This is something that i think was bound to happen at some point, and it ended up being now for the time being. Next month in June, i will be taking a break from taking commissions and patreon work. Anything that isn't already in my queue will not be added into it; This is a time that i want to catch up but also work on my own art and look to improve.

This ended up coming to a head when i had receved some critique about my art and it has left me wanting to practice more. I just need that time to do so now and i felt like i'm always doing stuff for others lately. While i would appreciate taking on the work regardless to help with finances, it's better off I do not add more work while in university as well. This may be a thing for July, but we shall see.

This isn't really something i would normally bring up, but if there are people who would like to support me during this, i still have my Ko-Fi active for those who wish to make donations. That being said, this is only if people wish to help out; the link will be posted below.

Thank you all again for reading and for your support; i just need this to help better myself. For the time being until then, i need to work on what i owe so i can spend more of June bettering myself.

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