legendarrius, sorry for the late reply, i have no problem if you use the image. Please include credits to it somewhere though so people can find my page if they are looking.

The original for this item was not done by me, its available here Death . Should you want to use the unedited version
just asking would it be ok if i used this as a logo. My friend is making a team for Rainbow Six Siege and he asked me to make a logo. And i was looking for a skull and this was the best looking one that i could find and i really like it.So i was just asking may i use this picture as a logo?
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very late reply, sorry,feel free to use it! Good luck with the team
very good picture, is it possible to use your picture for making public service advertising?
Nice picture :) One little Question is it possible to use your Picture for my website? Greets Centurio
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glad u like it :D
^i think u will love this one even more then :D its the same thing, but colored!
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both grim reaper v1 and v2 are awesome! thanks again for capturing the true horror that is the grim reaper
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Thanks for the kind words, appreciate it alot. Was really trying to make it look like a real grim reaper should :)
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thanks :)
here is v2 its a colored one

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